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+Paul Greenberg on omnichannel marketing and CRMs
Brands need to engage their customers across all channels. Not through push advertising, but through being responsive and understanding the finer aspects of multichannel communication.

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But being honest and engaging with us makes us like you more and more willing to look at or buy your product  :-)
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This Week in Science
Restoring Site in Blind Mice, Invisibility Cloaks, Chickens with Dinosaur Snouts, and More!

Scientists Restore Sight In Blind Mice

Hawaii Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Power by 2045

Fresh evidence for how water reached Earth found in asteroid debris

Physicists stop and store light traveling in an optical fiber

Chicken Embryos With Dinosaur Snouts Created in Lab

The US army wants invisibility cloaks within 18 months

#ScienceSunday   #Science   #Technology   #STEM   #optogenetics #energy #space #physics #biology #materials

I've added this post to a new collection called "Science & Technology" ( so if you'd like to subscribe/be notified, click through to follow the collection and turn on notifications using the settings gear.
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Wow !!
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And an Apple Watch? Heck yes.
The Choose Your Own Apple Watch Giveaway - Claim Your Chance to Win Whichever Apple Watch You Want
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The BEST of Adult Swim... Now streaming on HULU!

Rick and Morty, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken, Sealab 2021, Morel Orel, Superjail, China IL, Aqua TV Show Show, Frisky Dingo (pretty much the prequel to Archer in spirit, at least), Delocated, NTSF:SD:SUV, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.... among others (I listed my all time favorites... which is almost every single one).

Thank you +Hulu​. Thank you +Adult Swim​.

By the way, Adult Swim... seriously... stop playing with the website. Take that money that you are spending on people that sit there futzing with the site, and put it into new content and social presence (hint: that means more than just sharing your own links on a schedule) - but it's okay, I still love you guys.

#hulu   #adultswim   #ATHF   #RickandMorty   #RobotChicken  
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Happy #CincoDeMayo  and #TacoTuesday!

This is for you, +David Kutcher. Ask and ye shall receive.
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Bom dia qur lindo msg
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I just can't stop laughing. 

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+Danny Brooks I agree. A few fell flat. But I can't believe how much I laughed at the dumbest things here. 
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Important Web stuff right here.

Thanks +David Kutcher
Are you optimizing your landing zones for your Audience?

Using the Pareto Principle as our guide (that roughly 80% of traffic comes from 20% of our content), we analyze our top trafficked landing pages, and run them through the following exercise:

* What is the persona of the visitor coming to this page?
* How did they get here, and what are they looking for based on what we know?
* What are our goals for this type of visitor?
* What are the barriers to this type of user achieving those goals?
* Are we providing a clear pathway for achieving those goals?

With these questions, we begin our introspection... evaluating the landing zones of our visitors from their eyes:

* what would be your impressions of this page?
* would you have any idea about the company/organization that wrote this page?
* would you know where to go next?
* would you be interested in learning more about the organization?
* would you want to engage in a Goal action?

This is how you work to improve the user experience of your website while optimizing for goal conversions.
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+Sha Niya Kitchen Because it's too hard to just read the post, right?

The image also tells a story - it's about getting the customer in the landing zone right away - rather than them getting stuck in a tree.
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I like free stuff! Yes, please.
The Surface 3 Giveaway - Performance Meets Portability In Microsoft's Extraordinary New Tablet/Laptop Hybrid
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Anyone ever drive two hours to realize a party was actually one week later? #thatguy

To be fair, it's both me and my wife's fault as she reminded me about the party yesterday evening, so I left first thing not thinking of it. (I also could not find the invite)

Anyone around #Brooklyn or #NYC in general today? Popup #Meetup
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By the end it was a blessing in disguise my brother in law was very busy and had his hands full with the baby as well, so I got some one on one time with my niece, letting him get caught up, then went out for a Brooklyn style pizza and brought back some beer which I split with my brother in law. It was a great day.
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Sadly, this was a feature overabused by spammers, scammers, and #megaball  nonsense.
#Breaking Shared Circles on Google+: Deprecated

+AyJay Schibig and +John R. Ellis have told us about the missing share buttons on the circles page. After checking our database we can confirm that there haven't been any new shared circles in the last 1.5 days.

The Top Contributors +John Elstone, +Marc-André Beauchamp and +John Skeats have confirmed that the shared circles are being deprecated.

Shared Circles have always been pretty difficult.
Sharing a circle is a pretty useful feature. You can help a new Google+ User get a good starting point without having to use the SUL (=Suggested User List).
But it was also used often in a bad way ("reshared to get included") which led to unrelated/uninterested new followers.

Regardless of what you think about shared circles, it feels pretty strange that this feature is being removed. At least our service isn't called SharedCircleCount, so that we don't have to worry about loosing this feature ;)

What do you think?
Is it a good or a bad move?
Will it help improving the engagement on Google+?

#googleplusupdate   #sharedcircle  
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I used this a few times early on when G+ was newer. I haven't used it in forever now and likely won't miss it. It was however how I found a lot of great posters here though who I still follow today. 
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This made me smile. Thanks +Canva.
Can't wait to try out Canva for Work!
Join the Waiting List for Canva for Work Yourself:
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However, much like my guides to many other things I've started getting up on - I think this one will be prime for a guide of it's own :) I'll be sure to report on the who/what/where/when/how/why of the situation ASAP! 
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  • Villanova University
    Mechanical Engineering, 2003 - 2007
    Additional Courses Taken: Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations, Marketing Research, Buyer Behavior, Professional Selling
Marketing Strategist, Lover of Science
Well, Hello there fellow Googs!

