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Galaxy S3 and Note 2 beat the iPhone 5 in US customer satisfaction survey

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Note 2 narrowly beat the iPhone 5 in a US customer survey, while the opposite happened in South Korea.

By +Bogdan Petrovan 
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2012 good year for sammy, now HTC is on fire (HTC one, Butterfly S...)
Wish I owned one of these... Except the iPhone of course 
Nexus 4 ftw xD I like it better than the s4, yes I've used both 
I would imagine, they have better battery life and more customization, and that's just starting out scratch the surface 
Migs B
Love my note 2 and when the note 3 hits it will succeed it
Nj Ismael
Im ok with my s3.. patiently waiting for s5 next yr.. s4 is almost just like s3 so I didnt bother to upgrade..
+Miguel Bleau  Totally understand... S-pen and that size... Samsung's got a win on that one... wish I could get the Note 3 also
Woohoo.. Keep it up Samsung.......!!!! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
I for one think and feel that my Note 2 is the best mobile device I've ever owned, along with my Note 8✓✓
Very satisfied customer here. If something better doesn't come along, I'll be entrenching myself in the Note niche. The S Pen functionalities rock. 
Hope, they not using another hidden code to boost the number as in benchmark
Wife just got a iPhone 5 (her 2nd day) after being on a s2 for 2 years, she's taking back the iPhone for a s4 lol
Love htc one but bought note 2...
its mostly andoirds win over ios by small margine... as apple keeps its dimentions small people are looking for larger one & Samsung makes the most hand friendly & pocket friendly android devices that we call phones ;)

Hype is way it goes.... in coming Note 3
HTC on fire and just burned out. Now S4 come to rock.
Delete auto backup one of these phones
I got a note 2 righr when they came out and I got my mom and 4 of my friends to buy them. With t-mobiles new upgrade plans can wait to get the note 3 :-D. Very satisfied! 
I went for the HTC one after being on the S2. HTC adds new hardware ideas, while Samsung is going for the gimmicks. 
I've owned 9 different smartphones. Everything from HTC, LG, MOTOROLA, SONY, even the simplistic iPhone. By far my current GALAXY NOTE 2 is the best phone I've ever experienced. #norootrequired
I've literally had every current phone but the one I always keep is the note 2. By far the most useful device I've ever owned.
I have an iphone 4 and now I own both a iphone and the samsung galaxy 3 they r both great phones..I like iphones ios and they're security..I like apple..but samsung has put out no stops when it comes to the galaxy its got a great size screen where apple lacks and its much more user friendly. And has a lot more amenitys..
Htc 1 feels like toy phone it's not in the same class sorry
Awesome collection of devices that!!
It's just too big for something I have to carry around. I would rather have a tablet (nexus 7) and do the big stuff on that. 
Samsung is awful. I fought w them for months to get the warranty off my s3 when it quit working after two months brand new. Now I'm an LG girl and my phone.was half the price and is faster than the s3
I love my note 2 very fast no lagging user friendly finally fits every pocket of mine
+Allison Porter you must have had a bad s3, your LG is very low spec and cannot possibly compare with the s3. But as long as your happy with you're new phone. 
Their is only one "one in this world and that is the HTC ONE
All android phone have been excellent this year. They really raised the level
How come the iPhone 5 has piss poor low specs compared to the s3 and note 2?? IPhone is nowhere near as good as the s3 or note 2, fact. But obviously it's all about personal choice. People buy what suits them, simple as.... 
+fajar setiawan they are not saying anything about benchmarks here bro. they are talking about customer satisfaction. Real use. Samsung beat iphone at that.... 
The comparison is nothing.the same. What the specs show and what the actual performance is tells u all. And actually the problems I was having is a very common Samsung problem. 
People expect more from an iPhone - that's why it's not no. 1.
To date, no other manufacturer can beat the iPhone in quality  both hardware and software wise (and it doesn't seem like they're even trying to beat Apple on anything else than price). Microsoft/Nokia might be an upcoming competitor, but their phones are huge in size too.
Comparison is everything as much as is performance. What is the common Samsung problem?? 
USB port going out after minimal usage. Freezing up. 
You clearly had a bad phone then. Never heard that problem before. 
Look it up. Cuz that's how I found it was a defect common in quite a few Samsungs. My step mother had the very same problem w her s2. And now her note 2.
+Allison Porter I would try and do a factory reset if you havent already. Unless you know for sure that the port is going bad.
Haha yeah I did that like seven millions times it felt like. I is definitely a bad port. 
+Juan Collins , you do realize that apple wasn't the first one to use a single physical button. I believe it was actually Samsung that did. And I dont know why people say the phones are cheap. That is completely incorrect. Is it mertal, no. But that doesn't make it cheap. I don't need a phone that can be slammed into a wall and still work. I have an S4 and a nexus 7. Both have met the pavement and aside from minor scratching, they are flawless. Also my girlfriend has the iphone5......sorry but even with its metal body, doesn't feel like its that much better construction. I also don't like the way it feels in my hand. The S4 is designed very well and so far is the best phone I have ever used in both design and features. I just can't like the iPhone no matter how many times I try to use it. 
+Allison Porter it might have been to do with the version you got over there. Here in England, we get a totally different version to you. Never heard that problem at all here, or any other real problem to be honest. But I guess with such mass bulk of any make of phone, there will always be some sort of problem. 
+Pedro Bretones, I disagree. a "Customer satisfaction"-survey depends on expectations so you cannot just compare some score. If I bought a one dollar phone and a ten dollar phone and was more satisfied with the the one dollar purchase - that doesn't mean the one dollar phone is necessarily better than the ten dollar one.
Did anyone else read that it was only in the US? iPhone was number 1 in samsung's homeland and still wins globally overall.

