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Lenovo officially unveils its $250 Android laptop, the Lenovo A10:

Post by: +Andrew Grush 
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What's the point of this if there are android tablets already
I'm sure this thing has a better heat sink that your phone also which should allow it to run at higher clock speeds before hitting the thermal limit. 
+Atique Ahmed because android tablets cost more, get worse battery and don't have a keyboard. 
Sadly I guess I'm not most people...
While $249 is a good price, it's not going to be sold in the US and I'm not sure I like it as a replacement for my Asus TF300 anyway.  The flip around wouldn't be that useful imo and I like the ability to undock mine.  
I'm with you +Todd Gless . This is the cheap, portable 'on-call' device that I've been waiting quite some time for. 
Best reason yet for Google consolidate Chrome and Android OS.
+Atique Ahmed To answer your question about what's the point? The more power allows user to run not just Android, but Chrome Extensions, and if you have looked at all the Chrome Extensions they are more Functional than the Microsoft Windows 8 & now 8.1 Store Apps.
Personally, I see Android and Google both as Giants, with Android Just Hitting a Billion Activations recently, and Chrome able to run on any OS literally, and not just tablets like this but All In One's up to 27'' running nothing but Android and Google Chrome out the box, it appears to me that overpriced OS systems like Windows and IOS from Apple, are both loosing market share while these two silent Giants are changing the OS landscape.
Why pay for Windows or IOS, when anything that can run Android and Google Chrome, which are essentially free, aside from the network you run it on be it LAN, WIFI, or Mobile Hotpot. I would not be surprised to see the time to hit 2 Billion Activations being less than 1/2 the time it took to hit a Billion.
Let's face it, Bill Gates had his glory days, Apple had their Glory days, now when you see devices like this, you are not thinking Apple or Microsoft, hopefully you will realize you are not paying for an overpriced OS, and it's just a matter of figuring out how to Harness the Power, and one day, maybe just one Day, Google and Android will be so far ahead of Microsoft and Apple, and have so much Functionality that Society realizes is was a process that evolved, and just like evolution only the most fit / best adapted survive.
I dropped my Crystal Ball and it cracked, so I cannot tell the future as well as I once could; however this appears pretty clear. As the process has started, it's just a matter of long it takes to play out. Think About It
+Nasiru M. Bello Thanks for your kind words, and affirmation that this makes sense. What part of the World are you In? Thanks and Respect
+Atique Ahmed Thanks for reading my lengthy comment. Thank you for the Plus, letting me know you read it, that alone made it truly worthy. You are appreciated and I am waging a one person at a time process of sharing my thoughts.
As thought shared with enough Intelligent People will eventually form a matrix of People who understand what is emerging and can share with whom they choose. That is just one thing I like so much about Google Plus, No Walls & The Ability to Interact With Great People Like You.
I love Android, but I do not know about Android laptops. One of the main difference is the ability to use top notch software. Instead of tablets causing PC sales to decline (like some people would like to claim), it has revealed how people actually use their computers. This can work in some ways, but I feel like Chrome OS is the better solution for the average person who just wants to get browse and Android is for those who like to play (and develop). 
+Maurice Odipo Google It Even if not this exact version, from what I have seen there are a lot of Android and Google Chrome out the Box Systems, poised for Emerging Markets such as yours, and the fact that Lenovo grasped it is proof. Why pay for a Overpriced Operating System?
In America we have been spoiled for a long time; however markets like yours will be the ones that force Manufacturers to Change. I wish you the best, and that you can find something running strictly Android and Chrome. Respectfully
+Marcus Harmon Please don't think of it as just Android, but Android and Chrome. Have you been on Chrome and Searched for All the Chrome Extensions? There is so much there already, and if you haven't it is literally better than the Windows Store. Just food for thought
Chrome is great, but it does not offer the same experience as Windows. On Chrome, it is limited to their Web Store. On Windows 8, you have the option between the Windows Store and numerous other applications which are not based on the Windows Metro style interface. I'm not comparing Chrome Apps to Windows Store App. I am looking at Chrome Apps and the numerous applications which are continuing to be released for Windows. It all goes back to the one question: How do most people use their computers? 
