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still waiting for my phone to ship. No backorder email.. WTF
Didn't get to order one. 4.2 is pretty slick though on my nexus 7. 
+Derek Duncan Shipping confirmations are still going out. I was in the same boat. Freaking the eff out, but I got two confirmations about 15 minutes ago. There is still hope.
AH my friend you were right. I JUST got shipping email two minutes ago
Why is there a lack of media attention to this debacle?  If this had been Apple or Amazon, there would be all kinds of (armchair) analysts foretelling the company's downfall, demanding explanations, etc.  With the Google Nexus 4 launch, nothing.

Is the lack of media attention due to:
1. Google being evil and suppressing the message -- possible but unlikely
2. The Google Nexus 4 is not really a big deal even though the phone is supposedly "flagship" class; the whole Nexus 4 is a non-event to those not buying the phone.  In comparison, even if you weren't buying the iPhone 5, you knew that it sold out and that there is a waiting list/backorder.  Is this Nexus 4 debacle a tempest in a teapot and much ado about nothing?
3. ? -

Why do you think that there is a lack of media attention to the whole Nexus 4 launch?

edit: Here's one account from ZDNET -
Got my shipping confirmations & tracking numbers for my N10's this morning..... WAITING SUCKS!
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