But global stats only matters when it's in favour of Android, right?

Way to go for both though! Samsung and Apple own the top 5 in this survey. 3 of which are iPhones!!
Really? Wow, don't know what to say about that then. Bad experience for you then. 
Samsung rules plain simple nothing is better then it Samsung galaxy s 4 and 3 both alone awesome.
+Xain Siddiqui do you know why the Samsung has a plastic body?? Although it's actually polycarbonate, and not just plastic..... 
Iphone full shit long Apple to.
+Pedro Bretones, no it doesn't. I could still prefer the ten dollar phone, if they were both freely available to me. I expected more from the ten dollar phone (could be because the company behind had a better rep. and not because of the price) which led me to a lower satisfaction.
Samsung - note 2 is just the best....wait for note 3.
+Johnathan Grant which is more or less what I said in one of my earlier comments. It's no good slagging off any phone is it? The arguement always goes back and Forth. There is no such thing as the "best phone", it doesn't and cannot ever exist. Personal choice is far too diverse for that to ever happen. So why people argue over what is best is absolutely pointless, far too childish. 
S3 the best and innovative phone of this time S4 just small improvement from S3 
+Kenneth Waweru why is it the best though? I had an s3, I got rid and sold it within three weeks of having it. 
Rocking the Note 2 right now, waiting patiently for Note 3!
+Tabitha Williams the iPhone in the last 4 years have had over 300 security vulnerabilities and android has had over the last 4 years 27...... Android is more secure. The only thing iOS has is brainwashing people into thinking their devices are more simplistic.
s4 is amazing and outstanding
I dont understand why this is news. We all know apple has fell behind on their products now its the "mainstream" taking notice. Took the dickheads long enough
I started to get the Note, but decided it was too big for me. I'm happy with my G3.
And there go the HTC, Sony and LG trolls. Just let Sammy take the glory and stop critising.
Look at all the mindless corporate soldiers.
Rocking my s3 rooted with root box 4.2.2 no need to upgrade this year :)
Here's a great question to everyone here ...

