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The Doctopus Script is like a "smart" photocopier inside of Google Drive, allowing you to distribute starter documents to students in specific sharing configurations, and NOW....according to differentiation levels, and with specific access privileges.  It can strip away and restore editing privileges as well as email grades and feedback to students.

Before I release it to the gallery, I'm looking for folks to beta test Doctopus Version 2.0, which adds the following new features:

- A new sharing configuration called  "individual - differentiated" which allows you to create and share different per-student documents by level.
- Thanks to a new Apps Script library contributed by +Romain Vialard  the ability to set whole-class access level to "allow comment only" -- great for setting up peer review protocols across student projects!
- The ability to exempt students from group or differentiated assignments generated by placing "excuse" in the group column.
- Better behavior when the script fails on certain students...script can now be re-run without re-creating all student docs.
- No forced sorting of student names when used in group mode.

I'd love some feedback from GCT community before next week, when I plan to push it to the gallery.  Copy the spreadsheet linked below with the code attached at the link below:
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I'll definitely have a look this weekend, Andrew.
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