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Android Authority hung out with 3 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Daniel Charlton, Jonathan Franklin, and Joshua Vergara
Android Authority On Air - Episode 58 - Nexus 4 Charing Orb Giveaway, Facebook's New Home
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Comment here with #androidauthority  to enter the giveaway contest.  Only one entry per person will be accepted.  Winner selected at random.
Hi, I would like to enter the contest! Also, I have been searching hi and low for a launcher with a completely unique look to it. Any suggestions? 
#androidauthority hi, I would like to enter the contest. I have no idea what the prize is, but hey I haven't won anything in a while so why not try.
#very interesting about the exynos octa using older 4g radios, wonder what Samsung is trying to accomplish there. Great information, as always guys. Keep up the good work
+Chad Olson Korea is their home market...  They are just placating the homeland.  Also, there aren't devices there with better radios, so it's not a loss for the locals really.
+Daniel Charlton would you say that octa core is useless as far as app utilization among browser or social network apps?

I'm sure in way it's better battery management but for the average user is their and advantage?

Charging orb looks like a good reason to upgrade phone. (Trickle-down theory: Engage!  :-)
I really like how #androidauthority hangouts has in-depth talks about tech that you don't usually get from short articles or vlogs!
+Rob Farnham not any more so than any other multi-core ARM processor.

The big benefit of the Octa versus the 600 is the GPU in the Octa.  The PowerVR is better than the Adreno.  That's why the Octa benchmarks better than the 600.  But the PowerVR is a lot better than the Adreno, and the Octa only benchmarks a little better than the 600.
right, now that you say that you did mention that on a previous episode.
speaking of chargers, Blackberry has the best premium branded charger in regards to rapid charge with 1.8 Amps compared to Samsung with 1.0 Amps or typical offshore brands
Point being is sometimes spending more is better :)
What do you guys think the Note III will look like? Overclocked octa-core with LTE? And what's up with this Samsung "mega" I keep hearing about?
I really wan to win the orb!!! its like the orb of life!#Androidauthority
Would be interesting to see how Google prices the charging orb in other parts of the world, particularly in emerging markets. Considering that there are many cheaper alternatives available. #AndroidAuthority  
#androidauthority I wish th nexus 4 had better cases, ones that actually looked good.....maybe the official bumper with a clear back and a raised lip?....someone make this and ill buy it for and entire dollar! 
Hey, did I win the charging orb or what?!?
Guys and gals please pick me my nexus one(yeah that nexus one!) is falling apart on me really bad. my power button only works with this app called "fix my power button" and when I run out of battery the only way to turn it on is to take the battery out and do this little trick thingy. my screen is starting to malfunction, its constantly crashing and I really need it for my job because I use the maps for transporting vets from the V.A hospital here in long beach to their homes and appointments. well anyways guys great show and I hope I win. #AndroidAuthority
I posted on your youtube page too because I was a bit confused. one love
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#AndroidAuthority Please Choose me for the Charging Orb man, I hate entering the Micro USB pin in the phone's ass.... Also, I am using the bumper on my N4 so this would be better than a dock without taking off the bumper. Choose me please, its more than 100$ in my country through various dealers as it is not available in Play store in my country. Thank you for the giveaway...Keep up with the good work..
David T
#AndroidAuthority I'd really love to have that orb for my N4...and you don't even have to ship it to Mars if you choose me ;)
#AndroidAuthority Good contest please make more rather than destroying phones :) 100% more people will join at the prospect of winning something especially if its international contest. Thank you ! Keep the good reviews up
#AndroidAuthority I'm in Saudi Arabia and I will buy my very first Nexus gadgets Nexus 4. the orb charger is not yet available here in Saudi. I wish I'll this price
Thanks for the great podcasts and awesome giveaways. I love #AndroidAuthority and I'd love to plop down my Nex4 on the charging orb. Thanks for the great content. 
#androidauthority here's my entry. I love my n4 because it's pure android. Gets updates as soon as their ready and has some awesome Dev support. Been reading your guys stuff for a while now. Keep up the great work and awesome giveaways! 
love my nexus 4 because it offers me the choices i don't have with non-nexii... sure you 'could' on others, but it's not easy, and the option isn't implied
the nexus is the dream of truly 'open'
#androidauthority I have owned every nexus device that came out so far. I love that its the first handset to receive update And love how easy it is to flash ROMs to. The nexus 4 is the best nexus handset to date !!
