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It seems crazy, but it could become reality soon enough. Eat that, quad-core phones!
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Oh man..still so long to reach the processor-per-app stage. Until then we got to struggle sharing the processors to and fro.
A techonological advancement is always awesome. If man would have sat idle because he thought it's enough to achieve, we wouldn't have had so many inventions and advanced life today!

Go ahead Intel!
Yeah, then we would have a miniaturized nuclear reactor to power it as well.
Better to invent new battery technology, for longer talk time, and survive 1 full day usage.
I am with the "battery technology"  My phone's has been plenty fast in the past, but I am doing everything possible to get a full day out of it.  Its a smartphone and people are going to run apps on it that are power intense, so lets work on battery technology please :)
5-10 cores

Enjoy quad core you got a lot of time left 
Makes me and my single core Samsung Infuse cry a little. 
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