If you could only buy PCs from manufacturers and they all ruined windows in there own way would you leave it or put original windows on it and use it properly?
Just got the Sony XZ to replace my note 2. Very nice hardware and the Sony ui skin is much better than Samsung's. One thing I will miss is the massive battery on the note 2.
The S3 beat it!?!? My mom has the S3 then it stopped working so she got a replacement then literally 2 days after the replacement it stopped working again! What?! Lol but I think someone died bc they were talking on their iphone 5 and it was charging. I'm not sure if I'm right though....
What's that black phone in between the G Pro and iPhone?
Look at all of you people, arguing like monkeys over some phones and some companies that don't give a damn about and only want your money.
Love my S3 but the battery is trash.
Rohit R
Apple is the best!!!
Design wise. . Its optimus G. But functionality wise. SgsIII/4.. camera wise its a no brainer.. nokiaL920/1020/925/928.. 
Galaxy S3 is the best value for money. 
+Nj Ismael
wait for Tegra 5, that will be the next big push in mobile computing. I'm not sure if the S5 will have this, but no point of buying a phone until then.
Go samsung nobody can beat you.they cannot trow their phone without phone never break even i trow it upward.their phone break.
I5 is no where there to be compared with samsung s3 or even s2. 
Samsung smartphones are good because of android but their service sucks! Samsung doesn't backup their products with good customer service! A big draw back! 
I have the lg optimus g pro and I think by far it's the best phone out of all that has been released so far I have had the iPhone 5 htc one and s4 and the lg is the best to me
Have the Note 2 and im completely in love. My hubby has a blackberry (hand over face) and moans everyday about it hehehehe. His argument for having it is the querty keyboard.....hahaha...but ive finaly convinced him to go for the S4. (Wonder if ill get jeliouse with all the extras hehehe)
I doubt you will I actually got rid of my s4 to go back to the note 2 as I missed the bigger screen only thing I missed was the infrared BLASTER on the s4 but that's y I got the LG OPTIMUS G PRO 
Have fun in your customer sanctification surveys.  :D
The only problem I have with the s4 is the lag. Its not unbearable but I just wish it was smoother. I bought this phone on contract with Verizon so I guess I basically screwed myself.
I dont know , I kick myself every day for getting this samsung note over a new iphone 5. My 3 was better even when it ceased phone calls for no reasons. 
PH Lee
That means I beat Apple, too!
Samsung has really stepped its game up.
Great! love my galaxy note 2. Samsung always rocks. 
still lovin my note 8. always say that apple products are like kids toys.
I'm happy with the Note 2.... Well done Samsung!!!!
idk samsung aways gets more love that any apple customer no matter were they are in the world
Great job Apple! 3 phones in the top 5, thats pretty amazing. Not to mention that they are number 1 globally, and not far off from number 1 in the US. Thats what I love about iPhone is they hold their value. iPhone 4 is in the top 5 for user satisfaction!! Pretty good considering it's age. Certainly wouldn't see that from a Samsung phone. Gotta hand it to Samsung though. The've really stepped up their game with the recent line of Galaxies. I just hope they step up their support as well. People love their devices and it would be a bad move for them to leave their users behind. 
+Bobby Parizeau is right.  iPhone 4 is an old gen iPhone and it is still near the top of the list.  I've never seen an old gen samsung do that.
iPhone 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.... doesn't matter what gen, number, or how many S's they add. It's the same phone to me.
Gsuz barrientos is right apple over the past few years have came out with the same boring design
Hi TW, I just love to hear what you have to say! 
What kind of mobile device comes with out with a simple feature like Bluetooth

Not sure how Apple failed when they have more phones in this top 5 and sell a fraction of the devices? +Luke Taylor, care to elaborate on this? 
+Bobby Parizeau Why would I want a device that's locked down so much? Android is making the diffrence, if apple want to survive they need to change.
Note 2 idls awesome. ..and also android is gud ios I hate it...
+Luke Taylor there is no point in starting a flame war over this crap. I don't think Apple is going to have a hard time surviving in the mobile space considering their sales are still breaking records. They have always been at the top and in my opinion they still are.

Remember, not everyone wants an Android phone nor is an Android phone the best option for everyone. If you own a Samsung phone, you are locked down to what Samsung wants to give you as well. Just not to the extent of iPhone. The GS4 has the most bloated version of Android on the market, and clearly has a lagging problem. Who really wants that?? 
+Bobby Parizeau I ain't starting no flame war? your clearly an iPhone fanboi good luck with that :)
+Bobby Parizeau on your s4 comment, this is why I love android I have the option to root my phone and install custom roms aka stock pure android which flies on the s3/4. People who love to customize their phones go with android, people who like it simple go with apple :) I know what I'd rather go with and I'm sure most people would agree!
+Luke Taylor I do love my iPhone but I wouldn't say I'm a fanboy. Fanboy of technology yes, but not just iPhone. Besides, at least I can give credit where it's deserved. Apple sure does deserve a lot of credit for a lot of things, Android the same.