#androidauthority I love the Nexus 4 due to the fact its the real vanilla android. No skins that make it slow and no crap apps from carriers.And I haven't rooted due to the fact that its the perfect the way it is. 
I don't even received my Nexus 4 yet (But it has already been shipped!). But I know I'm going love it! It will be my second Android device, after 2 years with a Motorola Defy and it's lack of Updates and bugged custom ROMs, it will be impossible to not love de Nexus 4 #androidauthority
#androidauthority   The  Nexus 4 wireless charger seems so cool,  just to avoid plugin/unplugging usb cables into my N4 to charge... similar,  that is...  to emulate,    what the OLD Nexus One had with the pogo pins desktop dock. 
My nexus 4 is priced amazing, built solidly, runs fast, and does what every phone should move towards- never carrier locked! #androidauthority
#androidauthority beautiful jail contract..incredible speed..expensive look and feel with the tasty jelly bean...all these goodies for an unrivalled price in the market...
Hi I love my nexus 4, we all do. It's my newest life partner, it goes with me places others wouldn't dare. It's the thing that keeps me warm at night and never has let me down. It thinks for me when I lose track of time. I can count on my nexus 4 just as much as you can count on your next breath, there is only one flaw my nexus has and like humans we all need energy to keep going. Without the wireless charger. Life on it's eyes is as short as the USB cable and if only I had that wireless charger it could be free of tangle. :)
Can't wait to use the wireless charging feature!
#androidauthority  It would be awesome if i could win this, my dad just bought the nexus 4 today after he ran over his iphone 4 at work. Btw this would be an awesome birthday present since his birthday is April 13.
Nexus 4 is the best choise for the money, very good quality and materials and offers pure google experience. And the wireless orb - is an awesome addition to great phone #androidauthority
#androidauthority after using iPhones for 4 years I switched to the Nexus 4 and I couldn't be happier. Android used to be far behind iOS now I feel it's superior. I have one Orb at the office and I'd love to have one at home also.
Nexus 4 is one of the best phone put there its really fast and i have a note 2 and gs3 andy daliy driver is the nexus 4
Everybody should get a Nexus 4
Why? Because Nexus is 4 everybody, Nexus 4 is 4 people who understand the beauty (look) & the beast (power)
We all need you, Nexus 4
Nexus 4 me and Nexus 4 you 😄
#androidauthority  wireless charging :D would be cool to not have to keep on plugging and unplugging the cable at night in the dark before i go to bed!
#androidauthority The reason why I love my Nexus 4 is because it runs stock android and I get the latest updates from Google. Android is just simply amazing.
#androidauthroity I absolutely love my Nexus 4. Does so much, and I love all the amazing functionality, particukarly the notification centre and quick access settings. And I can't wait for the Key Lime Pie because if its anything like the previous updates, it'll have some awesome new features. Can't wait to see what Google comes up with next!
My Nexus 4 is the best thing to happen for me and my new business. It streamlines so much of what I do, is like having a personal assistant. Google Now is simply amazing and surprises me daily. This changing orb would be the feather in the cap for simplifying my busy on the go life. Thanks in Advance! #androidauthority
My Nexus 4 is the best thing to happen for me and my new business. It streamlines so much of what I do, is like having a personal assistant. Google Now is simply amazing and surprises me daily. This charging orb would be the feather in the cap for simplifying my busy on the go life. Thanks in Advance! #androidauthority
Android Authority, you've got to be my favorite site !!!! I would love the charging orb please ??????????????????????????????
Android Authority, you've got to be my favorite site !!!! I would love the charging orb please ??????????????????????????
#androidauthority my nexus 4 is fast, beautiful, reliable. Fits in any pocket. Always the latest android version. Nice price. With the addition of the orb it will ascend to perfection. 
#androidauthority I love my nexus for many reasons. First off, it's stock android without any carrier or manufacturer bloatware. Matias Duarte has been putting in work to the stock android UI, which became evident in ice cream sandwich. Now, I feel that the stock UI is more beautiful than any other skin. Most importantly, updates come first. The phone has impressive specs to compliment the lightweight, unbloated OS. Quad core with 2 gigs of RAM? Sounds like a computer's specs... The price is amazing and pushes towards freedom for the consumer. $200 and be held down by a 2 year contract? How about I pay $300 and have my freedom? The phone also has NFC to future-proof it a bit. Lastly, its a beautiful phone outside. Sure, the glass is fragile for some, but it does look amazing. Google hit the nail on the head and built a great product with LG. Supplies were limited, but that doesn't change the fact that its an amazing phone.
