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Anyone out there have any faith left in RIM or NOKIA?
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meego / even WebOS XD something other than what they're using now.
Out of two, I think Nokia would be the best at adopting Android. Nokia has always been known for their high end and value line.  It could easily take on Samsung / HTC and I love Nokia's camera. Unfortunately, Nokia decided to go w/ Windows route to get some quick cash and to cut costs.  This is a short sight on their end and it's bad for the mobile industry as a whole.
RIM? Oh God no...Nokia? Kinda hoping they dip their toes in these here Android waters...or at least let that delightful PureView camera tech of theirs fornicate with our operating system of choice...mmm...
I've been saying for some time now that Android could save Nokia. Apparently, both Nokia and RIM seem to be too proud to use Android. Well, it's their loss. The rest of us can't get enough of our Android devices. I'd buy Nokia if they still used GNU/Linux (MeeGo, Maemo, Tizen, Ubuntu or whatever). But I'm not buying anything Windows. Windows is a deal breaker to me.
+Rene Medina Pure Android + Nokia hardware (camera to), i would even be happy if they included their own apps. #NokiaNexus where do I sign up for that?
They both will probably not be market leaders, but they definitely will start making money again.
Imagine a smartphone with Android that can also protect you from bullets. ;) #Nokia
Nokia is now counting on the business sector with their Windows phones. And they will manage to make a stand there, but probably not anywhere else.
RIM yes, Nokia no. WP won't last much longer I think. BBs are still quite popular especially in the UK. BB10 looks promising too.
I also think that BB will be able to add their security to Android and market it at companies again.
Considering history, RIM is a company set in his ways, if we remember the open letter case that happened last year and remember all the internal bs RIM goes through i think there's little to no chance of RIM adapting Android, they refuse change and innovation. Nokia on the other side, i personally still ha e faith, hopefully they will follow Samsung's example, samsung has been breaking boundaries, if I was nokia i'd like a piece of that too. I'd say Nokia has more chances of coming back from the dead
1. Nokia should make Android compatible handsets a well as Windows.

2. Rim should be the premier qwerty keyboard smartphone vender and license a crippled version of BBM to iOS and Android whilst retaining the full version of BBM exclusively for their own handsets.


Nokia no hey are too deep in MS pocket.
I still see some hope for RIM, but that is fading quickly. Not sure if they have the time to turn things around and currently doesn't seem like they are willing to. They should just go android and offer specific blackberry services as exclusive or even paid apps
Microsoft is in deep Shi...t due to Nokia downfall right now the obvious   way for Microsoft to maintain its shares which are invested in Nokia by purchasing the company itself and re utilize it for there on brand cell phone with various operating systems!!!! Or Nokia should adopt android and open source development!!!
Yes, I think and hope RIM, Nokia, and WP8 find their markets, however niche, and compete as hard as they can.
RIM's best product (And the reason they beat Microsoft 6-ways-to-Sunday in the business smartphone market, back when Windows, Palm and BB were it for smartphones) was/is Blackberry Enterprise Server. The managability & security, and the true-push-features provided by 'Blackberry as a complete solution' was their entire appeal - and why BBs still sell even though they are 'dated' in terms of consumer features. If RIM wants to survive, they should become a software company & make BES hardware-agnostic (Eg, a BES-client app that runs on iOS or Android & provides BB-style management for all phones)... Selling the managed solution separate from the hardware gives them a reason-to-exist & allows them to capitalize on their strength... Nokia? Play taps now... Microsoft has never, ever made a phone OS that is worth using. They are good at desktop software (And would be wise to stay in that realm) but their mobile products are worst-in-class every time... And Nokia's future is now tied to the Windows Phone/Windows 8 boat-anchor (it's gonna be worse than MS BOB)....
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