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What expertise does #DickSmith , #BobBirrell et al have regarding #population (growth)?

The US based 'zero population growth' movement was never based on empirical science, but personal preferences, linking negative or proxy issues e.g. environment, with 'non-European immigrants', no surprise due to 'white nativist' influences.

Keep in mind the UN definition as used by Australia changed in 2006 to include temporaries, in addition to new permanents, via the NOM net overseas migration which is balance between arrivals/departures of ALL travellers. Accordingly this has inflated the headline estimated resident population (which is then spruiked negatively for maximum impact), and mostly reflects international students, backpackers, 457 workers, NZ'ers and dependents.

Further, one of the increasingly significant drivers of population growth in Australia and the rest of the world is neither fertility nor immigration, but longevity through better health care and education leading to an ageing population that needs to be supported physically and through working tax base.

Rather than increase the permanent migration program Australia has come to reply upon temps who can work, with no or limited access to future permanent residency and citizenship, who in fact lower the per capita debt.

Regarding statistics, like 'population' and 'immigration' the definitions have been egregiously conflated and confused to induce inflation of data for more impact in media.

For an expert view on international population growth, human development and statistics Professor Hans Rosling is the acknowledged expert, and concurs with enviornmental scientists etc., outside Australia, that the supposed issue is not scary and in fact a myth: 'Don't panic: the facts about population'

Viewpoints or theories presented by 'experts' about demography, 'population', 'immigration' etc. in Australian media seem more related to the beliefs and attitudes of good old boys from the deep south of the USA.... unfortunately it's not science.

For more info about population, immigration, international education and human development visit AIEC Europe
A new survey shows the big end of town and the politicians they finance have pushed the case for high immigration, generally against the overall public interest.
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Andrew Smith

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Welcome to Active8 #Budapest ! We provide a printed and online #directory specially designed for services that encourage active and healthy lifestyle choices in Budapest’s English-speaking and international community.

The site will be officially launched in September 2015

Active8 Budapest is a #community for the many wonderful and like-minded educational, sporting, and healthy-living services that exist in Budapest.
Budapest for visitors tourists travellers backpackers, students, retirees workers on Schengen Visa tourism travel accommodation transport.
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Andrew Smith

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In recent years, or maybe forever, most people assume immigration equals unemployment, whether that be media, unions, environmentalists, politicians and people in general.

From Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald:

‘Rise in employment all part of the service sector…..  Population growth is slower because fewer Kiwis are coming to Oz and more are going back home where, for the moment anyway, the economy’s prospects are brighter. As well, the end of the mining construction boom means fewer workers and their families are coming in under temporary 457 visas.  If the economy’s potential growth rate is lower, that means we can stabilise unemployment at a lower rate of actual growth.

‘How population growth can make us worse off.  …. Just about every economist, politician and business person is a great believer in a high rate of immigration and a Big Australia. But few of them think about the consequences of that attitude – which does a lot to explain our economic problems.

#SydneyMoriningHerald   #Unemployment   #Immigration  

More recently in Oz at an ACOSS conference via ABC RN Big Idea ‘Jobs of the Future‘, the real issue was highlighted, although significant unemployment, it’s more to do with the mismatch in skills needed for employment now, and the disconnect of the education and training sector with industry (ditto EU, churning out law, economics, arts etc. graduates for ‘white collar’ careers that no longer exist….)

The advice for anyone young wanting middle class mobility, or wishing to retrain, don’t just listen to your friends/family and enroll in higher education for vague outcomes, but do apprenticeships, vocational education and training; more from New York Times ‘A New Look at Apprenticeships as Path to the Middle Class‘.

For more information about employment, work and jobs in Australia click through here 
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Andrew Smith

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Australian International Education Services Christopher Pyne

Recently the Department of Education with Minister Christopher Pyne developed a draft national strategy for international education, and since then various news reports have referred to this strategy.  However, many do not view the draft as a strategy but merely a list of aspirations and wishes or objectives, lacking anything about how this strategy should be executed, the ‘emperor has no clothes’?

#ChristopherPyne   #InternationalEducation   #draftstrategy  

News Articles About International Education, Students, Immigration and Population

For those working or interested in international education, immigration, visas, human development and population may be interested in the following news, blogs and websites click through to AIEC 
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Andrew Smith

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Australia’s population rose by 64,000 to 23.626 million in the final quarter of 2014, an increase of 330,200, or 1.42%, on a year ago, according to new figures from the ABS released today.

CBA economist Gareth Aird delved into the numbers and produced some cracking charts dissecting key components and overall trends.

#PopulationGrowth #Australia #NetMigration

Good article but does not explain several important factors that have increased headline numbers:

1.  The definition of NOM was expanded or change din 2006 (?) to include temporaries staying 12/16+ months in Australia.
2.  The NOM then reflected the growth in international education and international students studying more than one year.
3.  Till 2008 there was spike in skilled workers etc. to cover shortages.
4.  Post GFC in 2008 2nd year working holiday visas also spiked due to economic situation in Europe, UK and Ireland.
5.  An ageing population is having more impact on population growth due to prosperity and improved health (care) with oldies and baby boomers living longer, and impacting population numbers, becoming known as a 'baby boomer bomb'.

For more information about international education, immigration, population and human development click through here
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Andrew Smith

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International education strategy should ‘focus more on the future’.  The government has been encouraged to be more aspirational and forward-thinking in its vision for the international student sector. While most of the 108 submissions are overwhelmingly supportive of the draft national strategy for international education, several express concern that the ambition for the sector is rooted in the present.

#InternationalEducation   #NationalStrategy   #Submissions  

Aspirations like dreams are fine, but how are they to be achieved while ignoring digital disruption and international students' own systematic and regular feedback?

