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Andrew Ucles
We are all born wild but it is a choice to be tame.
We are all born wild but it is a choice to be tame.

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The Carpet Viper a surprisingly little guy that can pack quite a bite, and many farmers which walk the paddocks in the night are accidentally bitten without noticing. Similar to the warning signals given off by the Rattlesnake, this guy will continuously rub his scales together like a file to create a shearing noise which acts as his first line of defense.

Although he is small this guy can lash out with a strike distance of over half his body length... look out:

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Hey chuchi! The Twig snake or commonly called the Vine snake is a common species found throughout south-eastern Africa.Having a long slender body, with a head shaped like a spear it is quite an identifiable species.
This species is highly venomous and although bites from this species are relatively rare, there have been a number of fatalities, primarily because no antivenom has yet been developed for this particular species:

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Having dealt with both Nile Monitor's in Africa and Water Monitors in Asia, one thing is safe to say - getting a bite from one of these guys can turn septic pretty fast.

Having observed Nile Monitors, their typical behavior involves patrolling the swamps, creeks and water catchments looking for carrion, and also being ready to pounce on the next critter that crosses them whether it be on land or in the water:

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Having had several run ins with the Black Mamba throughout Africa, It was finally time to bring one to the camera. This species of venomous snake truly makes me nervous.

Their lightning speeds are met with calculated strikes, and trying to tail one can be very dangerous considering their amazing agility and reach, watch here as Andrew Ucles once again puts himself in the strike zone with the incredibly fast and venomous snake, the Green Mamba:

#africa #snakes #blackmamba #wild #venomoussnakes  

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I bring one of Africa's most feared snakes to the camera, the Green Mamba. Their vibrant color makes them one of the most beautiful species on earth, however a bite delivered from one of these guys can be fatal in just minutes:

Watching him move through the canopy effortlessly shows that he is well suited to the arboreal lifestyle, this also makes him a tricky species to wrangle with.
#uclesvsafrica   #africa #snakes #venomous #greenmamba  

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I follow several native hunters into the Zambian bush in search for Baboons. Using dogs they comb through thick bush land in an attempt to flush out unsuspecting animals which they can hunt down.

After several hours, they end up in a hot pursuit. Join the native hunters of the land with this raw encounter:

#andrewucles #uclesvsafrica #hunting #poachers #poaching   #animals #baboons  

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Hello Everyone.
Well I guess I'll start by saying I'm alive, fit and healthy. I hope this puts to rest a rumor which has circulated the internet about my recent death.

I have been working on some videos which will be coming to the YouTube platform soon. The last several months where very difficult and when the time is right I would hope that I can share with you why my presence has been absent.

I'm currently based in Los Angeles at the moment, and would love to take the opportunity to meet and great any followers, supporters or friends which have joined on this journey...
More importantly once again I'm here to entertain you, stay tuned for the next series of uploads. North America 50days 50nights

P.s. I'm back!
Kindest Regards Ucles

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Not a venomous snake, shark, blue ringed octopus, stone fish or buffalo. Not a bear, lion, elephant, hyena, wolf or cheetah.
Sometimes it's not the bite that gets you.

Whilst filming in a foreign land I contracted a disease that most of you have probably never heard of.... LEPTOSPIROSIS - it is an invisible killer and even with treatment, can kill 10 - 50% of patients...

Thanking the staff, family and friends that humored me through this....

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Don't worry I'm still alive, it's a long story that Il'l share when I can.
You would be surprised what got me.......

I'm back in full health Chuchi - round 2!

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Over 20 years of practice and now the stage is set. A journey now begins on a new path, a benchmark I'm going to set and a world of discoveries I'm going to show you. This one is for dreamers Xoxo
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