+Sean Beaverson Inspired me to finally write this script -- can't think of a clever name or an imaginitive GIF yet -- with the working name "studentPageCreator."  In contrast to some other full ePortfolio solutions out there, this script merely creates a page per student on an existing Google Site.

Here's what it does:

-- Takes the URL of an existing Google Site and uses a list of students (with email addresses) to generate a page per student.

-- Allows you to construct the page titles in the spreadsheet.

-- Allows you to position the student pages underneath any page on your site.

-- Lets you use standard Sites templates, or specify any custom page template you've created.

-- Due to limitations in the Apps Script API, this script DOES NOT use "Page-Level Permissions". As a workaround, all students will be added as top-level editors to the Site.

-- Runs entirely from a single UI panel.  Super simple to deploy.

Please help test it out.  Make a copy of the spreadsheet that contains the code here:


Others who will definitely be interested in checking this out:
+Bjorn Behrendt +Graham Bowman +Lucie deLaBruere 

Also looking for good names / logo ideas;)
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