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Exit Tasks.... Never done one before, and I thought I set one up correctly, but its not working..  Here's what I have:
Profile > Event > Call Incoming > task 1, Exit task 2

Task 1:
1. set hue lights to a specific color
2. Set hue lights to blink
3. Goto step 2

Task 2:
Set hue lights to a white color

What i'm trying to do is have it when a specific contact calls, it flashes the lights at a specific color, and when the call is answered, it switches the lights back, but what is happening is when the call comes in, it switches the color and starts flashing....and never stops!  Regardless if the call is answered, ignored, or picked up and then hung up, it never goes to the exit task, and just keeps flashing the color set in task 1.

Help Please!!!

Ahoy hoy everyone! I'm not new to tasker, but I am new to using a notification as a condition, and if anyone could help I would appreciate it. Here is what I would like to do:

When I receive a message from my wife via hangouts, it blinks my hue lights.

I already know how to handle the lights part, but I don't know how to set the condition of receiving a hangouts message, let alone one from a specific contact.

Also, I see there is a hangouts plugin for tasker, but it has such a low rating and is so rampant with one star reviews that I didn't even bother trying it.

Thanks in advance!

Ahoy hoy everyone! Been a long time fighting game fanatic.  Today I just ordered my first fightstick, namely the Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick Pro.  I was looking at the Hori RAP N3 SA, but a friend of mine who is big into the tourney scene recommended I go with Mad Catz.  

Question for you all.  How much of a learning curve would you guestimate it would take for me to get back on to the level I was at with a controller?  Thanks!

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The FINAL final design lol.

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Here's the numbers for the watch face I'm making.

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Ahoy hoy!  I started working on my first watch face (independent from faces created for apps like wearfaces).  Wanted to get your guys' opinions of the mock up so far.  Thanks!

Edit: just in case anyone asks, yes I drew all those pixels myself.  They're base 2 (2x2) for each pixel from the original (it's a looong process to redraw each lol)

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Can anyone please tell me how this watch face turned out?  It's my first creation (I don't have my G watch yet).  It's based off of the game Destiny.
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