Love the 2GB ram and quad core processor. The best!
#androidauthority the nexus 4 is awesome with its pure android and jelly bean. Flows smoothly and the outlook is very nice. The price for this was not very costly. I have the 16gb nexus 4. Its awesome taking orb pictures. 
#androidauthority wow Nexus 4 is an amazing phone. Coz along with its Hardware + Software (stock Android) beast, the Price is the most affordable one !! I love its sleek DESIGN, DISPLAY clarity, PROCESSOR speed(smoothly fast!!!),wireless charging (if i get one ! ),not to forget....price is the most comfortable one,.....and many more.Wth every new day, I find myself in love with nXs4 !
#androidauthority  I'd love to have that charging orb. Love Nexus4 cuz it's the survival device for that pending zombie apocalypse. :P
#androidauthority stock android FTW! Also Nexus 4 is inexpensive while it has latest tech including this wireless charging. No more connecting and disconnecting wires to charge every time.
#androidsuthority. After my nexus s was no longer receiving updated android os, I decided it was time for a new phone, the nexus 4. The speed is awesome, the price is reasonable and the screen I'd stellar and works well outside in broad daylight.
Hard to beat the price for an unlocked phone.
Ur videos are good to learn english for my exams in english #androidauthority. Cause im a german guy and I'm loving my nexus and it would be nice to win the orb. 
Ur videos are good to learn english for my exams in english #androidauthority. Cause im a german guy and I'm loving my nexus and it would be nice to win the orb. 
Would love to won a pod... Not available here in Australia... I love my Nexus 4.. Everything just works without any additional bloat ware.
I love my nexus 4 because its not an iPhone! Had an iPhone since 08 and took the plunge. So glad I did! jellybean 4.2 all the way #androidauthority
Love my Nexus 4 because it's the smoothest android experience out there, and my friends keep telling me they should have gotten one! #androidauthority
Ooo! Would love to win a charging orb for my Nexus 4! That's one of the best things about it, it is a fully wireless phone! #androidauthority
#androidauthority I love that the nexus4 just works, and works fast. When I use my wife's galaxy s3,it's so slow in comparison. Yay speed! 
#androidauthority Ordered my Nexus 4 last night to replace my One X. I think the best feature I'll enjoy will be the faster quad core processor and the next version of Android delivered to me without any bloatware, and on the day it's released, too!
#androidauthority I love my Nexus 4, it's so great that the software will be updated as soon the latest version arrives. And I have always wanted to try this new orb, it will be the perfect accessory to this truly smart phone. Go Team NEXUS!
#androidauthority Love my Nexus because it's an awesome device that makes life so much easier at such an equally awesome price!
#androidauthority I love my Nexus 4 and have not had the chance to try the charging orb so maybe I'll get lucky and get it free!
I'm pretty new to Android world, but I think using a Nexus 4 is a very good way to join this amazing environment #androidauthority
What an excellent forum.. I own a nexus 4::: need a wireless charger.

I love the nexus 4 cause its very smooth and blazing fast! Give me the wireless charger, I demand it. I am your master and you will obey my comand! :p #androidauthority
#androidauthority :- I love my nexus 4 device more than my gf... (I hope she doesn't read this :-p). It's so smooth, so fast... I just can't let it down.. 
#androidauthority I think the orb is completely useless when you already have the wall charger but Wtf, is just as great as my Nexus 4 :D so I would really love get an orb (: and if you can give me the headphones too, well, that'd be even greatest :B
I think nexus the best phone out there right now but what I love the most is how Android combined all the great apps (Google+,googlewallet,Google now and more) to the phone.
#androidauthority I love my Nexus 4 for the purest Android experience, the guaranteed updates, support for Google, that Google Now experience, and the secret LTE radios (not a secret :s) that'll let me run under T-Mobile's HSPA+42 network and their LTE network when it's available in my area. :D oh! And the .flac support works great with my Klipsch Image X10. 
