Soon It Will Be Over

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."
Psalm 30:5

On a recent trip to the UK, I was fortunate enough to experience one of the worst rain storms I've ever been through in my life. No lie... It was terrible... After nearly 2 weeks of beautiful weather, it suddenly came, fast and hard, sending the city of Manchester into a state of complete anarchy.

No one knew how to handle the sudden change. There were accidents on the roads, people dashing madly into the streets and in front of cars. The majority of the population was found unequipped and unprepared to face the instant change. It was complete mayhem.

But, in the midst of the confusion, I would see a few here and there who, though drenched from head to toe, were comely pressing their way through the storm. With no umbrella for shelter, no rain coat for comfort, they still maintained their composure in the madness. They did not allow the storm to define their behaviour but rather, their behaviour was defining their storm. And from this, we can gather a valuable life lesson.

Life becomes like this at times. We go through episodes of calm and comfort, when everything seems to be going well, only to be thrown off our perch by the sudden downpour of chaos and calamity. For some it may be the death of a loved one, a divorce or separation, the loss of a job or home... Whatever the case may be, these storms can turn our worlds upside down. Leaving us stranded, confused and exposed.

Christ experienced this as he endured his ordeal to Calvary. He went from a peaceful meal with friends to being dragged through the city streets by a mob screaming "Crucify Him!". He felt spiritually abandoned, mentally and physically abused, but, in the midst of his storm, he did not break under the pressure. He was determined to stay the course, knowing that our salvation depended on his calm and patient perseverance. He pressed forward with the understanding that the rain would only beat on him for a short while and 3 days after it began, he came out of the grave more then a conquerer.

You may be going through your "rainy season" right now. It may seem that the downpour just won't let up. Remember, even in the worst of storms, the Sun is still shining. In fact, the only thing that is destined to move is the storm. It may not move today or it may end in a few seconds. However long it lasts, remember that to everything there is a season... And soon this season will be over.

This design was created for Generation:LoudCry, a group of young adults passionate about sharing the loud cry message of Christ soon return. The inspiration behind it comes from a verse found in
Isaiah 53. It illustrates how Christ, though he was an innocent being, willingly endured the brutality of the cross experience. Through the power of God, he defined his test... He did not let the test define him.
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