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Too bad they don't ship outside the U.S. and its territories.
Thanks +Jeremy Smith for the clarification......
It is indeed bad. But worse is that Samsung itself hasn't bothered to release it in India. :-(
So very tempted. I told myself I was going to get an unlocked GSM GNX so I could use the TMobile pre-pay 5GB @ 4G + 100 minutes for $30 plan.
does it really matter? doesnt take long to unlock flash to YAKJU and relock if you so desire heh.
I really think it has a lot to do with the SGS2. Here in Mexico it came last thursday, and it probably didnt do it before because its on the same carrier as de sgs2.
does this model works with Verizon Wireless? I want one
+Aaron Picazo no, it is the GSM version, Verizon requires their own specific CDMA/LTE version.
I want to get one but my contract with sprint doesnt end until aug. 31 so i might just well for the next nexus to come out
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