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Intellectually, I know this. But, I still get into arguments on the internet... Maybe I am the stupid person?
Samuel Clemons was a brilliant, brilliant man. Ever seen the claymation movie? It's a head-trip that covers a variety of his short stories.
Jay Tee
Too true....shared.
Tash P
Can't agree with that enough!
Man I always try to remember this and how you just can't fix stupid..... And today I let myself forget ....
Thanks for the reminder! One of my great lessons is I don't need to prove anything when I trust what I know. ie never argue with a fool because I then am worse off than the fool; and precious time is lost.
Wait a minute, was he raised in the hood?
Vacuous arguments become apparent when people resort to ad hominem, which is their last refuge.
Ya its very true saying by Mark Twain..
F*%# you, Herbert Spencer; you upper class, wealty jerk-off
Awesome quote!!! 100% correct
they don't win they only disturb you is you pay attention to them
Some poor people can find a non-violent, legel way to go to the Top. Especially African American, dudes.
actually by being so arrogant they are already wrong
yes that is very much right in our world
I think the last few of our comments proved the man to be correct!
how does this relate to the topic
r u assuming idiots r
i prefer to be poor of money rather than poor in the soul,but to be rich of money means to be free and independent of those arrogant people
true true .... really true... personally i feel...
When I go to upper class, I will still care about my friends and family who are in the lower class level.
when you are rich you serve the meek to change the quote as I believe the man intended
Food for thought! Covers every situation. :)
we have to use the resources that we already have
as per experience it is absolutely correct...
this is soo fucken fake!!!!!!!!!!!
we cannoy deny it even sometimes romantic sounds aren't our favorite they always become hits
i would like to ask in India what is the meaning of orange diamonds?
Stupidity is one thing;arrogance is something else. I won't have the latter...!
I rarely engage in arguments, mostly because I believe people rarely change their opinions, even when faced with the hardest of facts.
Its really thoughtful lines to remember full life... Its a lesson for people too. Thanks for such a wonderful thought
what is the standard definition of 'stupid'? and what is the popular or more personal one? no one will truly accept that they are stupid and to accept that one is more intelligent/wise than the average person is presumptious and maybe even stupid at times...argue when it's worth something and there is no other recourse?!
Um, no. Not arguing with stupid people is how things like religion are running the world and denying things like science and logic. Not arguing with the devout about evolution for so long is why we have to argue so much harder to counteract their ignorance now.
+Dustin Jones It's totally not worth arguing with blockheads, be it now or later on. Best thing to do is just prove yourself through your actions. Action does speak louder than words, especially when you deal with stupid people.
Yes it is correct i had experienced this.So i never argue with stupid people.
I read it from Mark Twain himself just an half a year ago.
I got a mean uppercut on the internet.
well said nd it's true !

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Nice to be surounded with not stupid people like you, guys.
Stupid is as stupid does...
Very true.
You might want to get the author of the quote right. Mark Twain actually said "Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." The quote in the picture was actually said by stand-up comic, Greg King.
Why talk with stupid people ?
If you don't talk, you can't argue. And then, how do stupid people get experience if they are stupid and don't know what experience even is? Khakhakhakha
The point I was trying to make is that people don't research anything they post anymore. It might not be important on this small example but this is exactly how misinformation is spread. Blind faith is not always a good thing.
very impressive message friend....
ROFLMAO! I love it! & so ridiculously true.
Steve K
So very true!!
There are lots of stupid people in this world and I firmly believe that I have encountered most of them!!
After all these years, I developed a philosophy that I'm too old to put up with stupid BS!!
It's true based on my experience 
We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid! lol
Nice but the reality is, sometimes you have no choice, particularly at work
^^ Nice comment Lol.. I actually have to say, I can relate to this!.. I was stupid enough to go down to some body's level. But I was strong enough to rise above it!!..
