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last i checked, macs get viruses too. It's just that so many more people are windows based, thus it becomes more beneficial for a hacker to attack that infrastructure. If mac os were ever to take majority share, then it would start happening more and more often for you as well.

Me? I get no viruses. I keep a scanner up to date, and I have responsible downloading practices, yet I still use torrents. And no viruses. No blue screens of death either. If you misuse a performance car, then it runs poorly as well.
+Kevin Flick is that a crack about how PCs perform worse than macs?  Macs are easy to use and they're nice and pretty, but the hardware even in older PCs out-stripes what's in a mac by a mile.  The baseline iMac has a 2.5ghz i5 and a 6750M for $1200; that's pretty weak.
My only comment is, don't talk unless you own one... Then you can its this or that.... People will talk incredible amounts of dookie, that's the way it is.... But the one thing I can say....

I bet almost every single apple user, went from windows to OSX because they choose to. Regardless of look or feel, they all made the decision. So keep changing your oil filter, lol I'm pretty sure our next president will do a "cash for clunker computers" lol pressing off now
For the record, I own both a PC and a mac.  OSX has its uses, but PCs kick it's butt in terms of performance.  Comparing processor speeds isn't completely fair, but it does mean something.  I'm not saying OSX can't perform, but if you want to get any power out of a mac, you're going to overpay for hardware by a lot.
Babies use Mac and Windows. Adults, and any person who cares about using a real operating system, use  #Linux . #Android  is almost as good as #Linux  (in fact it is based on #Linux ).
And I wonder what OSX is based off of.... It's like people just come up, and post rumors non stop... I wonder what would happen if I said OSX made you lose 10 lbs. if that would boost sales, or of people would argue that Pc's help you lose 15 lol
But the one thing I love is that people always complain about the price....

But let them talk about cars, the choose the most expensive one, homes, they choose the most expensive one, clothes, they choose the most expensive ones...

Buy what you like or what you can afford, and brush off the haters.
+Rodd Lynch OSX is based on BSD UNIX, but it is heavily modified, and most of it is closed source, so if you use Mac, be prepared to be either stuck with Mac forever, or loose most of your data when you switch to something when you want to switch to something new.
It's like everyone knows the things they dislike about apple, but not one person has said "I actually tried it and dislike this specific feature" they just list off a bunch of issues Macs had have over the years. Lol but apple listens to its customers, so things change and improve... Name one brand of PC's that has actually stuck around long enough to implement thier consumer services ideas lol..

Open source is good, it just sucks when you need an update and 99% of the market has moved on, but it's all good, it's open, make it yourself.
But I bet your just one of those Linux users that couldn't figure out objective-c or, the apple OSX/iOS SDK's. So you didn't make any money on the gravy train, which is essentially the reason why you complain :) 
+Rodd Lynch I was the biggest Apple fan boy for most of my life, and I still really like Apple stuff. But in grad school, I kept on trying to use MacPorts or port state-of-the art software (especially programming languages) from Linux to Mac. It's possible to do, but it takes so much work. Finally I said, "screw it" and switched to 100% Linux, and I haven't looked back. Now that Android is out, it is as easy to use as iOS and open source, so I always recommend Android to computer noobs.

As for Objective-C, I started writing my graduate thesis using that language, because I thought I would be a Mac guy for ever. But it is such a terrible language: no multiple inheritance, no virtual classes, just a whole lot of message passing, wrappers around C and C++ objects. And the messages you pass are all names like "NSTouchScreenListenerDelegateToMouseCoordinateListenerDelegate" or something like that. I switched to #Haskell  and never looked back.
"Babies use mac and windows?"  Please.  Some people require Windows for their job.  I've met my share of FEA software that only runs on Windows and I don't know of a way to port, say, MatLab to Linux (although admittedly I haven't tried all that hard).  There are a whole plethora of other examples, but those are the things with which I am familiar.

Also, adults use whatever tool is best for what they need.  For some people, OSX does everything that they need without any hassle or complication; it is an operating system that one can use without learning everything there is to know about it.  Some people like to use computers without learning things like how to use the terminal and that's perfectly fine.

Personally, my macbook pro runs OSX, Windows 7, and Ubuntu 10.04; it's a really good system with lots of flexibility.
If you pay me to use Windows I will, so yeah, if my job requires it then OK, I'll use it, but it is a terrible business choice. As for one's personal computer Linux is the best choice without question. "What about PC gaming?" Use Wine then.
Have you ever tried to use Wine for gaming?  It just doesn't work.  Heck, video drivers don't even work properly.  It's a gigantic pain in the butt just to get DX11 working.  Even if they figure out how to get things like that onto Wine it is usually very difficult to do and it's always well after the release of the original product.

You've just proven to me that you don't actually know what you're talking about.  Congrats.  Hence I'm not going to further waste my time on this post and I'll be muting it.
Wine gives me problems, it depends on the game and the video card you are using. Windows drivers have given me problems too.
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