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I've wondered about this. It's be interesting to know what level of worker utilisation is achieved on an efficient construction projects. Presumably scheduling a large number of construction workers is of comparable difficulty to parallel programming. Construction doesn't seem like an "embarrassingly parallel" task, where there is always a backlog of work items in a ready state, so that any worker can trivially keep themselves busy.
I'd guess that workloads are predictable enough that you can employ some form of static scheduling - something that is hard to get right in most parallel programming domains.
How #multicore #programming  usually works in practice.
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I'd use it to screw with EPR experiments.
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I'm not sure I ever really liked the idea of Mars One -- specifically, the premise of funding the ongoing support of our first Mars colony from the revenue from a reality TV show, and having no way to bring the colonists back after the funding dried up. BUT, I did at least hope that they would produce some useful technological developments before the funding ran out. It seems increasingly as though there is no chance of even that much.
The result, said Roche, is that high-profile prospects — including those in a list of “Top 10 hopefuls” published last month in The Guardian — are, in fact, simply the people who have generated the most money for Mars One.
No money, no process, no explanation: An insider speaks out for the first time on the hopelessly flawed scheme to fly to…
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From those articles it looks very much like a cult.  Secretive leaders with no accountability, and a bunch of enthusiastic supporters who are encouraged to donate everything to the cause...
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int main = []()->int{exit(0);}();
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I was wondering what the "D.R.A. Reminder" sign at some train stations means. It turns out it's a reminder to the train driver to set the Driver Reminder Appliance, which is a device that remind the train driver to check for a red signal before driving beyond the "D.R.A. Reminder" sign. So, it basically means "Do not drive past this sign without remembering that you shouldn't drive past this sign unless it's safe".

According to Wikipedia, the DRA was originally a plastic button which kept falling off, preventing the driver from being able to start the train.

This sums up the railway system nicely.
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Andrew “The” Bolt

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"Tea, Earl Grey, 98.4F". (James Bond as captain of the Starship Enterprise).
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That doesn't sound like particularly warm tea. Oh wait. That's sake-warm, like I like my blood.
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I love this year's Google Maps April Fools. Milton Keynes is a fun place to try it on, combining the best of a US-style grid system with the British approach to putting roundabouts everywhere:,-0.7599616,18z/data=!1e3
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"Can't be broken by the usual cyber attack methods" - what, like social engineering, guessing passwords, and Trojan horses?
Mathematicians have designed an encryption code capable of fending off the phenomenal hacking power of a quantum computer. Using high-level number theory and cryptography, the researchers reworked an infamous old cipher called the knapsack code to create an online security system better prepared for future demands.
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Keep this bookmarked, especially if you need to switch between languages:
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I probably disagree with this
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Here's a pretty strong rebuttal to the media's on-going infatuation with turning any story about Machine Learning into a terror-mongering, click-bait article about an impending robot uprising.
Don't believe the hype about artificial intelligence, or the horror.
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I liked "For science to work, it has to be concerned with the observable universe, not with superstition couched in scientific jargon."  Exactly.
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People talk about terrorist attacks being about religion. They aren't - they are about puppet-masters furthering their own needs for control by manipulating people's belief systems to incite thugs into feeling that their acts of violence are justified.
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+Steven Brockwell​ absolutely agree. Religion (and our apparent need for supernatural and sensational stories) is easily coopted by people seeking control. What power-crazed dictator wouldn't seize the opportunity to claim a divine mandate?
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