Ain't there any chances of WE getting OUR stupidity cleared.
its very very true lets come for an experienced
we should never read and forget, applying this will help alot
have to agree with that. totally right!
this is hilariously true.can t stop laughing thinking ,how many situations like this i went through ,apparently i was stupid enough to deal with such people.hahahaha
Very true indeed. But it is so fun making stupid people look more stupid than they thought they were
Very true indeed. But it is so fun making stupid people look more stupid than they thought they were
What's funny about quotes like these, is that everybody will agree with them, and say things like "so true"...even the people they're referring to...
perfectly right.... coz comparison always apne level k logo k sath kiya jata hai...
And no one will ever consider that the quote is referring to them..it'll always be someone else that's "stupid"
nelly m
its so tru imagine wat its like living with my sister 
Once I argued with a stupid.............Hey Mark you are absolutely right :) :)
Nv vv
hahaha..,,, awesome !!!
i couldn`t have said it better myself :)
If you reply and retaliate back to trolls on the Internet, you are just as stupid as they are. Always ignore trolls, they are only trying to bring people down. It is worthless to reply to these people as it only fuels their excitement.
Stupid people can beat you with their experience?!
thats verry true, they have become masters in the game of stupidity
instead of non argument u should divert them politely to other positive
and creative side with ur skill.
who told ???????? they have also stupid experience..........
after certain age they (stupid ) can not change ,as the timeof learning was over,if u try thereafter the result is in above quote
If you argue in a logical way, you can change this stupid guy and make him do what you want to do, provided he is stupid.
Be silent, its will be worthy.
Well said. But we don't really need to stoop to their level. Stupid person goes, "NO, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!" and you go, "Yes, dear, it is. Prove it. Like I have"
Thats how it pretty much goes... well said.
Abbot can't fight with dog because he won't win, let dog fight with dog.
Red Roo
Yep...and so true.
yeah just turn your back around...and say nothing...
very true of this statement!!
True! And never argue with female Also!
Completely true in all aspects. Which is why I never let someone whp wants to hav a fight get to me
Exellent and i have experienced the same thing..
FREE YOUR MIND and THINK.............It's complicated
Its very quite obvious dat truly they are ready 2 drag u 2 their own level of understanding.
So ture! All of us can learn from this statement! 
Try to use that theory with government officials.
this is one of the greatest ideology ive seen in my life i love it
I agree with the saying because you also become a foolish person .
i like this sentence
''wow yes ,yes that is right he was great man,who can say the right word''thankyou andrij.
:) Even Twain was quirky in humor:) 
Love it. Ill print it and hang it on my locker in school
I don't waste my energy arguing with anyone cause one of us is in the wrong and no point in arguing with someone that thinks they're right, just let them think they're right and get on with it
take it in your mind its truth...........................
That is the best thing I have ever heard in my whole 15 years of living...
I'd say this only applies to you if you get into arguments in order to win them. However, I doubt any smart person really gets into arguments and has a tally sheet where he records wins and losses. There are far better reasons why we get sucked into these things. Pissing off stupid people can be highly enjoyable. You also force yourself into a situation where you have to stay calm and not have a heart attack over something that is meaningless, which can be like a mental or emotional exercise. Maybe the stupid person will get into the same argument with many other people and begin to do research and question their beliefs. Whether or not they drag you down to their level is the result of how you go about arguing with them.
Hi dhanjit lithira how r u???????????????????
I saw an example of this the other day and it was unfortunate watching an intelligent, well spoken man get the run around from a bafoon.
so, how do we decide who's stupid? :P
This one and "don't raise your voice, improve your argument" are my favorite quotes regarding this topic.
Can i test this out? Hamilton K that was an utterly imbecilic and clearly deliberately inflammatory remark...what say you sir?
But the question is whether he thinks me a stupid or I thought him to be a fool////
mark`s word has sense,so I engage with this arguments. take care.
love claudia
i dont know why google sends me these posts
HEY! the plusses are back! They disappeared for a while, I was worried. It was at 12, now its back to 1906!
nice:) hope they dont drag u down
That's it! stupid people never accept facts, they defend what they experienced regardless of their validity.
Sadly, it's not a ...precise Twain quote, but I think if it helps someone, it shouldn't matter if the quote is a bit off ;)
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