#androidauthority - loving the Nexus 4+10; Google Now, NFC, awesome integration--so many great tools. The charging orb would make a great companion for my N4. It gets lonely at night.
Nexus 4 all the good without the carrier clutter. Also a good follow on to my Nexus One. 
My Nexus 4 rocks my world! With a camera that let's you take photos anywhere around you (literally) and hardware that let's you do anything having that extra charging base makes it completely rounded as the battery (as always) may be the one drawback on this incredible phone. 
I love my nexus. Only thing that could make better is 4glte. Phone dies it all and has apps for just it that no one else can use
#androidauthority I love my nexus 4! It's so much faster than my galaxy nexus and I'd love to get a wireless charging orb for it!! Especially to show off to my friend who is an apple fan!
My nexus 4 has completely replaced my laptop! And it is a beautiful looking device at an affordable price! I love my nexus 4! #androidauthority
#androidauthority love my n4 because of the latest software updates on Android. Also enjoy the build and display quality. Don't enjoy the battery life to much. 
#androidauthority love my nexus 4 because it gets android updates first! the unlocked bootloader is nice too.
# androidauthority For the prize: I love having a phone free from carrier and manufacturer meddling. No unreasonably large, un- uninstall-able NASCAR apps on this baby! #nexus4
It has awesome economics not only in hardware but jellybean 4.2 is simply amazing... Fell for it just by looking at it... And was in love just after using it for 5 minutes.... 
Hello, #androidauthority. I love the hell out of the nexus 4 because for the time being I feel exclusive as the only person I know with one. I'm actually 'saving money' on top of the phone 'being paid for' by switching from a contract to pay as you go. Oh who am I kidding. I just like when you turn the phone off it shuts off like an old television.
#androidauthority Nexus 4 finally let's me get used to Android. Love the functionality of the phone's features too (like the NFC).
#androidauthority I think my Nexus 4 is awesome cause , its all android ..all the time!Keeping my fingers crossed! (About winning the orb)
i want a orb pick me lol i would love to charge my phone wirelessly at night
I love my nexus 4 because it is fast and easy to use thanks to project butter. Its simple and clean unlike touchwiz and htc sense with all there pointless features. I would really like a chargeing orb that'd make my nexus 4 even better haha. Thanks #androidauthority
Orb: Come to daddy please...
#andoidauthority I really love my nexus 4. I went from a Motorola q to a dell streak and finally got fed up with outdated software. I now have an phone without bloatware and the guarantee of ota updates. The only drawback was the taxes shipping it north of the border.
My nexus 4 makes my life fun and easy, I've even stopped using my phone because with my nexus for there's no need to have anything else. #androidauthority 
i want a orb pick me lol i would love to charge my phone wirelessly at night

My HTC One X hit the ground,
shattered glass was all around.
In the mail - my Nexus 4,
could a man want for more?
Yes, of course, the Nexus Orb,
I dream of charging without a cord!
I really hope I am in luck,
even if my rhyming suck(s)!

#androidauthority one super fast android phone. I sometimes feel it knows what I'm looking for even before me !!
I love my Nexus 4 for being pure stock Android the way Google intended, I love the top spec hardware at an amazing price, I love always being first with the latest software, but most of all I love being in that small group where most people have never heard of a Nexus or experienced any of the above, think you're strange, until you find a fellow user & can congratulate each other for "being in the know"
My Nexus 4 is easily the best phone I've ever owned. The pure android experience is fantastic. #androidauthority I would love to win the orb charger!
#androidauthority Nexus orb the perfect companion for my Nexus 4 which is simply the best. Also Orb is not available in Australian Playstore for me.
#androidauthority I can't really explain why I love my N4 so much, all I know is that I can't hardly ever put it down!
#androidauthority  Love my Nexus 4, luckily for me i got it from USA, since phones like this one are hard to finde here in Argentina. So the Orb would really complete my set! Thanks!
#AndroidAuthority While I love my N4 and my N7 i wonder when one manufacturer will figure out that they can release hardware with stock android and be different from the rest because no one but Google does stock, but their phones are supposed to be for developers, and have only the basics for hardware. I wanna see variety of hardware with stock android. 
#androidauthority Bcoz It has got the raw computational power of 1.5Ghz and the Jelly Bean 4.2 and Gorilla glass on both sides makes it a perfect smartphone one could ever own...
