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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Top 5 S Pen Apps!

We know that a lot of you love the Note 2 and the S Pen in general, so we hand-picked 5 of the coolest apps out there that use them to their full potential!

For more, check out the video or read on:
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Fantastic. Thanks +Android Authority 

Another app that I can recommend, that I have had a bit of fun with of late, is MyRealFont ( Create your own font using your handwriting. Unfortunately not free, but lots of fun. Now I can be illegible across multiple platforms =P
They seem well put together O wouldnt mind
Getting one for myself
going to try some of them on my s3 =D
Tried the S pen on the first day I got my Note 2. Haven't used it since then.
Photo desk is amazing thanx for tellin us about it. And lecturenotes worth mentioning for ppl like taking notes
Thanks for the info. I'm definitely checking out Flipaclip.
Note 2 is an awesome phone! Papyrus is good but the rest are useless imo.
note 2 this is awesome phone. i think buy this phone
Can anybody help me to earn online or home base work
The note 2 is so powerful i think it will be a force to be reckoned with for 13 and 14.
I have note 1 and now i stopped this quest to find good spen apps. Because all that i tried, nothing topped the default s memo :)
Great info. Love my phone even more now lol.
Nice, I'll have to try these. 
Alan Le
Thank you. I was looking for excuses to pull out my S Pen now that I have lightsaber sounds enabled :)
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I like that. Because I have.
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