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Google will soon drop Internet Explorer 8 support for Google Apps. Does that affect you? 

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Dumping deprecated technologies is great news for developers!!!
I didn't know they supported it now.  A lot of stuff doesn't work in IE.
Hopefully there will be a day when people realize how bad ie is and it wont need to be supported. Chrome already passed IE, let's hope firefox and opera do too.
After going from IE to chrome I noticed a big boost in browser speed, then I tried going back to IE9 and it felt like AOL dial up discs were back....sooo slow
IE is more commonly known as "the Chrome Installer"
LOLOL!! The Chrome Installer!  That's hilarious and sooo true.  =)
"Riders of Rohan! What news from the Mark?!"
"Google Apps for will soon lose Internet Explorer 8 support"
(I don't know why the LoTR reference but this is great news indeed).
Come on guys, IE is a great way to install chrome on platforms that don't have curl built in.
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