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A Kenyan has developed a chip of crystals that can be fitted to shoe soles and charge your phone with an alternative energy source.
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So what do you call +Project Glass and Googles driverless car project and all of their other innovative projects.. Apple is the king of copy cats. But +andrew cool if you really think that they're better innovators than Google, then i wont change your mind fanboi ;)
Haha.. You're so funny +andrew cool You know that you're on one of Googles innovations now.. Google+ I didnt mention that Google make cars, but that they make them "Driverless" so that you dont need to steer the car to reach your destination.. But if you think that a Macbook or an Egophone / Iphone is more innovative than googles innovation projects... then fine.. But you should that YOU are making a big fool of you to point fingers at googles innovations og Google+!
What does this have to do with cancer?! How old are you kid?! Seriously!?! Get a life...
Enough kid.. I know you're having fun, but do you know that cancer is a serious illness and is not to make fun of? I guess that you are that kind of kid who gets bullied every day in school and therefore have to let out of your anger on the internet.. Seriously kid take a chill pill and grow up.. Life is too short to hate everyone around you.. Try to open your eyes.. The world aint spinning around you!
Oh you're having a hard time kid?.. I understand.. Have you realized that the world is different on the other side of your screen? You cannot act like that in the real world, and right now you're on a social network.. And you are not any kind of social.. Go outside and get some fresh air.. You'll enjoy it! ;)
Oh come on. So now im the rude one? You're the one swearing at me constantly so shut i please!
Hahaha xD And what are they gonna do? Send FBI to Denmark? +andrew cool What have i done wrong in the first place? I've been trying to calm you down the whole time.. But just keep calling them and im sure they'll love you ;)
And all i did is? Telling the truth? Seriously.. Im tired.. If you wanna keep discussing this subject, then send me PM's instead.. Now please wake up for reality kid.. -Peace out!
Tren C
Its a charging technology, that you put in your shoes.......
Andrew, this article has nothing to do with android. It says that it can charge your phone, not Android. So basically it should be able to charge, Androids, (Cr)apples etc.
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