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Episode 17 - SGS Live QA and Review
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if you have done many of these before do you not get the entries counted?
is really made for humans or whatever there slogan is?
how is s voice versus google voice actions or can you really compare?
do you have the eye tracking feature on and how does it work?
sounds good but im worried about the 4g lte version
My question: How does face recognition on the Galaxy S3 compare to devices such as the HTC One X, and HTC One S... as well as the Galaxy Nexus (which sort of introduced the whole idea)?
+Daniel Charlton cause 4g kills much faster than wifi or hspa+
is there a swipe option under language and input for keyboard??
how is gaming on the gs3? any games you have tested clayton?
lets hope apple doesnt sue for copying that too lol!!
+adryan maldonado ah, not with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.  Devices before that SoC have a processor, then a separate LTE chip.  The LTE SGS3's with the S4 processor uses an integrated LTE radio, and the radio itself is significantly more efficient than it's predecessors.  The AT&T One X is the LTE device with the second best LTE use time, barely losing to one with a battery that's like 2x as big.
Anyone of you guys have any comments on the fact that its coming with 2 gb's of ram and do we really need it not that i dont want it or love the idea just what will it do for us? it definitely was a nice surprise.
at least this is better than the previous versions when they announce the phone in may/june then release it in september/october right?
the snapdragon is based on a more advanced arm architecture anyways
ive notified one my coworkers but she barley had an idea and only knew what kies was due to the app on the phone
+adryan maldonado Snapdragon was a family of SoCs using the Scorpion core, which is similar to Cortex A8. Tegra is a Corex A9-based SoC. A15 is a new core that isn't shipping in any current products, but the S4 SoC has the Krait core, which is similar to A15.
As a bionic owner it still upsets me a little bit
there also leaks for the bionic on a positive note that are pretty stable
Hey Clayton and the guys. This might be a little off topic... any word on the "RAZR HD"?
+adryan maldonado the Tegra3 and the quad-core Exynos are both Cortex-A9.  The Nvidia is on a 40nm process, and the Samsung is shrunken down to 32nm (considered to be the same process as the S4's 28nm).

The Krait core is technically not Cortext-A15.  Qualcomm licenses the ARM instruction set, but not the physical processor architecture.  They build their own.  The previous spec was Scorpion and was comparable to Cortex-A8, but with some advantages that made it able to compete with Cortex-A9.  The new Krait core is designed to compete with the Cortex-A15, but since there aren't any Cortex-A15s on the market, it's hard to compare.  Indications at this point suggest that the Krait core is better than the Cortex-A9 by a bit - but that the first Cortex-A15s to hit the market (probably from TI) will have other architectural improvements (not to the Cortex-A15 core, but other parts of the SoC) to place it a bit ahead of the dual-core S4 in performance.  That chip will probably also be paired with a GPU that is much better than the current S4 (but maybe not compared to the upcoming S4 Pro or the quad-core S4).
jelly bean maybe moving towards more desktop like capabilities? minor improvements?
Have you guys tested the leak test build of 4.0.4 for the tegra 3 international HTC ONE X? - it's supposed to be a massive update, improves launcher smoothness, speed, better battery, better gpu, better browser and includes a fix for the 3dot menu.....
I use Swiftkey because both the German and English keyboards are available at the same time without me having to go into settings.
I agree with Scott... my galaxy nexus keyboard is definitely the best I have ever used. 
Anyone read the article that samsung could really retaliate when apple releases a 4g iphone since they have so many 4g patents? Not that im hoping they start another patent war but apple is basically asking for it.
in preparation for his faux victory against google?
don't forget that Posner threw out the Apple vs. Motorola suit with prejudice. again.
6 or 7 days to upgrade before the share everything plans take affect and you will lose unlimited data.
the only reason i wont run it on my note is that i lose the s-pen function
+Chris Jackson yeah I guess I thought of it as more of a discussion than just questions but im kind of realizing that now. I kinda followed a similar format of another live Web show I watch
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