Executive Summary of AIEC response to the 'Draft Australian International Education Strategy' May 2015 submission key points.  'Any outcomes of an international education strategy should be increased innovation, sustainability, digital presence, diversity, productivity, transparency, efficiency and effective means to increase the success of Australian international education.

Read more here at AIEC Australian International Education Centre
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Andrew Smith

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Current events in the news sees significant international movements or migration of people for various reasons, pull and push factors etc..  

However, be cautious with links of #populationgrowth    with supposed #sustainable   or #steadystate   economies, while seguing between international and national data… linking climate change with #immigration   etc..  
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Andrew Smith

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A change in editorial from #MacroBusiness on #refugees when there is a constant stream of negative reports and comments about migrants, students, immigration, #populationgrowth along with all the standard cliches of population ponzi etc.

No coincidence, in the Anglo world there have been 'white nativist' and 'white nationalist' groups (i.e. in another time and using less polite language neo Nazis and KKK) emanating from the US who've been patiently influencing opinion in media and policy via politicians regarding identity, values, fertility, immigration and 'other types'.

The objective is to preclude non-European types from immigrating, then if they do succeed, still try restrict their influence upon a predominantly white European society, while maintaining and increasing antipathy towards non-Europeans.

The fulcrum of the movement is John Tanton in the US whose views are quite transparent, and of course the movement he was the architect of has strong links in Australian academia, politics and environment, as it does in Canada and the UK.

The NYT has an article here about Tanton, "The anti-immigration crusader" (who like some in Oz has never seen a non-European immigrant he liked, and admired the White Australia Policy)

Further, legal NGO SPLC explains the philosophy in more detail "Nativist lobby: three faces of intolerance" (in US)

Any restriction or even increase in bigotry (by proxy) is a successful outcome, any guesses which Australians in politics, environment and academia who are connected to the movement?

Meanwhile moderate GOP Republicans are going crazy watching their party slide into potential unelectability as these types not only influence and inform Trump, but turn off those of non-European background from the GOP, even demographics mean they will become the majority.

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Andrew Smith

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Fact checking or elaboration on statements accepted as fact from or by politicians, media and the #Internationaleducation   industry in #Australia   :

#Educationexports   were growing but were hamstrung or stymied by concerted media campaigns in cooperation with the white nativist lobby stereotyping negatively the international education sector, while leaders in the same sector remained silent.  This negative focus centred around agents, international students, immigration, visas, private colleges, quality standards, population growth/NOM impact upon environment and infrastructure, cheating, property prices etc. resulting in visa and immigration restrictions.  However, no one scrutinised the fact that the industry is managed by Australians as is the quality system, visas and immigration, neither international students nor agents.

Highlighting ‘enrolments’ which can be short and rolling multiple for same student and e.g. enrolment for 12 weeks of English cannot compare with 2 years of TAFE or 2+ years of university study.  This technique inflates actual student numbers.....

Agents contracts that neither outline clearly what are the responsibilities of university’ international managers supposedly training and managing agents, and enforcing recruitment targets, that may lead to aggressive promotion, selling and short cuts (while ignoring all digital marketing channels on campus)?

Highlighting MOOCS only shows the digital and technical ignorance of leaders as MOOCS are nothing new; open university, off campus, external, distance and online study have been a fact of life for some time.  If international students are not welcome to study onshore in Australia, why would they bother studying an Australian MOOC vs in country elsewhere, especially when open university degrees etc. are not recognised in many countries?  Is the preference for MOOCS from offshore more about limiting the NOM net overseas migration?

Marketing strategies are avoided as someone maybe personally responsible, most prefer that strategy and execution is outsourced to external consultants and agents (sales targets)….. begs the question, what are international managers’ core competencies apart from acting on ‘approved travel plans’ and ‘distribution of marketing materials’, and ignoring digital analysis, again ‘the emperor has no clothes’?

For more about international education marketing click through to AIEC
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Andrew Smith

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I am not sure the writer understands the #NOM and #populationgrowth ? It is true the economy attracts population through #immigration both permanent program, and temporaries, but NOM is strongly impacted by full fee paying international students, and 2nd year backapckers, both of whom spiked 2008. In future an increasing source of population growth will be ageing baby boomers, in addition to oldies now, who are living longer due to prosperity. 
Rapid population growth used to be a key driver of Australia's economic expansion, but the tide is slowly turning.
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Andrew Smith

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Draft International Education Strategy and Round Table.  National Education Strategy Marketing Resources Europe Turkey.

#InternationalEducation #InternationalStudents #ChristopherPyne  

News articles and blogs related to international education, university, SEO digital marketing and politics click through to AIEC for more information
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Andrew Smith

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International Education Course Search SEO Digital Marketing

Organic Destination/Course Search vs Paid Offshore Promotional Events/Campaigns.

SEO organic inbound search results versus paid or sponsored outbound.  What is the difference between paid ‘outbound’ conventional events or digital campaigns via AdWords etc., and organic ‘inbound’ SEO for course and destination search?  Why use SEO techniques as part of the marketing mix versus campaigns or events?

#InternationalEducation   #SEOMarketing   #MarketingStrategy  

All state bodies and institutions’ international marketing should be encouraged to conduct emerging market development, not mature market development where there is already visiblity.

This should include producing a comprehensive digital and SEO marketing strategy outlining who is responsible, architecture of their web and social media networks, digital KPIs, development of ‘marketing content’ and incidental or related media releases (for website, blogs and social media) informed by students and stakeholders, that can be found online internationally.

For more information and resources in international education marketing click through here to AIEC
Organic Destination/Course Search vs Paid Offshore Promotional Events/Campaigns. SEO organic inbound search results versus paid or sponsored outbound.  What is the difference between paid 'outbound...
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