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best twitter app ever 
+Darren Hilton does the "your list" work like Slices where you can group people together so you only see them and not your entire twitter feed or what? Love Slices but always looking. 
I've been running it for about half hour and uninstalled tweet lanes already. 
Yeah, I just ran it for about 30 min. Has potential, but I don't think its ready to please me. Back to stock Twitter I go.
It is very new... Just left beta but the developer updates often and fixes all issues! Also takes suggestions. Great app.
+William Peterson never used slices my friend the list/slide became active two days ago, he is adding more all the time the slide settings are great and fully live. :)
+Kyle Owens there is a setting when on WiFi you get Real time notifications that's just been implemented. Of WiFi coming soon 
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