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Please that is not the next nexus. Just a generic image. 
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4 Days left in our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge international giveaway sponsored by Opera.
Enter giveaway here:
Great smartphones need great apps to truly shine, and nowhere is that more visible than when it comes to browsers. The browser you use on your Android phone is your gateway to the web, making it a crucial part of the overall user experience. One of the highest rated Android browsers out there is Opera Mini, which recently received a big update that we’ve reviewed here. Known for its data compression feature that enables users to save data by r...
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+Marian M calculate your age and multiply it by 2 ,that if can count to more than 1.
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Does not Commute speeds its way into the Google Play Store

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
Mediocre, the developers who brought us Granny Smith, have just launched a new strategic racing game called Does not Commute into the Play Store. The aim of the game is to get everyone to their designated places on time. In the beginning, you start out with a set time limit as you begin to control your first car to its destination. Once your first driver makes it from point A to point B, you move on to the next driver. Once you move on, you'll...
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It's a really difficult game, even more than smash hit, but its concept is really unique 
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Google posts Q1 2015 earnings, revenue up 12% year over year

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
Just yesterday, Google posted its financial reports for Q1 2015. While overall revenue and net income increased year over year, those numbers would have been much higher had the company's Nexus program not seen a decline. But before we get into the bad news, let's talk about the profits Google earned from January through March of this year. Google earned $17.3 billion this quarter, up 12% from what the company earned Q1 of last year. Net incom...
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Yes they have gone after the money. Burning a lot of the goodwill they built by not being about the dollar. Remember when you made all that money Google? The money you've used to do great things with and buy almost any company you wanted? That was when everything was free and people liked you. Stop hanging around Zuckerberg and get back to your less evil roots.
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Purported HTC Butterfly 3 specs revealed in new benchmark test

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
So far this year, we haven't heard too much regarding HTC's new Butterfly 3 flagship. We've heard whispers that the Asia-centric handset will tote a 5.2-inch Quad HD display (just like the One M9+), but that's the extent of it. Now we're getting a few more hints at what the device will bring to the table, thanks to a recent benchmark test over at CompuBench. The benchmark test reveals that the HTC Butterfly 3 (J Butterfly HTV31) will have a sl...
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those bezels get more prominent. why htc?
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Anomaly, The Room 2, Metal Slug series and more on sale on Google Play

Post by +Andrew Grush 
The weekend is almost here! For those with a little down time over the weekend, there’s plenty of great games on sale that can help you kill some of that time including big name titles like Leo’s Fortune, the Room Two, many titles from SNK Playmore, and more! Without further ado, here’s the big roundup of apps on sale this week: Metal Slug - previously $2.99, now $.99 Metal Slug 2 - previously $2.99, now $.99 Metal Slug 3 - previously ...
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Love The Room 1 and 2
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Have them in circles
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Project Fi - Google's Wireless Service by +Jayce Broda See article here:
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+Ron Rossman Jr I think Tmobile will cut the call if it switches or at least says it's a possibility. I've never personally tried it but my parents who actually use their phone as a phone haven't mentioned cuts, though I did set it up so that cell service has priority over wifi calling. People says Republic is good at it but I never got to try it so I don't know. The general consensus I think from what I have heard is that it is hit or miss depending on who is implementing it. 
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Oppo’s upcoming bezel-less smartphone shown off in yet another video

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
What has perhaps become one of the most leaked smartphones of all time, Oppo's upcoming bezel-less smartphone is shown off yet again in a new video. In this three minute long clip, we get our best look at the phone's user interface, chassis, and most importantly, the tech used to achieve this bezel-less look. The technology used by Oppo was detailed a few weeks ago in a leaked schematic, explaining exactly how the company achieves the illusion...
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Thin Bezels = Good. No Bezel ≠ Good.

