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+Android Advices Giveaway : Just SHARE this Giveaway within your Circles and Click +1 followed by Commenting below in a chance to Win these Official Google Android Tattoos.

Nothing says "I Love Google" like a colorful tattoo. Fun, frisky, and easily removable, these temporary tattoos come in a pack of 10 with a different Android design on each. Come in a pack of 10 with each a different design.
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Just let me know when they might be in my PBox :)
Feeling proud after sharing this. B)
Wow! I loved them. My Optimus White is totally blank from backside these tattoos would look awesome on its Back <3 !

Hope I stand a chance of winning them !
&& really nice and attractive giveaway for android fan-boys! :)
Keyan X
So I can show of these guns with android on them now?
Would love to show my Android fan-boy pride!
Android tattoos...that's what's up!
Would be very happy and proud to wear these and show...
Love to have these... shared now :)
one for me.. Android Android Android!!
Guys this Giveaway Ends soon, Share and +1 to get your Entry confirmed, who knows you may win.
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