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Mobile version of Terraria is doing my head in. Cloud saves got corrupted so restarted when 1.2 came out and picked it up again from the start without the cloud saves. Now my world doesn't load after playing through and getting to hardmode again. Going back to the PC version never had these kinds of issues.

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Hardmode has arrived on my google play store (UK) just updated

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Terraria is currently on offer on steam bargain at £1.39 / $1.99 best version of the game with the most content so if you have it for console or mobile then its still worth picking up a copy.

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Just a heads up Terraria is included in the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 available for limited time currently $6.39 plus you get the music from Terraria and a load of other games.

Its the PC version so if your got the game on mobile or consoles there loads more content in the PC version and another update is in bound with even more content.

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I finally found an enchanted sword, I've been looking for it for quite sometime. Turns out it was in a small cave in the middle of the dungeon.

Anyone had any experience creating a custom dimension to record the full referrer path? I've done it using simple regex but I found that when I compare it with GA's full referrer dimension my numbers Don't add up.

For instance GA's full referrer dimension has 10,000 sessions against domain and the custom dimension only has 7,200 sessions with a domain including

I've checked a couple of things but cant figure out how GA is getting its numbers.

I've setup a custom dimension and its setup as a scope of hit. Now I was wondering if I want the same dimension with a session scope as well I could of fire the dimension twice. But instead could I setup a filter that takes the hit based custom dimension and outputs it to the the session based custom dimension thus saving me firing the dimension twice in my code?

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Finally got the coin gun and the seaweed for the turtle pet last night. Been trying to get those two items for ages now. Nearly got all weapons, armour and accessories now. Anyone else got an item that they have struggled to get.

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Yeah a gif from our is hot right now on Google+

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Here my companies new advert featuring snoop. Gotta love the guys swagger.

Here's our latest ad featuring Snoop Dogg and our money saving hero Phil. Who’s the bigger star? You decide... #moneysnoopermarket
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