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Andrew Stephen
Collector of Classic Computers, Purveyor of Prattle and Unrepentant Alliterator.
Collector of Classic Computers, Purveyor of Prattle and Unrepentant Alliterator.

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Hmm. This looks like an attractive smartwatch!
48hr Giveaway
I'm giving away a Ticwatch 2
Brand new in box, Charcoal & a spare band.

Ways to win
> +1 this Post
> Share this Post (on Google+)
> Comment on this Post why you'd like a Ticwatch 2

For every one of the above that you do, you get 1 entry.
So, if you +1, Share & Comment, you get 3 chances to win!

Rule (there's only 1)
> Maximum of 1 Comment. If you Comment more than 1X, you're completely disqualified

That's it.
Simple as that.
No restrictions on who can/can't win.
I'll make it an international giveaway.
It starts now & ends 2pm PST / 5pm EST on Sunday, October 9th after that I'll close the Comments. If you miss the 48hr window, sorry, but don't message me on Hangouts to extend it, it won't happen.
Sunday afternoon I'll calculate the results & randomly select the winner, then ship the watch the next week.

So, g'luck everyone!

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It's great to see big companies like Google opening up about their perimeterless "zero trust" network security architectures. I've been pushing the user/device state/application/protocol model for about a decade now and have moved my past two employers in this direction. The benefits are substantial over the perimeter model.

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Somebody April Fooled my update!

Well played +CyanogenMod​!
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Last week's Risky Business podcast includes a truly epic rant from our very own Metlstorm on the futility of regulating cryptographic products to "beat the bad guys." Well done Metl!

Start listening at 2m 47s where Patrick Gray sets the context.

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I'm not sure this is the look Tissot was looking for when advertising their new smart watch.

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An LTE hotspot for your car ODB port?

OK, who has one of these and can confirm which pins are electrically connected?

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I wonder if the official +Android Developers​ team have anything to say about this ;)
Wait a minute now! This is a screenshot from my Android tablet of a scan posted by +The Retroist​ of an AT&T advertisement from 1994 showing their visualisation of the "wrist phone."

There's something about those buttons...

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