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Hi +Amanda Rachelle Warren, sorry for posting the link previously. As mentioned, this is the first time I've written a poem since school so I'm after any feedback at all. I feel like it's a good stab at a first draft, but let's see what people think. It's called "A healer's true form will find you in time".

At times our world
can seem so unfair.
Broken hearts, a last breath —
manifests in despair.

Its grip, unyielding,
pulls you deeper below.
Keep it close to your chest,
or release and let go.

Each to their own
in both remedy and rhyme.
A healer’s true form
will find you in time.

Not always complete
but often stronger in mind.
We’re all human, remember,
don’t assume and be kind.

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Catching up since last week's poem!

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Upcoming project mgt, change mgt and process review workshops. Plus a new tool on Personas and a webinar recording about social media for business and community engagement #edtech   #socialmedia  

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Got an idea that would improve student life using technology? You could receive £5,000 from Jisc to develop it this summer.

More info at Closing date for votes and applications is 30 May. #edtech  

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The service I work for is changing the way it delivers workshops focusing more on helping organisations across UK HE, FE and Skills to solve real issues. Find out more from the website if you're interested.

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In this webinar the audience will hear from 2 different institutions (Staffordshire University; University of Bolton) and the way in which they have practically applied EA to solve real business problems.

To attend, please register via the official website listed below.

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Hi Everyone, I must confess that I'm not an Enterprise Architect but have been working with UK Higher Education, Further Education and Skills to collate and share knowledge around the application of EA.

Where relevant I'll attempt to contribute, and share outputs relevant to the community. Our most recent output can be found from the link below, although we'll be making a few updates in the new year.

I hope this is the right category in which to post, still getting used to this on my mobile!!

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Great summary!
Leadership Compared to Management

"By focusing attention on a vision, the leader operates on the emotional and spiritual resources of the organization, on its values, commitment, and aspirations. The manager, by contrast, operates on the physical resources of the organization, on its capital, human skills, raw materials, and technology."  ~James M. Strock

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