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The Samsung Galaxy S III Giveaway Ends in 3 Days. Did you enter into the Giveaway which can give you the Best Smart Phone of the Year?
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I don't care for the Samsung models. I think they are over rated.
Nice smart phone, I want this.
Let me win and I will bring you a readership. Kinda like, build it and they will come. If I win, they will read. or dsellersatinsightautomation.CC. either one will get at me.
Yes Please!! I did !!! Hope I can win! :)
no money to buy it < so i hope i could win this phone. : )
I am Praying to win this! Please I WANT this beast! :D
My friends said this is just advertising.
+Sothy San It is just advertising....They're advertising a give-away? Did you hear something else?
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