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Switch to classic freemium model

OK, we understand now that a monthly Premium subscription is not something that  will work for AIDE. With the just released version 1.0.1 we have switched to the classic freemium model. The list of features you get for free is the same as in version 1.0.

Paying US$ 9.99 or € 9.99 one-time to purchase an AIDE Premium Key will enable the following premium features:
- Saving files in larger projects (25+ Java files)
- Git commit/push
- APK publishing
- Some customization options

If you already bought an in-app premium subscription we will cancel your subscription and you will get a refund for the first monthly subscription fee.
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Honestly, I do believe you will make more capital out of this model then the subscription idea. Not to mention more happy customers (Y).
This is great news! Good to see you listening to your users! As soon as I learn Java development for Android, AIDE is an instant buy for me. I do have a Transformer Prime, after all...
Honestly believe this is a much better approach.  Look forward to the sub refund to offset my shiny new Premium Key!
Yes, I'm getting the premium subscribe today! :-D

How about make infra to allows third party plugins like desktop IDEs? That can grow the community and allow more and fast innovation!
Thanks! Will be purchasing to support further development.
Great news! I would suggest a thank you or donation (maybe like a 1.99 or something) method for people who buy the key but want to
support the dev further. Thanks for all the hard work!
Sounds good! I look forward to new release.
Great news! Only use it for Phonegap at the moment though. Will buy all the same to support development. 
Good move. Sorry to see some people fly off the handle about the previous model, but great to know that the AIDE team is trying to stay in tune with thier users.
I'll most likely be picking up a premium license when I next upgrade my phone or acquire a tablet. My Evo 4G just doesn't have the memory required to do real development.
Best of luck to the team! :-)
I'm happy you listened to your users. I'll be buying the app right now. Thanks!
Put my money and star rating where my mouth is and immediately purchased. Thanks for listening, I hope everyone else who has seen this app growing will do the same.
Good move. Did the purchase. But now I am eager for the bug fix ;-)
Hi, I bought your licence key. The price is fair.
Thank you. This is a fair price, my confidence is restored, and more
Great news! I will happily buy the license to support your hard work. I'm pleased to see that you are listening to your users.
Excellent, I think this is the best way to go in software sales.

Probably in the future you can makes sales like "pay want you want" and see what happens!!

Best regards
That is great news, the whole not having any recurring costs but wanting a monthly fee was always going to be a hard sell.
Support causes recurring costs. Maybe they can offer in-app paid support? I also wonder if I would pay to get an svn feature for instance.
Dear AIDE team,

Now that you've come to your senses, I expect to pay for the product within the month (other things going on financially at this moment.. back to school ;D)

Thanks for re-evaluating to the benefit of all, I wish you much success :)
One last thing, can we assume the 'read device state and identity' permission visa vi phone calls will now also be removed from the permissions needed to run?
The Euro does not equal the Dollar. I strongly suggest you look at exchange rates and that you make sure the extra permission is removed. I'm really glad you didn't do the subscription plan as that was suicidal, but charging European users more than American users is unfair.
+Adam Christie and totally unnecessary with Google Play I believe. Although sadly not uncommon in general.
Back in the good old days that model was called Shareware.
I'm glad you made the only features that made AIDE worth using at all (to me) premium.  I don't think I can justify a $10 purchase for something that I don't use often to begin with.
I just got the premium key to say thanks. Can't really tell the difference. Maybe there should be a splash screen and status icon to make it really clear.
From what I can tell, some features that were included in the beta for free are now premium, and so I can no longer use them (git being most notable).  I would love to throw some money there way, but $10 for a mobile app is rather expensive (relative to other apps).  I'd probably pay $5, but I don't use it very often (I've done heavy programming on it once in the three months I've had it).
10$ is a good price for such a well-developed application. Like most betas, the users tried it out, reported bugs, and the devs fixed them. Finally with a version stable enough, appfour is absolutely within their rights to profit off of it. We now have a free version where one can get the feeling of the IDE, and the upgraded version where professional-grade application deployment can be utilized.
I totally agree that they should be able to profit on it.  I just think $10 is steep and will probably end up hurting them more than it helps.  A lower price would drive sales up, possibly in more than a linear fashion.
I had play credits, so it was a no brainer: 10$ to good developers or 10$ to the RIAA? Mmm, let me think...
Well, I don't see the comparison there.. it's not like I'm buying music instead.
I am not contradicting you, I spent credits I got for free. The price point of AIDE is a bit high for what is mostly a gadget: I prefer to pull out my laptop on the train to code. But AIDE is a also very cheap compared to a development tool (more like 50 to 150$ for consumer oriented dev tools). So 10$ might be the right price point. Who knows? I just hope they are going to be successful.
Yeah, you're definitely right about the price being very fair compared to other IDEs.  Even Sublime Text, which I don't think has any actual IDE features, is $60.  I would like for them to be successful as well.
But the price is relative high in comparison to Terminal IDE.
As a professional software developer for a large company, I have IDEs that cost thousands of dollars each to my employer.  $10 seems pretty cheap to me, I spend more on lunch sometimes.  The payment model will fuel superior feature enhancement and support.  As someone considering creating an application, I want serious feature and support.  If this apps delivers that for $10, and maybe a couple bucks for each major upgrade package, I would consider that an excellent bargain.
I am also a professional developer who uses the software you speak of.  It's better in every way compared to AIDE and is intended for enterprise customers (that's why it costs so much).  It's impossible to compare prices because enterprise software is never in the same price range as consumer software.  A better comparison would be to compare consumer software to consumer software. A scenario could be VS2010 Pro, which is $400 (unlike VS2010 Ultimate, which is $11k).  Even in that comparison, VS2010 is far and above a better software developing solution than AIDE.  Further, you need to look at the market it's being sold in.  Roughly 60% of apps in the Android market are free, and less than 1% of apps are more than $3.  Compared to other viable alternatives to AIDE, AIDE is expensive.  You're essentially comparing apples and oranges, which is a terrible thing to do.  The PC software market and mobile market are so different than one another (please find me $60 Android games, for example.  Or, several hundred dollar Android software.  You can't because it doesn't exist).
A further example of why you can't compare two different markets:  Health care in Kenya is dirt cheap.  It costs a few dollars to have a broken arm tended to.  In America, the exact same broken arm would cost thousands of dollars without having insurance.
Perhaps, if one uses the feature set to their full extents, I can see your point. Professionally, I create tools and applications that enhance and integrate my company's enterprise and midrange hardware and software datacenter products. In 17 years of professional development, I've really only used the most core features of development platforms in order to do that work. Though, it's not unreasonable to believe that this software will grow in feature and become a more fully featured environment. For ten bucks, I'm willing to give a whirl. If you really need free, you should get the Google SDK and Eclipse and Java packages. Though it is somewhat odd that Google hasn't made an Android based development environment, actually :-/
Very Great! It is just what I am looking for. I hope I can make something for my 4-year old son without being an expert of java and android. Hope you can give some more example projects for an easy starting. Another one point is, I do not have a route to pay the money to you for I can not pay for the google play. Do you have something like a shop in alibaba/taobao? ( I get one copy of AIDE from some piracy market and although the market encourage us to buy the apps from google play, it is still hard to find a way in China.)
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