My name is Andrij "Andrew" Harasewych <- LinkedIn Profile!
Please note - though I describe myself as a marketer, this is still my personal profile, and prefer to treat it as such. From time to time I may share something from my business or from a friend or colleague - but for the most part, this is pretty much a stream of consciousness. This is what's going on in my life. What I'm working on, watching, listening, commenting on, etc etc. Follow at your own risk! :) 

Anyway - back to the profile!

I currently live in Philadelphia, PA (near the Art Museum) and am married to the love of my life, Joanna Guastavino Harasewych whom I met ten years ago as a freshman at Drexel (before transferring to Villanova).

Although I ended up graduating from Villanova University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a side passion of mine for the past decade has been business and marketing. After three years of working full time as a mechanical engineer, and part time as a freelancer, success in my freelance work motivated me to alter my path and focus fully on developing my business, Socialize Me, which, as it turns out, means focusing on other people's businesses. 

Available to speak at your business or conference on Google+ and Social Media for business. In addition to helping clients reach their goals online, I also do consulting and professional speaking about Google+ at your business, at your online conferences, and even at offline conferences and retreats! Contact me through this profile or through my website.

I can't really describe all of my Google+ activity in just a few paragraphs, but I'll try. Here is a list of the topics I post about, those in bold most frequently: Social Media, News, Science, Progressive Politics, Humor, Engineering, PS3/PC Gaming, Current Events, Tech News, TV & Movies (Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, just to name a few) and more.

My Google+ Creds: 

Please note that my activities on my pages and in the communities I manage are more representative of my professional interests, while my personal profile does stray towards humor and personal life.

Want to get the most out of Google+? Here are some of my free Google+ Guides:

Social Media Strategy (Founder, Moderator) - This 135,000+ member community is the first social media Community on Google+ and the largest of it's kind. It has been praised, along with the below Social Media Professionals community, for its high quality engagement and active moderation team, and even mentioned in various blogs and publications:

Social Media Professionals (Owner, Moderator) - An over 40,000 strong community dedicated to beneficial social media, and other digital media, conversation for and by professionals (or those who have professional interest in emerging tech for marketing). This is the sister Community to Social Media Strategy.

Philadelphia (Founder, Moderator)

Lawyers and Law (Founder, Moderator)

Ukrainians (Founder, Moderator)

All posts and opinons expressed by me on Google+ are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any employer or other organization with which I might be connected.

Bragging rights
I don't beat around the bush. I tell it like it is.
Web Design and Internet Marketing
Business Development, Content Marketing, Content Production, Graphic Design, Public Speaking, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Development
  • Socialize Me
    Owner, Social Media Consultant, 2004 - present
    Develop and deliver customized media program/campaign recommendations based on research and client discussions. Manage online marketing campaigns effectively driving brand awareness, engagement and traffic to social media pages. Achieve a strong, visible social media presence and develop concepts with viral potential. Continuously monitor online public relations and ensure the success of client programs. Assess social media marketing strategies to determine rate of return. Identify and tap into new channels to optimize ROI and fuel revenue growth. Managed relationships with online advertising partners and internal teams to generate leads and revenue for clients.
  • StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Webmaster, 2013 - 2014
    Responsible for maintaining website. Ensure site is functioning properly and is available to users. Test speed of access and improve loading speeds without sacrificing quality. Debug issues that arise with the performance of the website. Help prepare a long-term plan for Web site development and presence, including standards and guidelines for content, based on organization goals and input from sponsors/stakeholders. Co-ordinate with Web site departments and content creators from across the organization. Assess competing Web sites as regards to content, look and feel, and functionality, and make improvement recommendations for the site.
  • Rieker Instrument Co., Inc.
    Inventory Specialist, Mechanical Engineer, 2011
    Responsible for reviewing engineering change notices and determining the potential impact on the current inventory or production schedule. Communicated effectively with engineering and manufacturing staff on the status of engineering change notices and the impacted document(s). Handled the tasks of controlling and monitoring engineering documents (Parts Lists, Drawings, and Electronic Schematics) in order to ensure compliance with the corporate methodology and procedures required for ISO 9001 implementation and certification. Supported management in the development and implementation of the company’s quality management system as well as ISO 9001 compliance.
  • Remcal Products Corporation
    Junior Mechanical Engineer, 2010
    In addition to primary role, held concurrent responsibility for assuming cross-trained positions as needed within Quality Control, Shipping, Receiving, Manufacturing, Packing, and Return Departments. Ensured quality control standards in broad areas of products inspection and logistical operations. Used extensive product development knowledge and natural affinity for processes and principles to reverse engineer or re-design parts according to customer specifications and requirements. Communicated with both vendors and customers in order to ensure the lowest possible quotation and highest quality product design. Created 2D and 3D models and drawings of parts, assemblies, installations and attachments.
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anti guru: Marketing with a Conscience

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Manly Pinterest Tips

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great beers, food and atmosphere. I had the IPA!
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265 reviews
Always a cold beer available.
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