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Andrew Vogel
Ultra Trail Runner, Theology Buff, Tech Geek
Ultra Trail Runner, Theology Buff, Tech Geek

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I'm a real person!

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Why telling your kid they are smart may not be the best approach.

Welcome to Google+!

Does anyone who use Pulse News Reader know how to get your twitter stream on it? Can't seem to figure it out...  I wonder if LinkedIn removed that capability.

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Interesting. Makes me want to buy from Patagonia

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And it keeps moving along... I would love to see Firefox integrate this project as well.
Portable Native Client now available in Chrome 31. Compile C or C++ to architecture-neutral bytecode for web applications at native speed.

I've been learning how to use LINQ recently. It's freaking awesome. That's all I have to say!  Can't wait for some free time so I can play some more with it.

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I'm glad I'm not alone in my concerns.

"Star Trek hasn’t lasted fifty years because of action scenes. It lasted fifty years because it created a universe of wonder and intrigue."

I created the framework for a text adventure game using only batch scripts tonight. It was fun! You can walk east, north, west, or south. You can look, and you can try to kill stuff.
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