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What happens once Android eats up all the competition? 

New figures show that Android is on the road to total dominance in the smartphone market. But once it reaches the top, then what?

Discover some of the possibilities here: and then let us know, will Android thrive or decline?

By +Gary Sims
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Google rules everything for ever.
I'm no fan of Apple, but It's a bit naive to think that iOS will lose that much ground.
A new competitor will rise up. They always do.
Yeah but it won't stand a chance against the titan Google
People will be bored with the same ol and will want some more "New & exciting". Just like anything else that makes its way up and slowly declined. Take apple for example..
+Ivan Yglesia, Apple created the smartphone market, they were bound to lose a lot of market share once competition caught up. To say that their loss will continue is incredibly short sighted, unless of course they stop bringing new things to the table (which i doubt has a high likelihood of happening).

As +Jonathan Nelson stated, if Apple does fall out of grace, there will always be another company ready to take its place.
iOS Resistance?  Mozilla Rebels?   Lol  
Google keeps innovating when they are at very top they proof that.
+Nathan Bell we're going to need to capture one of their terminators reprogram it and send it back to the past..... It's our only chance.... We have to save John Connor!
No Android, don't dominate. No competition is bad for business. 
That's the great thing about android no matter if android takes out its competition or not there are so many version and spins on the os it doesn't feel like we're all using the same os. This type of dominance would be bad if it was iOS or Windows because those feel like through out the phones they release its still just one os as with android it really feels like within android is 10's of 20's of versions of the os which will prevent it from feeling stale
If Android does dominate, it will be a battle of Forks or Skins of Android. My bet is on MIUI at this point
We become assimilated.......Nah, somebody else comes along and knocks them off the hill! No one reigns forever!
Wont happen with those rabid Windoze fan boys out there. Also companies like Nokia and Telefonica throwing their entire mights behind it.
As +Gerrell Blake said, even if android became the sole OS there would still be plenty of competition between manufacturers (see touchwiz is good for something...)

Why even the competition between launchers in the app store keeps things fresh for a single device. Right now I can get a launcher to make my phone look like a w7 phone, a iPhone (shudder) or even something completely new and exciting. 
Will said +Gerrell Blake the fact that android let's the customer and manufacturer define their smartphone experience could allow android stay dominant for a long time
I think Ubuntu Touch is an interesting alternative. Asl an Ubuntu user I am somewhat compelled to consider it. However We haven't seen Android push the other areas very hard yet. 
I believe that it still has space in the media center range as well as the desktop/laptop computer area... I'm disappointed that #Google  hasn't quite seen this or gotten it down yet. The Nexus Q was an almost there idea. The Transformer line has shown some, me included, that Android is very viable as a Computer OS. 
Something a lot of people miss too, is that Android has Chrome Browser in it, hence Andorid should do just about anything ChromeOS can too. 
Then it's down to the manufacturers to put everything into battling each other, and it has already started. Chose the s4,but it was not an easy choice between that and one. In the end I chose function over form. 
Those are a lot of figures. 
Chrome is a risk strangely enough, think Android's success was unexpected to Google, after all, it's the phone makers who really pushed it, more so than Google. IOS will always be around, but it's Microsoft that, as always to any existing tech, wool eventually be the major threat. Phone makers had no choice but to use Android to compete but now, MS is entering for battle and doing the usual FUD. Many of these patent battles are preludes to the main war; Apple was just the initial cannon fodder.
Android is an unstoppable force. The only way we will see any kind of real competition is if Apple or MS go open source to allow tinkering. The world is about to change from home automation and Android will be the reason. The OS is even bigger than it is getting credit for. Industrial machinery is being powered by Android. Android is being used in satellites that are in orbit right now. It goes on and on and on. Android invades the home, android invades the PC. Android invades space. 
Google is building the death star as we speak, on the dark side of the moon.
Apple is a joke, but it will keep 20% market share with old people. 
What are your phone options for ios? So where is the competition to make it better. You can have your slow laggy limited os. 
+Alijah Lettieri Sounds like the reasoning of a positivist dictator. I know it may sound daunting to you, but people actually have different values :)
Ha! The best! I have owned 4 iPhones and have them around my house with 2 ipads. Used a 5 for a few days as a tester. I can tell you it's a slow laggy heavily limited os. 
Keep it going run apple to the ground
How many other OSes depend on Google services (gmail, YouTube, maps)? I'm not sure how many Windows or Apple apps are in the Play Store but I don't think that android would suffer greatly if there were none. If there were no Google apps for iOS and Windows phone, what effect would that have on their ecosystems? I'm not saying they would die but how many people use Google search as opposed to Bing or Yahoo? Android pushes the limits year after year with innovation. Quad core and "octa-core" processors, 1080p screens. The OEMS try new things. Some things work and some don't. Phablets surprised everyone. A lotta people said that a phone with a 5.3 inch display would never be popular. How many people bought the original Note and Note 2? 3D screens made a short appearance. They flopped but at least someone was thinking outside the box. If you want simplicity, buy an iPhone or a Windows phone. But is there is any real question as to why android is dominating right now? C'mon. Get real.
I don't think Apple is going to go away. They will likely always maintain some respectable market share.  Blackberry will last awhile longer but will probably remain a niche. Windows phone would almost die, but Microsoft will continue to push it because they feel it's important to their future.  In any case, Blackberry and Windows Phone will likely remain in the sub 5% share.

