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Noticed some weirdness with +GNOME on my Chromebook. The crux of it is that GNOME refuses to save any preferences, which means that the touchpad really misbehaves. However XFCE works very well, which makes me a bit of a sad panda - and before anyone asks, no I haven't tried KDE (yet).

Having spent the week at +Linaro Connect it was the perfect opportunity to hack on it, and I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with +Marcin Juszkiewicz trying to get things working. Marcin worked out how to get audio working, although it still doesn't want to play ball with me, and he also worked out another key item ;-)  We were lucky enough to have +Olof Johansson attend Connect too, and he provided some great input into getting things working. Without their input things would have taken so much longer. They weren't they only ones, but they were key, there were others that helped with advice and pearls of wisdom.

I'll be doing a blog post or two soon about the Chromebook, as I believe Marcin will too. In the mean time, I've started packaging up some of the required items to get things working properly and the +ARM team at +openSUSE have started work on creating an easily installable image for the Chromebook (pending my packages and a few other bits), and no we have no timeline for when it'll be ready ;-)
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+Emmanuele Bassi yeah, looks like I was missing a gsettings-dconf. Thanks for the pointer. Although until I can get accelerated graphics Fall back seems just clunky compared to shell or XFCE
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