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List of All Top Android App Builder Websites & Softwares to Develop your Own Android App for FREE

If you Want to Develop your own Android App FREE of Cost in Just few minutes. Then, You should must Read this Article I have Gone through the Internet & Googled about FREE Android App Development Tools as well as FREE Android App Builder Websites. I was…
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CPI Droid - Affordable App Promotion

Buy App Installs, 5 Star Ratings & Reviews at Affordable Price, Starting at Just $0.1 per Install. Mobile Ad Network by

Give a Boost to your Android App ! Promote your App on CPI Basis - only $0.1 per Install

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[Android App] Download FREE Blackmart Alpha (Black Market) Latest Version Full for Android

Are you going to buy any Paid Android App on Google Play ? Wait! don't Buy, Why buy an App, If you can get it FREE of cost !
Yes, it's true that you can download paid Apps available on Google Play for FREE. The magical method is discussed below, Actually it's not a method, its simply an App which you need to install in your smartphone.
Yeah! Now you can download android paid apps Free of Cost.
(NEW) Black Market Alpha v0.99.24.2 or Blackmart or Black mart Alpha is an Android App which is like the Google Play Store, This app will let you download paid android apps without charging you money. Almost all well known paid apps are available in this app or better say Black Android Market.
This app allow you not only download Paid app, but also you can share apps installed on your mobile by Uploading it to their manifesto through this app.
How much Popular is this App ?
This App is really very much popular than any other App on the Planet. If you check the name of this App as keyword on Google Search Engine, you will find that this App is really viral everywhere, The Keyword "blackmart" gets about 978,000+ hits in Google every month. How we come to know that, It's simple! We checked it in Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, which is FREE and can be found in your Google AdWords account.
How Blackmart Alpha App Works ?
This App is similar to Google Play Store except it allows you to download Paid Apps for FREE, not only Download, also you can Upload your Apps (free or paid) to there server to contribute in there collection which will in return become available to others like you for free download. The idea behind this app is simple but interesting.
Is this Blackmart Alpha App, an illegal App ?
As far as we know that Apk files of the Android Apps are the property of there respective owners and without their permission, No one can use it or reproduce it. In case of FREE Apps things are different, you can obviously distribute it (if you do not harm their trademark), but in case of paid apps you must have license to do that, so sounds like this app is illegal.
But if you carefully see then you will find that the one who is uploading the Apk file is not the owner of the App (Blackmart) rather they are users. So, actually users are breaking the laws, may be this is the reason why this App has not got banned yet.
Is this App safe to Install on your Smartphone ?
Currently, this App has not been seen doing any kind of malicious harm to user or their smartphone, But no one can guarantee about future. Let's see it some one reports anything malicious about this App.
How to Publish an App on Black Mart Alpha ?
It is very easy !
If you have your app available  on Google Play then simply upload your app through this app.
But if your app is not available in Google Play then you can send your app details like
Name of App,
Description of App,
Screenshots 1 or 2 (not more than 2)
Apk File
and send it to
Now you can actually download Paid Android Apps FREE of Cost. Black Mart Alpha v0.49.93 is an Android App which is like the Google Play Store, This App will let you download Paid Android Apps without charging you money. Good thing is that! Almost all well known Paid Apps are available in this App.
Enjoy Paid Android Apps FREE of cost !
Size - 2 MB
Keywords - Blackmart, Blackmarket, Black Mart, Black Market, Black, Alpha
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Are you looking for the Best Android Smartphone under Rs 10,000/- ? So, your search is over ! Just go through this Awesome Video on YouTube created by one of our Team member. Here is the 5 handpicked low budget Android Smartphones that are available in…
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Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most Stunning Smartphone of this year manufactured by most Trusted Brand Samsung and Powered by most popular Operating System Android. Launched in 2015, this smartphone is not only smart in terms of features but also smart in…
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