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creative, different

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Hah.. open la sangat. Makcik jual kueh tepi jalan pon bleh up apps(?) kat gugel play store. App lebih kurang sama, x ikut guidelines.. takde sapa review ke? Sorry la.. aku bertanya pasal aku x pernah submit apps kat gugel..
Play Store Plagiarism. If you want to help contribute to curbing the rise in plagiarism within the Google Play Store - share this video.

Special thanks to +Karl Reith for the video editing/production.

+Armando Ferreira 
+Marques Brownlee 
+Arz Bhatia 
+Cliff Wade 
+Robert Olejnik 
+Nikolai Prettner
+Jamaar DeBoise 

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Love it. hope to build one for myself.

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Pinch to zoom? Forget how amazing when I first saw it.

Hah.. Sapa nak belanja Mekdi tengahari ni?
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