#androidauthority I love my nexus 4 cause it is from Google. You can get the latest android updates. Not a common phone in India-sense of pride to show off. And it's a true developer phone. Root it- play with it. Explore the innumerable powers n secrets
Me too. Me too. I'd like to enter the free wireless orb contest too. 
Me too. Me too. I'd like to enter the free wireless orb contest too. 
Me too. Me too. I'd like to enter the free wireless orb contest too. 
Ian B
I love my Nexus 4 because its slays every task you give it. Much better improvement on the Galaxy Nexus, which I plan to use for Ubuntu Phone.
#androidauthority I live nexus 4 life and addition of orb wireless charger is an icing on the cake, everyday I follow android authority and other blogs wanting for more news on nexus 4 and it's accessory, it's a super phone
#androidauthority Man I cant wait to get my hands on this orb! Its not even available in the United Arab Emirates. I really need this accessory. Thank You.
#androidauthority Man I cant wait to get my hands on this orb! Its not even available in the United Arab Emirates. I really need this accessory. Thank You.
When it came time for me to get my first smartphone, I didn't want to get yesterday's news. After doing research online and consulting my more advanced friends, I came to the conclusion the Nexus 4 is the best combination of performance and price. I've been so happy with it, I bought my wife one too! You should too #androidauthority
Not too big size-great performance-brillant display-really very cheap for the things included in this little nice loved thing called nexus 4- and Android what shall I say is just to be loved once you start to work with it
#androidauthority Ok fine I already has Nexus 4 in my hand, and I'm really like it because it Google product with latest android version. Also it come with higher spec of smartphone.
#androidauthority. Always been a nexus user since N1 because if its not a nexus it ain't S@#*! I would love to win that charging orb please!
Aw man, I would totally be grateful for a charging orb .
Got 3 nexus 4, its only right.
#androidauthority I really want a wireless orb for my n4. I love my n4 because she's super fast. And love the back cover.
#androidauthority I've been on the fence for a while about whether or not i need another charger for my Nexus 4, and so I stumbled across your review just now of the ORB, and I found it quite helpful.  I like a number of things about the Nexus 4, including the speed of processing, the interface, the location of the buttons, but since I switched from an EVO, I miss the kickstand option so I could see the display at an angle while at work.  Otherwise, I'm very impressed with its style and customizability. 
#androidauthority I love my Nexus 4 because there is 0 lag time on any of the applications. It's got all the features of a premium phone at half the price. And I don't have to have a stupid 2 year contract to use it. I've got the phone and the bumper. Now I just need the charger to complete the ensemble!
I'd love the orb to make charging my first ever lag-free android phone that bit slicker!
I have nexus 4 its my favorite phone of all the times ! and i realy want that wireless charger <3
Thanks for another kickass podcast/giveaway combo! Hope to get me mitts on the wireless orb so I can charge my super slick, fast and sexy N4 without em weird and horrible wires. Plus it also makes me look cool to my little doggy! :P #androidauthority 
#androidauthority lg nexus 4 is my first android and i feel amazing in having it. And compared to my fren's android it has the best spec . . .
#androidauthority really do i have to say anything good about nexus 4. Everything bout this phone is simply awesome
Just got my Nexus 4 phone yesterday, looking forward to being able to charge it with futuristic technology! #androidauthority
Moved from nexus s to nexus 4 and love the same android goodness but with ridonculous specs so everything is instant. Have made many iFans jealous. Wireless orb would be a great bonus! #androidauthority
Nexus Orb is cool but yet expensive. Hope the following Nexus devices can take this technology so that if I do not get the free one from #AndroidAuthority, I'd still be willing to pay for it :) 
If the nexus orb cost a third what it does, I'd buy one without hesitation.  Here's hoping that I'll win one.  #androidauthority
Just love my Nexus 4!!! even though it has heating problems, dont mind having a Wireless charger!!! #androidauthority
nexus 4 will slay the iphone
I love my Nexus 4 for the simple reason that it is a pure genius phone... It's extremely fast, it's capabilities are endless... And, I was previously using an iPod touch 4th gen, so... Yeah
I love my nexus 4 because of the pure android experience without any custom mods, and also because I have somehow managed to keep the back glass intact, atleast so far :P only thing that I need now is the charging orb and I know #androidauthority could help me with that.
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