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Dayyyymm! We got the #iphone5 ! Get ready for some iPhone 5 smackdown.
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Small black boxes? When did Apple start carrying the SGS3?
Wouldn't it be less costly to just not buy the thing and continue to talk smack about it as always?
lol his i phone 4s probably directed him to a samsung store using there maps. 
You look like you're already suffering. Do the phone a favor and give it the Gallagher treatment. 
looking forward for your report :-D
I wonder how many different ways you can break it... surprise me :)
I phone authority??? Smh
Can you please do s you tube video of it getting smashed. World first crapple 5 with a cracked screen. Maybe too late already.
Put them on a grill and make live video streaming :P
Since the touchscreen is integrated with the display, I would like to know if it stops working when you break the glass.
Would be great, never seen a 4(S) without a scattered front.
Sure it's an iPhone 5? Sure looks like a 4s to me. No wait, a 4. No a...
so you're an android dedicated blog and still buying crapple?
Now take a pic of you throwing the Iphone in the trash can =) and that's where it belongs
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