+Nasiru M. Bello Perfect, it is emerging markets like your that will set the tone for other emerging markets. The more Android and Chrome devices sold, the quicker the transition will happen. Every Android / Chrome OS device sold sends a signal to Manufacturers.
You may be one man, but if / when you buy a device with this Operating System, try it out, and hopefully like it and tell your friends, that is Leadership by Example. Good Luck & Thanks
+Todd Gless or u can just use a keyboard with the Nexus 7 (which actually costs about the same) that's more portable, more powerful, and better at gaming. The battery on it is enough to get most people through the day. This won't even come with 4.3. 
Unless they optimized the shit out of this device, this would be better running Chrome OS
+Tierre Jevon I unlike most really don't care about the 4.3 update. I'd also rather not use a tablet with a keyboard...I just don't like them. Probably the same reason I love my chrome book haha
Yes.Microsoft and apple did have there glory days, but so will google and android. I hate to admit it cos I love it but its just the way it is. Its all business. 
Have any way to get it ¿

Why buy an adroid laptop instead of a Pc knowing that android not support java flash .... 
+Todd Gless A lot of improvements in 4.3! I understand your point tho. But I own the nexus 7 and it's the best all around tablet on the market. Loved the Surface Pro as well, but my note 3 rules supreme lol. I think you'd be better to get a Chromebook or just spend the extra money for an Asus Transformer than to purchase this. This is terrible lol 
Too bad Lenovo pcs are crappy. IMHO baseð on having had one.
Honestly to me most android tablets are flismy pieces of shit lol. Hence why I haven't upgraded from my Xoom 
+Todd Gless then u certainly haven't been paying attention to the market. Specs aren't everything, but I doubt Lenovo optimized this in the way that Motorola did for the Moto X. This isn't even stock; it's running their own custom UI. 4.3 brought Android trim, and it's been out long enough for this to have 4.3 on it. Instead it comes with 4.2 and 2011 hardware (dual core cpu). And it's not even a top shelf SoC. This would be better running ChromeOS.
+Tierre Jevon Since when does it only having a dual core mean its slow. The chrome book is dual core and runs with most quad cores if not bests them. BTW my $35 android PC using a dual core at 1ghz runs everything just fine. 
Personally, I think this is great. Another solution to staying away from Windows besides Linux. 
Needs more powerful features to be more that just a tablet.
+Todd Gless read my entire post. I never mentioned it was slow. I said I doubt they optimized it in the way that Motorola did the Moto X. And 4.3 has been out for a while. Makes no sense as to why they wouldn't ship with that given that it included many features that greatly improves the functionality of most tablets. And bc this is a pc version of Android, it's pretty inexcusable. It would be more logical to spend the same amount on a Nexus 7 that would perform better. And I doubt u bought a well performing pc for $35 lol
+Tierre Jevon Best believe lol. I use this thing more than I use my real computer. For people like me who don't like 7 inch screens this is perfect 
+Tierre Jevon Also no offense but who cares if they optimized it like the moto x, whatever that means. 4.3 is nice, but honestly a little over hyped. How can you say for sure the nexus 7 will perform better?
+Todd Gless im not saying that Nexus 7 is perfect. But it did ship with 4.3 and it came with under the hood improvements that makes it better than this alone and not even looking at hardware. And there are also other Android devices on the market that allow u to mirror the screen so u could use it as a pc. And it does! its a quad core with support for OpenGL, multi-user support, and other tweaks. If it was gonna ship with 4.2, they could've at least updated the hardware a bit. The Transformer series are a more viable option for a pc replacement than this. My Note 3 would make a better android pc/laptop than this lol...If you're trying to budget, there are better options. Good thing they're only focusing on regions menioned in article.
But why would i want my keyboard on the back of my tablet? 
+Todd Gless I have an android tablet that "does hold a ten hour charge"!!! only $129.00.just need to get one that hasn't sat in a warehouse for who knows how long!
