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Because it hasn't been more than a few months since Galaxy Note was launched in US, you may be inclined to believe that the Galaxy Note 2 will be launched
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Please, no. Just stop. I thought the note would be a flagship. One a year! Noooo. No. Stop ripping your customers Samsung!
it not tehir fault, if they sitting with crossed hands their competion will crash them, and they will lose their throne!
I have to wonder, why we haven't seen it on a few of the other Carrier's yet? 8 months is past any exclusivity agreement period.
Hi Madeline. I have yet to discover, or hear of any exclusivity agreements this long though is my point. 8 months would be shattering all records I feel. My gut has been telling me, getting ICS into the next wave of 'Note's' / 'Journal's' release is the culprit.
Oh, I forgot to also mention. I WANT THIS PHONE BAD!! : - )
I hope they do come out with a Note 2 fairly quickly. After the depressing look of the GS3...I want a note with the new touchwiz on it
Forget the Galaxy Note 2, they should work on the original first! Get ICS out on the SGH-i717s and make S Pen more like using a pen and paper (haptic feedback would be HUGE!).
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