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Android Authority hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Daniel Charlton and Scott Anderson
Android Authority On Air - Episode 36 - Hurricane Sandy Can't Keep Android Down
Android Authority and 2 others participated
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got it this time, tnx !
Post questions here and we will try to answer them live.
Sorry I don't have a webcam, but I'm still here watching :)
Do you think physical google wallet cards are realistic? Will people adopt and use them?
Don't need a webcam.  Hangouts on Air are like shows.  There are certain people in the show, then others watch like a TV show.
16 GB Nexus 7 or 32 GB for general use (some maps off line & some video and e-books) that is the ?
I wouldn't mind a physical Google Wallet card, but that doesn't that defeat the purpose? Using our cell phones instead of lugging around the wallet and phone/ tablet?

In re. public transport cards: swipe cell phones! :) I wouldn't mind using my Android in lieu of a Metro Card. Too expensive idea you think?
It was because of windows 8 event and they had to show the devices
Damn I cant wait to order one! Goodbye S3
Does the new Nexus 7/ 10 have a redesigned backing? I thought I saw a different color vs. the current rugged grey shade.
We have HSPA+ 42 in the UK ;)
Exynos 5 slaps the s4 pro fyi
fine I'll send you a special edition init.t build
+Yusuf Islam "Exynos 5 slaps the s4 pro fyi"

There are zero statistics to back up that claim.  It's been benchmarked in the new Chromebook, but that only gives a picture of the performance differences of the two operating systems.  When there are benchmarks from the N10, then you can start making claims.
True, no I can't back my claims ;)
did anyone else notice how little coverage the ipad 4 got?
+adryan maldonado I'd say tech sites giving it a full review when the only thing they changed is the CPU and lightning is too much coverage to be honest
Alex V
I like that name. The NEW New Ipad. XD I got myself a Note 10.1 for school. The only reason I don't feel for the nexus 10 is the loss of the pen functionallity. But that screen. oh that Screen
+Scott Anderson Our prediction of $400 price for Nexus 10 from last week's hangout was spot on! Can't wait to order mine :)
The Nexus 10 is really light though, could be easier to hold
I have the N7 and Use to have a TF300 with it as well. Not sure I could go with a bigger tablet but you never know.
you can use a stylus with the evernote app for the nexus 10 tho right? it should work well?
+Derek Ross ? Bitching about not being able to have this phone? REALLY?

Yes. I can confirm this, 100%.
bc VZW screwed up the gnex...
Why can't they offer an unlocked LTE version for Verizon users? Do they not offer SIM only plans?
Definitely want a Nexus 10! It'll be my first tablet. I have a laptop that is my all-in-one device. But its aging rapidly, and is far too bulky to carry on a bus, for example. I'm looking for a pure Google experience on the go, that can act as a media device and for school as well. But I'm not sure about what kind of storage I need (as this is completely uncharted territory for me) or when I can get a keyboard dock for it. I've tried typing on an iPad without a keyboard and with one and its two different worlds. For school, a keyboard would be essential.
If only penises worked the same way....
The iPhone 5 sold in the UK by Apple is unlocked and has LTE, is there a reason they couldn't do this with the Nexus 4?
I think tablets are a more personal device. Multiple user accounts will definitely be great though - especially for the workplace.
The gesture typing is nice for one handed use if you need it
Not a big fan of Swype? You're the worst kind of person.
If you don't want people to see the widget, don't put the widget on the lockscreen.

Daydream could be nice on tablets, it could change into a digital photo frame. Also I heard its activated when docking the Nexus 4 on the wireless charger which is cool
Dan, you need a quieter keyboard! :)
+Ben Baggley Apple sells three iPhone 5 variants.  They also make a lot of sacrifices in order to increase the number of LTE bands that it can support.  At the moment, almost no two LTE networks in the world are on the same frequency deployments.  From a manufacturing standpoint, that means lots of variants at lower and lower volumes, so higher and higher costs.

An unlocked iPhone 5 costs nearly $700.  More than double the N4's price.
Did I hear "Photo Sphere"? Where's the credit for my homeboy, +Dylan Marck for letting you play with it early?
+Daniel Charlton I see, I don't really know how LTE works, kind of a non-issue here. Seems a shame that so many customers could be lost because of it but I like that they're keeping it pure.
Checking the Play Store every day for a pre-order link :(
+Derek Ross you say you're all in the cloud. Does that mean you bought more space in Drive? I wonder if Google's considering offering more free space to Nexus users...
Google should give storage space to Nexus users. Given that they give 100GB of space to people that buy a Chromebook
Google Music is probably the biggest space saver as far as local storage though. That, and instant upload. 

I have a ton of music. Most of which I really don't need to be local. It's not that hard to pin a playlist for offline use.
From groupie to heckler. Nice.
Ordering begins on 11/13 then I'm guessing 3-5 days for delivery. Unless there is faster shipping then I will pay!
i see it in this way ........if the N4 is gone be a success and sell by the milions the LTE carriers will seat down with Google and talk about it. dont you think +Derek Ross 
The big thing that needs to happen is Qualcomm getting their pentaband LTE modem going. It doesn't fix the CDMA carrier issue, but it does at least create a scenario where you don't have to make as many variants of a device.
+Jonathan Franklin we're really only on the 2nd generation of the radio tech.  It's going to get better, but it takes time.  There are some extra things you can do (like Apple did) to increase the band support with LTE, but you make a lot of other compromises to do so.
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