+Todd Gless allow me to attempt to enlighten you a bit as +Tierre Jevon is right. I work on 3rd party android distributions and allow me to say the jump from 4.2 to 4.3 was absolutely immense as far as performance goes. Software optimization is key to android running well on any device and the compilers used now often help quite well without a ton of intervention but there's a lot that those who build need to do right. I will give you the heat dispersion argument but I don't think it will perform at the same pace as the snapdragon 800 on the nexus 7 simply due to how it will handle more threads and your higher clock won't happen unless the vendor allows it or you compile a kernel to push it harder and even then you would have to double the clock speed of the nexus to perform the same number of tasks. Trust me I wish a viable android netbook/tablet hybrid would hit as I love the idea but this is far from the android you are looking for.
If it comes with latest Intel 7 chip and 500GB Harddrive or SDS I'd buy it.
+Alana Weaver I don't think androids been optimized for x64 I know there's been projects but I don't know if they work well yet. I know the x86 project is rough going.
Atleast better than android tablets with wider display keyboard cd drive etc
No plans to market in NA.  Come on Lenovo!  ;-(
Where the heck do they sell this beauty? Google should set up gadget shops around the world and not just online. #WeWantGrabs
I like this Android laptop. In fact I have been clamouring to have Android laptop optimised for mouse and keyboard operation. Seriously I don't know why Google is not interested in promoting Android based laptop. Android laptop with Chrome OS dual boot will be a hit. 
+Tierre Jevon and +nick martin Great comments from both of you. I agree 4.3 was a game changer. I have been on Android since it came out, and remember the days when people bragged about IOS having more Native Apps. They have quietly tucked their tales and disappeared.
I can only predict that history will repeat itself with the Chrome Store verse The Windows Store, as Emerging Markets Grow. I also have the new Nexus 7 and it's faster than any Windows Tablet I have owned or own currently.
+Alana Weaver if all you want is an i7 Processor with 500+GB in a Tablet then buy a Motion Computing J3600 and spend over $3,000.00 US Dollars, or wait until December 15th when the Surface PRO 2 Comes out and spend about $2,000.00 US Dollars.
The Device this discussion is about, as well as the $100.00 Dell Android / Chrome tablet coming out, are made for Emerging Markets where money is hard earned and Credit is a rare commodity. There are Billions of people waiting for the price point to be low enough so they can become buyers. When they do, and they will, the OS with the largest market share will be the champ. Then manufacturers will focus more on SPEC ' s than figuring out how to take market share; however the thought of having the most of the Market, verse the richest portion of the Market, is the difference between a Mountain and a Mole Hill. It's like saying I would rather be king of a tribe, verse ruler of the world, and that's just Macro Economics verse Micro Economics if you want to get technical. I hope this makes Sense To +Tierre Jevon and +nick martin your understanding is as clear as your comments. Thanks
Someone shud know what is being written by his/her fingers. Jk
We are in a tablet world. I wonder d use of ds android laptop
I just received a Lenovo 10" tablet for my birthday.... Awesome product as well so the laptop will do good.... #TeamAndroid......
will have to wait for the US release I guess.
+Joseph Durham If you go on EBay, just search, Android Tablets & Then Refine for what you are looking for. Personally I usually buy from Power Sellers. The ''Gray Market'' is wide open, and if you are patient you can really win. Keep in mind that most everything is made in China or Korea. The Korean Market seems to be more pricey, but they are not known as the Nock Off Capital of the World. Anyways a Power Seller is a Power Seller. Happy Hunting
Nice but would be great if it used chrome os
If you want to see what is coming in terms of high powered Android Computers, just Google: Android All In One Computers. It was a wake up call months ago when I did.
There are All In One's running Android OS with i7 Processors, 8GB Ram, and 1TB hard drive, with up to 27'' inch screens. The Laptop that started this discussion may not be ''The Device'' for everyone; however once you see what all is out there I can only hope you realize that Android Can accommodate all markets, from Entry Level to tech savvy.
Every time I see an Android Computer, Tablet, Laptop in a discussion on Google Plus I jump in and join the conversation. There are those quick to answer, and there are independent thinkers who do their research. There have been some really great comments in this discussion, and some that I defer commenting on, as they do not want to listen.
In Close, Google and Android, are true leaders, and as the saying goes, ''Leaders Never Follow, and Followers Never Lead''. As Sir Winston Churchill said, ''Change is the Cost of Survival'', and, ''A Goal Without a Plan is Merely a Wish''. I Concur, how about You?