How are you supposed to enjoy videos if you can see the rat on the background. Or your fingers.
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New technology will turn your phone’s display into a biometric scanner

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
We should all be familiar with biometric scanners in smartphones by now. While sometimes it can ultimately work against us, biometric recognition is making its way into the mainstream, offering an easy way to gain access to our mobile devices. So far, we've only really seen fingerprint recognition as the main form of biometric security on today's smartphones, but that may change sometime (relatively) soon. A team of researchers from Yahoo Labs...
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Mau punya penghasilan mudah dengan pekerjaan yang menyenangkan.
sekarang bisa friend.... CUMA hanya modal hp android yang kamu punya, kamu bisa dapatkan $0,30 - $5 per harinya ($1 jika dibulatkan = 10.000)
Cara kerjanyapun sangat mudah dan menyenangkan, CUMA bermain game online, share dan download aplikasi kamu langsung dapat komisi terus menerus.
Langsung aja friend daftar sekarang juga, semakin lama kamu menggunakan aplikasi tersebut, semakin banyak pula dollar dollar yang kamu kumpulkan.

- install aplikasi WHAFF Reward di play store android anda.
- buka dan log in (log in bisa dengan akun facebook, google dan google+)
- jika diminta untuk memasukan code, masukan code AY31139 ,dan setelah mengisi code, maka secara otomatis anda sudah mendapatkan $0,30 dalam akun Whaff anda.
- anda sudah mempunya akun Whaff, dan selamat berkerja dengan cara bermain.

NB :
# TENANG !! dollar yang anda kumpulkan dalam akun Whaff anda bisa ditukarkan atau bisa dipakai untuk berbelanja online, anda juga bisa mengambilnya secara cas di bank-bank yang ada di Indonesia melalui akun paypal untuk menjadikan dollar menjadi rupiah.
# JANGAN LUPA masukan code di atas agar mendapatkan saldo pertama anda sebesar $0,30, jika tidak memasukan code maka saldo pertama anda akan tetap $0.. (Copy codenya dulu agar tidak lupa) code : AY31139

Jangan takut mencoba, sekalipun nanti anda sudah terlanjur mendaftar namun anda malas untuk bermain di Whaff, tidak akan ada kerugian sama sekali. Pakai Logika saja,, ini adalah aplikasi jadi tidak akan merugikan.
Jika anda mengira aplikasi ini menyedot pulsa JAWABANNYA TIDAK, tapi jika aplikasi ini memakai pulsa JAWABANNYA IYA karena ini layaknya aplikasi biasa seperti bbm, fb dll yang membutuhkan sambungan internet.
ini nyata !!!!
buat apa punya hp android jika hanya menghabiskan uang untuk membeli paketan tiap bulannya ?? buat apa punya hp canggih jika tidak di manfa'atkan ??
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Sony Xperia Z3 re-added to T-Mobile’s lineup with a price reduction

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
It wasn't too long ago that we saw T-Mobile remove Sony's Xperia Z3 from its lineup, no longer offering the device through its online store. Even a T-Mobile representative confirmed the removal through Twitter, stating that the Z3 will no longer be offered by the carrier. It looks like the representative gave us some false information, because in a recent development, T-Mobile has, for some reason, re-added the Z3 to its online store with a prett...
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i want that mobile
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The latest Android Apps Weekly is live! Watch the video or read it here:
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Hey please check out this app yes you'll have to got to the post for the link

It's for a game maker for android phones NO BULLSHIT but it seems slow on my phone, then again I have a shitty phone
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Samsung explains what makes the S6 Edge’s screen better than LCD

Samsung thinks the S6 Edge's display is good. Real good.
While opinions on the Galaxy S6 Edge’s design, battery life, or software features vary, almost everyone agrees that the S6 Edge and the regular S6 feature some of the best (if not the best) screens in the industry. Now Samsung Display put out a press release that gives us a little peek at how the S6 Edge display is made and what makes it so good. It all starts with the substrate: the S6 Edge is Samsung’s third curved screen phone, after the...
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Not going to lie used to make fun of Super Amoled until I got my Note 3. The colors are awesome and I have the choice to pick different screen modes.
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