Anyone in the mood to do some beta testing on a new script?  This is what I would have built for St. Hacktrick's Day were I not busy organizing.  It's the "popsicle sticks" tool I started coding as part of my session at #nynjgs13 taken to completion.

For now I'm calling it "kidPicker" and you can use it to select and evaluate students for a formal questioning (cold call) or oral participation assessment.  

kidPicker is a web app (i.e. it's just a URL, no gallery installation) meant to ensure that within a given class period you don't call on the same student twice unless you've already called on every other student first.

The web app launches a tracker spreadsheet for you to fill in with students.  Each sheet in the spreadsheet is meant to hold one roster, where date headings are created for each new date the script runs.  Scores get recorded under the date headers.

The Ui is meant to be small enough to run on a mobile phone or small tablet so the teacher can run it while actively moving around the room.

Looking for feedback on the design / functionality of this before publishing to the Chrome Web Store.

Here's the URL if you want to try it on your own Google Account:
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