I can't stand when people act like one is perfect and the other is complete crap. Just pure ignorance all over Google+
+Luke Taylor I can jailbreak my iPhone if I choose. Lots of cool features and functionality on there. Besides, I shouldn't have to do that!! The majority of the people getting GS4 do not know how to root a phone.
Thomas Jensen you can't expect more from a simple device and you honestly believe the iPhone has better hardware and software ur surely dead wrong about that thought,every flagship android phones to date has embarrassed the iphone and even some med level devices coming out will bitch slap an iphone into submission,and as for Nokia the only way they will ever be a competitor is when they ditch Microsoft and start making android phones and last if you didn't know a lot of the iPhone components aren't in house or even made by apple why? You Think they have such a love hate relationship with samsung
+Darrin Booker Really? Every flagship Android device has embarrassed the iPhone? I felt embarrassed for Samsung when they did their little event for the GS4. I also feel embarrassed that my "low spec" iPhone5 is faster and smoother than the beast of a Note 2. 
Rooted Note 2 running ARLiberator connected to a Pioneer AppRadio head unit in the car is so awesome. Too bad iPhone wouldn't allow that sort of flexibility.
I have a Note 2. LOVE IT!! It will likely be replaced by the Note 3 later this year. My wife had an S3 and got an iPhone 5 for her birthday. She can't stand it. She now knows that she is an Android gal. In fact, she still has her S3 and uses it for everything except making/taking calls. 
What about the HTC One and One x? Both great phones, better than the GS3 and iPhone if you ask me. 
What's that fone between lg n iPhone in the picture?
Apple's time in the spotlight has passed. Just takes some people longer than others to realize and move on to better things.
@bobby parazeau but many of the things that are available when rooting are already available on non rooted androids. Rooting unlocks unlimited features. You're just another Crapple iFag troll.
And not one of those phones in that picture are the galaxy s3 or note 2 :/ 
I own an S3 and couldn't be more dissatisfied. I had to send back the first one due to out of box camera problem. The seconds has a flimsy volume button; Frequently resets itself during Viber calls; Loses network connection once in a while; And the oleophobic coating started to wear off after 2 months. Never again Samsung, thanks.
For me Samsung Android phones are still on top of others. .!
+Adam Horvath on that front, you'll find problems like that with every company. My freshman year 12 pepper bought macbooks and 10 had to have the hard disk replaced. I've taken in a faulty iphone 5 for a friend and fixed my iPhone 2g myself 6 times. It's all just perspective over if it happened to you or not
Iphone is so overrated and not up to date.
I used to be an apple fanboy but now I just like apple for their tablets and android for their phones.
Kunal K
Note 2 already incomparable Beast.. Waiting for its king bro's arrival to steal this whole years limelight in one sweep, the Note 3 !!
I was an HTC fan boy for a while there, but I've jumped ship to Samsung, and I love my Note 2. I feel like I can actually get stuff done on this phone beyond just checking Twitter.
Waiting for the Note 3 on Tmobile so i can hop on that $30 a month plan
You think the Galaxy 3 was good, you should try the Galaxy 4
Note 2 is the best smart phone to date man. Its a giant, 
Exactly. iPhones are toys for kids or beginners. +Nj Ismael I have both an S3 and an S4 and I was surprised at how much more powerful the 4 is. The display is huge and so good it almost looks fake sometimes. Camera is considerably better especially in low light, more sensors, and more Android features.

Apple had better use all that cash they're sitting on and design a mind-blowing product or they're going to become marginalized again like they were in the 1990s. All my friends who have iPhones (all!) can't wait for their contracts to expire so they can switch to a galaxy. I don't want to see Apple fail. I want everyone to have great phones. But they're two generations behind now. Come on.
note2 is seriously amazing... 
That puny 4" screen has to be tiny for a man who's 6'3." I'd bet Tim Cook is secretly a phablet user.
To the person that likes the nexus 4 better than the s4, you need to learn to root. s4 hands down in every benchmark. Android rocks the world
Go the Note 2, rooting that sucker brings untold pleasure
Been using android phones for some time from low end & high devices. But still in terms of usability & smoothness. Iphones is the best!
But the numbers are not so different and apple has 3 phones on a row.
I'm not a huge fan of iPhone, I have S3 and I love it but if it gets to touch the floor it will break for sure.
Not so common in iPhones soooooo...... 
Actually I have used before
Iphone and I was not satisfied at all I felt like I throwed my money when I
bought galaxy S3... well this was the best phone I ever used
FORGET TOUCHSCREEN ANDROIDS !! Its all about the telegraphs these days. 
Totally in ♡ with my Note 2.
Looking forward to Note 3.

My girlies iPhone 5 (koolaid) is not a very good device. Not sure why it even has phone capabilities

I have the note 2 and its the best phone I have ever used its badass
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