Everything you wanted to know about geocaching swag and was afraid to ask... Check out this latest released episode of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv).
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(sarcasm ON) I Really like finding Golf Balls in caches! Nothing better than hiking 10 miles into the woods and opening a cache and finding a Golf Ball!!! It makes me do the GeoDance when I do find one!! (sarcasm OFF)
That might have been over the top.. Sorry..
+Keith McCall I feel that the hike and finding the cache are the fun things about it. But yeah, dirty golf balls are not cool swag.
+Thomas Foster Yep, the fun is in the hunt. I do trade swag here and there when I have my swagbag though. Heck, I will even restock a cache when I find one that all the swag is gone.
+Andrew Smith Nope,, but there can't be anyone within a hundred miles though for me to do the dance (and that's counting wildlife too!) :D
LOL, you should have seen me when II did a FTF on a geocache put out by our local museum. It had a shark tooth for swag! Oh yeah, geodanced that one.
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