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Andrew Stein

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Prepare for it, engage it, drive it, enjoy it, and gain from it.  Or, it happens on its own, perhaps with unexpected, or undesirable outcomes.  Good Read !
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Andrew Stein

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Please help the next generation of Servant Leaders #servantleadership.
This summer I have the amazing opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to serve orphaned and neglected children. I will be serving with the organization, VisionTrust, whose mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature
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Andrew Stein

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Sun dogs on the way to the post office
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Early riser, huh?
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Andrew Stein

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Just try not to have a tear. There is hope.
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Andrew Stein

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We've been told that the time to invest is is when things are down. Waiting until after they recover, the big winners were the risk takers, and they are already there.  For competitive advantage, you have to invest early, and play-it-safe strategies create regret later, after the opportunity is already taken.
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Andrew Stein

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People ask me "what next." this post overviews my common response.  After you develop the idea, it's too easy to just focus on product, alone. Go To Market strategies are much more effective if there's an operating model for the team to use efficiently. Vision, mission, strategy..., get the operating model going next - it's the empowering tool for any organization from start-up to fortune 500.
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Andrew Stein

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Still confused about what to put in a leadership resume? Read this. It's all about perspective. I'm sharing the secrets. 
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Andrew Stein

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When you know it has to be done, get started now - Nicholas provides an excellent blueprint.
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Andrew Stein

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My daughter needs a final $300 in fundraising.  She is bilingual, and has always lived in service of others.  This summer she will be working with children in need in the Dominican Republic.  Please share.
This summer I have the amazing opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to serve orphaned and neglected children. I will be serving with the organization, VisionTrust, whose mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature
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Andrew Stein

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Every once in a while, one sees something that stops them in their tracks. Yesterday, this was that something.

There are some that don't know what this device hanging on the lobby wall in the Naperville Hilton, is used for. Maybe it doesn't work? I did not check.

Then also, there is the irony in my taking this picture with my "phone." 
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Good point - I guess the list of surprises should grow to 4.
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Andrew Stein

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In a socially transparent world, this seems to be a good time to find ways to make good (and better) decisions, more quickly. Remember, failure IS and option if it is in an environment where learning is fostered.
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Andrew Stein

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A Paradox indeed. Hard to see from within, but easy to see from outside, or after the fact.  Business School focused on industrial age teaching - misses this social era lesson?
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Create, Capture and Sustain Value
My 25 year career continues to be a successful global adventure. I have been fortunate to inspire remarkable teams that produced exceptional customer experiences while delivering to the bottom line.

As a result, I have consistently identified opportunity and transformed reactive market-driven companies into agile market-driving category leaders.

"It’s the team, not just the leader."  Learn more philosophy and values on my blog, SteinVox.

I'm trained as a geo-scientist and think like a design engineer. In business, I am passionate about selling and always closing. My skills were forged by Silicon Valley experience, tempered by great leaders, and proven by delivering results. Over time, I was recognized for my keen sense for preemptive change influenced by a pace of innovation set by Moore’s Law. I can code, but my best skill is defining the vision, mission and operating model.

As Chief Advisor for The Pervasive Strategy Group, we use evidence-based insight to provides guidance to clients. Some clients include Danaher, Reed Business Information, Bain and Company, McKinsey, TPG Capital and SAP.

I'm available for Board of Director and Advisory work where making a transition is needed in terms of business ecosystems, partner strategy, marketing-as-strategy, IPO (initial public offering), PE (private equity) funding and capital raising, organizational development, business transformation, turnaround, and other difficult challenges in complex industries.

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Wrote the original product specification for AutoCAD LT in 1992.
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This summer I have the amazing opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to serve orphaned and neglected children. I will be

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