So, Apple will continue to drive some competition for Android.

Then, there are always other possible Linux based variants that could catch hold.  They'll probably remain in the sub 5% share also though.

What I'd really like would be for Google to open Android up for outside contributions.  That does interfere somewhat with Google's ability to make big new features though.  And while Google supports open source, they don't seem to be really interested in community development for their products.
I don't think Android will ever have a monopoly, but if it does I'm sure we'll see different variations of it. I like Android, but it's important to have competition. I really wish WebOS and Palm would have survived.
Apple=living in a box..... Android=freedom.... Long live Android
Android phones are like the "Honda" of car world. They are great to tinker with if you have the time. They are cheap and are a dime a dozen, not to mention the all the variants of its kind. They were the last to hit the import modifying scene and when they did, the younger crowd adapted them. It was only natural.
However, most of them didn't take pride in their mods, their egos got bigger than their engines. They rant and rave about their "swaps" and disrespected the "windows mobile" that came up modifying the MPx200.
It's took double the amount of horse power to run the same 1/4 mile times that a Rear Wheel or All Wheel drive cars were doing. It took double amount the money as well, with the Extra batteries, SD cards and spare USB cable.
To be honest, it's just a little too much of something for how little it does. I will reserve my judgment of the future of the Android market though, I do foresee it following a similar time line as MS Windows. 
Ben der
No, I don't think Android can dominate everything.... It can dominate the mobile industry but as PC with Windows OS? Android can not.... If Android "WILL" support Direct X gaming, it will kill Microsoft. I don't see that happening.... Sorry...
this is a bad news for other platforms
Progress will slow down because of a lack of competitive push. 
Maybe Android will finally get a port of Ridiculous Fishing.
Someone a little more innovative will emerge and claim the throne :p. Hopefully not for a while tho
As much as I hate the thought of having to start all over with another OS buying applications I use for day to day things like tracking expenses I give it ten years tops before it gets either sold and rebranded or gets replaced by the next thing. And I think I'm being generous with that estimate.
Android will dominate ultil a new kind of plataform rises, just like Windows never lost it's dominance on the desktop.
And I bet the next platform will be virtual reality on devices like Oculus Rift 
Ubuntu smartphone OS is another. 
Cloud Atlas - "Our life is not our own..." A large part of it is possessed by Google! :)
Point one. I don't believe that iphone will just go away, even if Apple somehow went magically bankrupt, someone would buy up the iphone and continue pushing iOS devices.
Anyway, there will always be alternatives. Right now Ubuntu and Firefox has some promises, but if Google gets too pushy, underground systems will crop up. Miui, CM, etc can go independent if they want, a rooted phone can even avert unwanted snooping... (nb haven't read the article yet)
This is why I don't understand the term 'iSheep'. This proves it is more like 'gSheep'.
+Robbie Bone the correct term is "droitard" (like retard) :D 
- and I'm one of them 'cause I have Android phone ;) 
Google is the king of change. Ever since the very first Android, you can tell that it had a very radical change. With iOS, since the first one, it's really not that different from 6.3. Sure There's siri and passbook (that nobody uses) but besides that, it's still the same old boring ocean of apps that some people still call "revolutionary". Apple was on top so I guess they didn't think they'd need to change, but when Google came up and dominated, well, you get the picture. So the same thing might happen to Google. Their success might leave them cocky. Hopefully not though. 
Ben der
AA, you should have stated that "Android is on the road to total mobile dominance". All the info pertains to mobile industry.

+Joe Avery Nothing can replace power PC... Direct-X gaming is still strong. It is the only barrier between mobile and PC that left a mark of distinction in gaming platform. If Android would only support it, I will fully migrate to Android. Until then PC gaming is still the best.
Android doesn't have any compeition when it comes to software innovation.
I've always been a windows guy but I predict droid will eventually be the OS of choice unless something better comes along.
Ben der
If you really think that android will succeed, tell me, what will Android use to play Direct-X?
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