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#iheartred  My wonderful Family!
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Andrew Wickham

Help Requests  - 
Hey Guys!

So I have my lights in my man cave setup to be controlled via tasker and autovoice.  I have each light set as a toggle based on their name, ie.. couch for the couch light, pub for the pub light, kitchen for the kitchen light, and desk for the desk light.  I also have some scenes setup with the lighting system, and i haven't set those up yet with tasker as I'm coming across a caveat, and I wanted to get opinions if it's even possible.

So right now, the trigger word "couch" turns on the couch light.  I wanted to setup another trigger for a scene called couch only.  I quickly learned that I can't use the trigger "couch only" as it recognizes both the "couch" trigger and the "couch only" trigger, and does both of them.  is there a way around this so that it won't trigger the "couch profile" if the trigger said is "couch only"?
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Try the Exact Command checkbox.
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Hello Coders and Codettes!  

  Quick question for you chaps.  I haven't done any HTML coding since a looong time ago (like back when Flash was first out in the wild).  I want to make a mobile interface for my lighting system.  I'm currently using tasker for android to do this, but I want a local HTML5 interface that others can use while at my house (I'm going to setup an NFC Tag that can be scanned to automatically bring up the interface).

It would basically have 5 sliders for the dimming of each light (with one of the sliders dimming all of them at once), 5 buttons to turn on/off each light (with one of them turning them all off/on at once), and a few buttons at the bottom to trigger specific lighting scenes i created.  I have all of the HTTP Post script for each action, so pretty much I would just need to create the GUI & variables.

 How hard of a project would this be?  How much should I expect to pay for a project of this size if I outsource it in lieu of doing it myself?

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Sencha Touch is pretty cool and simple and you can make a nice interface.
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Andrew Wickham

Tips & Tricks  - 
TCP Connected Lighting System + Tasker + Autovoice = Awesomeness!

Thanks to the help of MRTankJump and some fiddling around and wireshark sniffing on my part, I now have my lighting system fully automated via tasker/autovoice.  I'll post the info needed for others to get this setup so anyone else that would like to do this, won't have to look far.

A few things of note.  You will need a little bit of information to get this to work.  You will need the ip address of the tcp connected gateway, the device id of each bulb, and the scene id of your setup scenes.  You can get the device/scene id's using chrome via going to the web gui for the lighting gateway, right click > inspect element > click on networking, then performing an action for the bulb or scene.  check the gop.php to see the info you need.

all of these actions are HTTP POST.  
*The server/port is the ip address of the lighting gateway. 
*The Path is /gwr/gop.php
*The Content Type is text/plain
*The below commands are put in the  Data/File section

Scene Command:


Single Light On Command:


Single Light Off Command:


Single Light Dim Command:


NOTE:  For the dim command, the number in the <value></value> is a percentage representation of the lighting, so 50 would equal 50% lit.
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No prob :D
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Andrew Wickham

Shared publicly  - 
+Scotty Brown Cruzerlite has totally gone to shit man.  I ordered a case on the 7th.  it supposedly shipped on the 8th.  It's now the 25th and I have not received it.  Every attempt at contacting them has resulted in me being blown off and essentially told to wait longer.  Others are going through the same issues.  

Their apparent "hours of operation" for phone support are listed incorrectly on their site, as what was once 9am-5pm M-F is now 9am-12pm M-F, yet even during that time they don't answer the phone (been trying to contact them every 10 minutes or so for the past hour).

Needless to say, what was once a great business has gone down the shitter, at least on the customer rapport/service side.  I'm glad you moved on when you did.
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I know you were fired (if you remember, I was helping you with the job search at the time). I was just saying that its good you vacated the business (in some facet) back then, as even as things were back then, its only getting worse and worse. I will not be ordering or recommending anything from then anymore. I'm very loyal, but that loyalty is earned, not given freely to be defecated on.
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Andrew Wickham

General Discussion  - 
TCP Connected Lighting + Tasker + Android + Geekiness = this...
My Lighting System So Far
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Tony B.
You should also see what I've done with my smart home..
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Andrew Wickham

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Aww that's sad. Who am I going to ask questions when I run into a problem!
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Andrew Wickham

General Discussion  - 
Is it just me, or is trying to make a vertical slider in a tasker scene completely wonky and useless?  Unless i make the width of the vertical slider the whole width of the scene, the amount of actual vertical sliding I can do is minuscule at best, if any at all.

Anyone have any help for this?
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Thanks Jay!
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Can anyone help me?  I just installed #tasker  , #autovoice  , #xposedframework  , & Google Search/Now API For xposed.  I set everything up, created a test Profile/Task (saying hello would make the phone tell me "automation test").

I then say "ok google" to start a voice search, but when I say hello nothing happens sans google doing a search for hello.

I have a vzw Galaxy Note 3 and I'm using the GEL with updated google search/now.  I'm using the stock updated ROM w/ root enabled.
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I got it to work.  If you install the Google Search/Now API after you install autovoice, it doesn't recognize the autovoice plugin.  uninstalling autovoice and reinstalling it resolved the issue.
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Andrew Wickham

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So I went to cruzerlite's website to order a case for my new phone I'm getting. I sign into my account and add the case I want.

Everything is fine and dandy until I go to checkout and see that the $5 gift card I won isn't applying to the order. I check in my account and its not listed there anymore. I try adding it again and it doesn't take.

So I call Cruzerlite during their website's listed business hours of 9am to 5pm CST (it was 11:30am MDT when I called) and after ringing a few times I get a voicemail message stating their phone hours are 9am-12pm Central.

REALLY?!? Phone support for only 3 hours per day, and during the time when most people are at work?

What gives +Cruzerlite ?
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