+Tierre Jevon That's like saying because I own a GM that GM is best. The nexus 7 is hardly the best tablet lol. What's terrible also?

+nick martin Yep your right, anything not on 4.3 is slow and junk lol. I'd buy a nexus 10 any day of the week before I would buy a nexus 7 lol. Makes me wonder how my cheapie rock chip dual core 1ghz android PC can handle so much especially since its on 4.1. My Xoom is still a champ also. You couldn't make me trade it for a cheapie built nexus 7 haha
+Todd Gless you seem to misunderstand as I never said it was junk. I gave you a technical response and you come back with unintelligent dribble so I say go crawl back under your bridge since I'm clearly speaking over your head.
+nick martin Like I said, there have been some great comments, and some I just don't care to respond to, as there is no point. Kids like +Todd Gless are just that. His profile says he specializes in sleeping. Hey if it's under a bridge that's OK with me.
As the Buddha said, ''Being upset with children for acting like children, or fools for acting like fools, is like being upset with the fire for being hot'', that is a translation from the Dharma dating back over 3 Centuries. Just goes to prove, it was valid then, and is valid now.
Online Etiquette is reserved for those with maturity and dignity. I can only imagine 10 or 20 years from now when some people hopefully grow up, that Thanks to Google Plus every comment will be stored away for reflection. I will never ask someone to be nice online; however I will every now and then just drop a few hints, just as I have about Chrome OS, and hope for the best. 
+Victor Tovar Forgive me, I type quick. Glad to see you read the preceding chapters. Would you like to write the next couple? Thanks
+Victor Tovar Off the subject, but I'm also in Houston, a Commercial Contractor, and from time to time need a Good Plumber, Check my Profile, and thanks for your humor. Respect
+Todd Gless Really don't feel like wasting my time explaining +Bill Hubbell +nick martin and whoever else. I'm sorry you are driven to always buy a product with the fastest CPU...not that we've even seen benchmarks of this rock chip cpu which judging from my cheapie android stick I'm sure this will have plenty of power. Past a certain point its like I just don't care about specs. Sorry you are all about specs and since were assuming things here, and not build quality. The first nexus 7 made me swear to never buy another cheap ass tablet Lol
+Todd Gless but u would rather buy a cheap ass laptop? And I already mentioned earlier like 3 times that it's not all about the specs. I researched this chip and most results came back stating that they were mostly used in mid/low range products. Nexus uses a Snap Dragon. And neither one of the Nexus 7 felt cheap. Idk what u held in your hand sir lol
+Tierre Jevon don't feed the troll +Todd Gless is nothing but an ignorant child who sees what he wants to see. Allow him to live in his own little world. We know what the best selling android tablet is.
+Todd Gless Thanks for not explaining I could only imagine the nonsense. Enough Said

+nick martin Funny how you try to act like the mature one yet your calling me names with no basis of my lifestyle or pay lol. Who cares if its the best selling lol. Sound like a hard core nexus 7 fanboy. As stated before yet everyone apparently didn't read it. Some people like me hate 7 inch screens hence why I own a Xoom. Also what do you do with all the horsepower that is the snapdragon chip? My Xoom doesn't lag and I've had the damn thing for 3 years lol. All I'm saying is what do YOU do that requires so much cpu power. I'm sure you need a lot for whatever it is you do but the average person won't notice a diff. 
And if someone buys a tablet based on how powerful it is, is sad to say the least. Gotta have that extra power to change themes everyday and play angry birds. 
Chris R
Heard this is one heavy bitch
+Todd Gless Thanks Your really set the record straight when you asked the question, ''What would you do with all the horsepower in the Snapdragon Chip''. There had been some great comments, by some independent thinkers of integrity, Who could also answer that question from many angles Like +Tierre Jevon and +nick martin
But didn't, it was nice to see you prove the saying true, ''If you don't know don't answer keep your mouth shut, as once you do you the whole world know what an idiot you are.'' Congratulations you win the Idiot of the Discussion Award. Which unfortunately essentially shut down a good discussion, as no one wanted to Feed the Troll.
