Faith Fighters

The LORD will fight for you, and you will hold your peace. Exo 14:14

The challenge that lay before him was monstrous. A massive giant towering 10 feet tall. Here stood a man to be feared. A man built and bred for war. Armed from head to toe with the latest in modern artillery, with 126 pounds of impenetrable armor wrapped around his colossal frame. Goliath of Gath was the perfect war machine, hand crafted by nature itself for the task of destruction. And there... there before him stood David. A shepherd boy. With no previous experience in battle and no armor to protect himself, he appeared before the assembly of warriors to be nothing more then a lamb to the slaughter. He had no sword by his side. No spear or shield in hand. His weapons of choice... a stick... a sling shot... and a bag full of rocks. Yep... There stood David... Pretty boy David. Defended by only one thing... His faith in an invisible God.

We all know the outcome of the story. One smooth stone ended it all. Regardless of how prepared Goliath thought he was. Regardless of how confident Goliath felt he was, nothing Goliath said or did was able to thwart the plans of the great Jehovah. He lost his head that day. And the words spoken by that shepherd boy David would from then on echo down through the ages for generations to come. Those infamous words of faith that pierce through the most discouraging of situations and impenetrable of obstacles...

"The battle is the Lord's."

Today, in some way, some shape, and some form, God wants to fight the battle in your life. His honor is on the line and God wants to be vindicated in your situation. All that he requires from you is a faith that is willing to fight... a faith that will fight to believe in the tangible manifestation of the power of an invisible God who is able to do impossible things. A faith like David's faith. A faith that is not only willing to talk but a faith that is willing to walk. Willing to fight... brave enough to "run at" the Goliaths that threaten to destroy us, knowing that God is more then able to deliver them into our hands.

Today, will you accept the challenge? Will you choose to walk by faith and not by sight? Will you choose to fight... In spite of the odds that are stacked against you? Will you dare to throw a rock at the tank of doubt that is rolling onto the battle field in your life? I encourage you my friend... Dare to be a David. Dare to fight!!!

Fight... the good fight of faith!!!
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