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I'm gathering ideas for PhoneGap projects/samples in 2013 - Submit ideas for something you'd like to see.
HTML/PhoneGap App IdeasI'm gathering ideas for upcoming PhoneGap projects in 2013. What apps would you like to see developed/cloned in HTML/PhoneGap? These ideas will be used for performance comparisons of hybrid and native applications, how-to guides, or could be used for sample app projects. Please specify details below, all ideas are welcome. Thank you! Andrew Trice
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Ocr for android! Someone made a tesseract plugin for ios but I have ko clue how to port it to android.
I made a pretty descent android phonegap app that uses the TTS amd speech recognition plugins. Itll take what you ask and query a database and talk the results back. Dont know if thats of any use to you!
Thanks, yeah that would be great to see

Submitted - but a native oauth plugins would rock.
helllo sir i want to ask you to use sqlite with javascript and phonegap ...thank a lot , i have been try ,but still confused to use sqlite with Gui and CRUD proses ,,,
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