It was never about you. And to answer your question I can only say what I do with horsepower, use it to: Download Large Files from an F.T.P. Site, so I can take the Micro USB to USB cord, Plug it in to a Computer Hooked up to a Plotter and download the Plans and SPEC I just downloaded while driving that were a File Size of around 2GB, check my corporate Email, search Internet, and possibly during the middle of all of it stop by Google Plus.
No I do not play Video Games, but my 4 year old son does, you have a lot in common with him, he also likes to whine like a baby at times. Fortunately you are BFE Ohio, so I doubt I will ever have to cross your path. Thanks for shutting down a decent conversation with your Presence 
+Tierre Jevon I completely agree, I have a Nexus7 (2012) and it's been a very trustworthy tablet. as a matter of fact it is the very thing that has sold me on Nexus devices, I had a taste and now I want more so to speak.
Android is breaking into every possible sphere and that is - GREAT ! :)
+Bear Pixel ; Great Perception! It's all about Mass Marketing & Emerging Markets The Market Will Have the Final Say So. I Concur with your analysis. This discussion helped to illustrate Whom is growing more and more tentacles. Thanks
Really dont feel like wasting time argueing with people that misunderstand things. +Bill Hubbell . also to +William GUNNING yes i have a xoom and an ipad, and a chromebook. Actually the chromebook and ipad are my wifes but since i bought them i count them as mine lol.
Also have my most useful of them all, an android pc. Ive been wanting to get the odroid for awhile now, but cant bring myself to buy it when my $35 pc does everything i need it to, and faster than just about everything.
+Todd Gless Please go away It's been a blood bath, you have had 4 Plusses, I have had 26, The Field responding against you 17, If you take my plusses and add the field specifically against you that's a 43 verse 4 Count. Over a 10 to 1 count A Blowout.
Unless you enjoy being Semantically destroyed, if you know what that means. Then, *Just Leave*
+Bill Hubbell Dont quite understand your reasoning for name calling and the hatred of me. I stated to +nick martin who was trying to compare a nexus 7 with a keyboard to this laptop. I then stated that some (i have a disease in my eyes that hinders sight) would never buy a 7 inch tablet. I was stating that him trying to compare a nexus 7 to the acer was a little off. He kept comparing the specs of his nexus 7 to this laptop. Sure the nexus 7 is faster, but unless your doing something of which i dont know on android, the extra little difference in geekmarks really wont be a deciding factor for many, myself included.

My android pc, mk808 is the model, can run 2 external hard drives totaling 1TB and also having a 16 gig sd card in it just fine. I never notice lag on it while playing google music in the background while downloading 5 torrents in the background while on youtube, browsing the web with 3+ tabs open. So again i ask, is performance that important to you? If so whats your reasoning behind it.
+Bill Hubbell Also, went back and read some of your comments, you stated the extra power was needed for chrome extensions. I am taking a shot in the dark, but i would wager my chromebook is about as powerful as this laptop and it also has no problem doing anything i need it to. Would i feel happier if it had cooler specs? Of course. Do i need it? No
Also sorry to be the debbie downer of this group. God forbid i mention my percieved shortcomings of the nexus 7. +Bill Hubbell I actually did take a comment that +nick martin made. He replied in a decent manner. Not sure why you resorted to name calling just because i have a different opinion than you. I also changed my skills section of my profile, thought you might like that. Not sure why im wasting so much time posting all this out though. Have much more I actually need to be doing lol
If you must know about my life though, since obviously you cared enough to read my profile lol. I used to operate heavy equipment at an oil field service company. Was working between 60-80 hours a week before i had a bad concussion that put me down for months and the company went under. Im currently applying to college to be a systems admin. Thanks for your comments again lol! You give me the motivation i need in life.
+Todd Gless It's not about you Period, you are No One. The underlying message is that Chrome and Android are on the Bubble. Of course not every needs power, but there are huge Markets starting to open up.
I could not imagine trying to explain marketing or economics to a Kid who is so Insecure he takes any comment, even when things started out, and before you showed your brilliance Not
It was a discussion that was deeper than you have the capacity to gauge, and instead started in with the snide remarks. Not one LOL, or Haha, in my messages. That is part for your age and intelligence.
