Fox News, y u no know how internetz work?

You know if you post an ignorant headline, people WILL screenshot it before you have the chance to change it...

Yes, this was actually a headline by Faux News

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do you have the link? i wanna see what shit they wrote about this time
Still, that's no flip flop. He's always been in support of it... just not particularly vocally because he's gotta get the votes. I kinda think this marks a point where he realizes he's lost the conservatives and he needs to dominate the liberals and moderates.
so they changed the headline?
yupp - they changed it, and quote some video from 2004 where he said marriage is between a man and a woman, however he went on to speak about equal rights for all.
+Jack Dorrian
1. troll much?.
2. killing people? Like Osama Bin Ladin? What are you talking about? Please link me about Obama murdering people.... that's funny.
3. Under the new NDAA law the US military has the power to carry out domestic anti-terrorism operations on US soil. I'd say that would be a good thing. Are you a a terrorist? No? Then quit complaining. Random american citizens are not being attacked by Obama.
What deaths of thousands are you talking about? Why not link to things you try to claim are facts. I'm just going to block you if you keep spouting off stupidity.
What is it about Ron Paul supporters seeming to have a blind spot about their magic wizard being an elitist Ayn Rand texas-right-wing Republican? Don't they notice that he is running as a Republican if nothing else?
+Ricky Bobby What don't you get about that in a democracy by definition no president is an all powerful wizard who can lord over all. Its impossible for anyone to wave a magic wand and make the other forces do whatever we wish. It takes strong citizen backing that is sustained over time and very forceful to enable change. The problems we have now were put into place through concerted effort by right extremists and started decades ago, and more recently during the terms of Bush-Cheney-Rumfeld. Why don't you channel your energy into supporting the best shot we've got at seeing change in the issues that matter most to you. If you think that's anyone other than Obama and Democrats - you're just fooling yourself. And you aren't listening to what all other opposition is saying - they say they will make the problems you care about orders of magnitude worse.

+Ricky Bobby 6:44 PM
I don't see how Christians can invent marriage and then be told by the state what it is. That being said, you know I have bigger fish to fry then gay marriage. This (like Trevon Martin) is all a distraction from real issues.
Andrij Harasewych another internet commando? have a nice life.
I don't know you Andrij and not disagreeing on your original post. But you're a bit harsh. No way to retain followers. Keep it classy bro. 
Some people just need a swift kick.

I get all hot headed, especially when it comes to stripping away the basic human rights of people I care about.

However, in the end, you are completely right, +Scott Ayres - and next time I will take a few deep breaths, maybe a bit of meditation, before I angerpost in the future.
Ok, so now he has an opinion, what is he going to do about it? He had an opinion on Guantanamo, DEA raids, and the Patriot Act, last time he was campaigning and how did that turn out? I understand that's how politics work, but he shouldn't receive praise of any kind for just saying exactly what his base supporters want to hear. Give him praise when he actually DOES something about it, or hell even TRIES to do something about it. I hope he does, but I don't have any faith that he will.

And off topic, but you went after +Jack Dorrian for saying Obama has killed thousands, uh that's totally accurate:

And instead of closing Guantanamo, he has extended the Patriot Act without revision and put in some total violation of rights in the NDAA: Yeah I don't like terrorists on our land either, but I would like to at least remotely follow the Constitution.

I just want people that support Obama to actually understand what they are supporting. Perhaps those people are ok with this, and that is perfectly fine, they are entitled to their opinion. I just fear that there is a complete lack of scrutiny on Obama by the media. Just google "Bureau of Investigative Journalism drones" and look for a report from CNN, NBC, or ABC (none in at least the first five pages). Sorry for the long post, I actually think I will make a more formal post of my own, but just wanted to put out some facts as I know you (and others) appreciate them.
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