Look back, you destroyed a good thread, with some great comments, by trying to make it about your devices. I am all about Chrome and Android, and loyal to a fault. I also have multiple degrees, years of experience, and it's great when I come across a stranger who shares a vision.
What sucks is when some kid, who is so insecure comes in and literally takes a crap on every morsel of Wisdom. I can only hope you one day grow up, or learn what respect is, and that no one ever wants to babysit a kid, when adults are trying to talk.
Please reflect back, things were off to a good a start, and then comes you, your feelings, and snide remarks. Just think about it and do not make an impulse post. If you can control yourself
Once again, thanks for the nice comment! Please stop with the insults buddy, if you knew me or my IQ im sure you wouldnt be such a dick. Please quote when i was a dick that did not apply in the situation. You continue to talk of how great you are yet you really havent said much, let alone to my comments. Please dont reply back if your going to be a douche or strawman me. Thanks!
+Bill Hubbell I will play your game though lol. You work at a roofing company yet have the audacity to shove your expertise upon everyone. I probably made more when i was working than you currently make. Dont be mad that Im going to college to be a systems admin. BAZINGA
Also I merely posted my viewpoints upon a subject which people were bashing because they feel the need that their device is better. I get it, but that doesnt mean that this laptop is shit. Has their even been a benchmark of this rockchip cpu? Whos to say it isnt almost as fast as the snapdragon anyways? Please choose one of my last 30 things i said and please debate it. At this point i almost want to say please. Would you like to take this to the hangouts app sir?
+Todd Gless You attack me for being a Roofer, well Google: Bill Hubbell, Roofer and see what comes up. Then Google: Todd Gless, Ohio all I see is a new Google Plus profile, and a bunch of listing's for Todd Gless, Arrest Record.
I am glad you are going to College, you want to see something real, check my Linked In Profile, and you will see how well endorsed this Roofer, check my website / through, and click on SEO, and see that I generate over $200,000.00 a month in Organic Value. I cannot explain to you what success is, but I can show you where to find mine.
Please do not wage a personal temper tantrum online. Bury the Hatchet and let it go
+Todd Gless bahaha going to college for sys admin that explains a ton. No wonder you think you're hot shit. Work for dell, the TSA, power companies, and military then you can talk. I've been managing high security network assets for years now and you think you know what you're talking about. I've been compiling for a while now, I may not know all I need to about the under workings in androids source but I promise I know more than enough for you to continue to make an ass of yourself.
+nick martin You missed the point of me saying that. If I really think I'm hot shit do you think for my skills it would say sleeping. When someone comes out and starts calling me basically a piece of shit then ya I'm going to talk myself up. That's great for you though. Then make an ass of me but do it kindly. Talk shit about the points I make and not resort to babbling on about how much of an idiot I am. Is it that hard? Lol
+Bill Hubbell Point proven, you make more than me and good for you. I really dont care about how great you are, i only said that because you called me out making me seem like a bum and an idiot. Back to my original point which youve danced and straw manned around, please pick one of the 30 things ive said that proves you need the theoretical extra power that the nexus 7 gives you. One thing you do that requires it. Please? I also attacked you because you made me out to be someone im not, and almost degraded me. I might have been rude with some of my comments but i didnt go on rants about how stupid the person is that didnt agree with me, not once. As you would say, learn some equitique. If i say something you dont agree with then prove me wrong with your knowledge not by telling me im dumb and to assume your smart. If i said something wrong, call me out, go to the great lengths you seem to go to to prove me wrong. BTW i dont have an arrest record but i did go to court twice since you want to nit pick lol. 
Anything else you want to assume, google, or say to try and prove I'm a dumb, lazy, criminal? BTW I havent gone to college yet because i worked while my wife went to nursing school to be an RN. Excuse me that im getting a late start. 
You started this +Todd Gless with your smug attitude. I actually didn't start talking shit until you went full retard on me. Now I did some digging and couldn't determine the exact model of android PC but rockchip's highest quality dual core soc was comparable to the exynos 4 dual core on the benchmarks which at 1Ghz does not match this as it's consistently clocked at 1.6. This means your precious android PC doesn't have near the balls you claim it to have. Now allow me to again say 4.1 is no slouch but what Google did with 4.3 was like art I'm running it on an old msm3660 soc clocked at 1.5Ghz and it's faster than it has ever been. I never said anything was junk until you started up but yes the nexus 7 spanks the hell out of your PC stick. The nexus 10 is great buy one but you know so little about that which you speak that I would suggest doing some real research. Oh and I don't own a nexus 7 but I do know my hardware and I understand plenty about software. Now if you ever want to learn feel free to speak without the attitude and we'd be more than willing to fill you in and help you.

As for what I do with the performance, everything. RDP, games, testing, ingress, documents, second screen companion, whatever I need done. There's no theory here only facts. 
+nick martin You missed my point also. I said my android PC with its dual core 1ghz (assumed slow) isn't slow at all. You say my android PC is at 1.6? 4.3 is really only useful if you download big files and run your phone down low on ROM storage. My gnex's storage still on 4.2 hasnt slowed down at all even tho I'm down to 13 gigs free space. Other than fstrim what did 4.3 add? I know the nexus 7 is faster, I've said that like 10 times dude. My point all along has been if my slow pc, Xoom all run fine at what everyone calls slow, this new stuff can't be much better. So if to me at least, my slow android CPUs can run everything just fine, what's the point of the extra power? Keep in mind in my earlier posts that was directed at the lenovo laptop. 
+nick martin Instead of saying I know so little can you please explain or tell me what you think i don't know? Saying I don't know much really doesn't say offense
+Todd Gless Simple Question, What is the difference between Macro and Micro, as it pertains to Computers, and Emerging Markets? 
+Bill Hubbell I don't know and I have a feeling I probably won't care. How does that question relate to this topic? If your using that question as a way to demean me then I really don't care. Please stay on topic. If you want, create a new thread and tag me and if you want +nick martin in it. 
+Todd Gless It is the essence of the thread, as Android and Chrome OS, continue to gain market share, with Android recently hitting a Billion users, that is Macro Economics at its finest. Micro is a limited group, or something smaller, like a micro computer.
If you cannot answer what is the difference between something big and small, then I have nothing more for you.
Any one who has taken even a High School level Computer Science Course could have answered that question. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, but I had hoped you would have seen it in my Linked In Profile, I also have Computer Science degree. If you cannot make it past a High School Level question, even after Searching Online for the Answer, as there was quite the lag in your answer. I have nothing more to say to you I have a real life, many major projects in production, and lots of people waiting for me. Please do not disturb me anymore

+Bill Hubbell Lol your an idiot. Obviously micro is small and macro is bigger. I didn't search online for the answer...just like I haven't looked at your linkedin profile because I don't care lol. If I don't know something I don't pretend to. Care to elaborate more on the subject of micro vs macro being the essence of this thread? Do you mean that the macro group is basically the long term group, meaning higher CPU speeds seeing a longer life span due to hardware that can handle the new software coming out and micro being the lenovo because its cheap and won't have a long life span. You dodge more questions than answers for someone so smart. Big words don't make you smart, although they do provide the illusion.
Prepares for a snarky post from +Bill Hubbell stating nothing to which I said and doing what he does best, go on long rants about absolutely nothing to much I have said, or anything that pertains to this thread. For the 50th time, please pick something I've said in a post and try to nit pick it...I dare ya.
+Todd Gless You are a lost cause and to give you anymore time, is like saying, ''Yes, I would like to associate with you''. I want nothing more than to never hear from you again and to never come across you in any discussion. Please let me go about my business, and I will let you go about yours. It was never about who is better, or winning or losing, aside from Manufacturers and their Market Share. It's been a big waste of time I am at work and will be here for at least 10 more hours. I cannot put my phone on mute, as it is my job to answer it. Please bury the hatchet and let it go
+Todd Gless I will be the bigger man, and attest, I cannot compete with your sheer genius, level of understanding and You Win Please leave me alone now. *Good Enough*
My last comment was going to be my last. I just said "lol" because. Well refer to the post above your second to last one. Peace!
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