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Anyone who works at Google know the most effective way I can appeal this ban? Thanks for your support.

UPDATE 2: Thank you so much for your support everyone. The Google Play team is giving me a chance to reinstate the app, provided I fix the Content Policy issues, the primary issue being the sexually explicit and possibly other policy-violating subreddits ("applies to but not limited to gratuitous violence, hate speech, bullying, and so forth") included with the app by default.

UPDATE: The Google Play appeals team has replied to my appeal, asking me for more clarification. Their questions make it obvious that the recent inclusion of NSFW subreddits in the default list is what concerns them, as many individuals have guessed already. I'll update as I hear back from them again.
Wow. I wasn't expecting this. I got 2 emails from the Google Play Store telling me my apps, reddit is fun lite and pro, have been banned for sexually ...
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What the hell Google?

People have been telling me for years that Google really is just as bad as Apple and Microsoft. I am starting to believe this is true.

If I wanted to have internet mommies telling me what I am allowed to see or do with my devices, I would have got an iPhone.
What the shit? I can browse reddit on the goddamn stock browser. I can browse anything on the stock browser. I'm baffled.
Cut the crap, Google, that's just not okay.
Reshared as well. I know some Googlers but they're mainly all G+ people.
If this stays in place then it seems we will be needing a non-Google-Play store, run by the community.

Let the exodus begin.
+Google has a policy regarding apps that link directly to adult material. I believe the latest version of your app has NSFW subreddits in the list by default. Remove those links and resubmit the app.
yeah man an exodus from Google Play - this is definitely gonna work.
well then +G.Waleed Kavalec you're gonna boycott the market while I keep using it and we'll see how long it takes you to download or update an app
Hai Tu
Can we get a response Google?
of course they're gonna re-allow it, it's probably a mistake. stop the circlejerk, seriously
+Chris Sobolewski is right. An app that shows content is considered the same as the content. So if your app shows NSFW Reddit content.... (by "show", I mean direct link to it, of course...)
This app is not sexually explicit on its own. Can you wind up accessing sexually explicit content through it? Sure, just like any other web browser. This app's primary function is not to allow access to sexually explicit content, and that's what should count.
Clearly a mistake, Isn't it +Google ? Now return Reddit is fun to the +Google Play and let's have a laugh at the silly cock up.
Google, you're slowly sliding down the slope of becoming apple. The whole reason I went with google, google apps, and android is because you weren't like apple. Lately with all the ridiculous crap going on I'm starting to wonder. :(
By this logic all browsers and e-mail software should be banned as well. There are plenty of apps available in the market that directly offer adult content.
Did they give any explanation? I use Reddit is Fun and there's no sexually explicit data in the app. There is on Reddit, but that is like saying a web browser is sexually explicit because I can access porn using it. I suppose you could add a setting to filter NSFW subreddits and posts and try resubmitting it.
Bad call on Google's part. This isn't any more offensive than the stock browser!
Google, seriously? You're being EVIL!
Google is your mommy. Now sit down and eat your peas or there'll be no desert!
this is bullshit let's bring it to their attention man!
The funny thing is this app is going to be unbanned by +Google Play and see a huge popularity spike because of this thing. Luckily I downloaded it a few weeks before it was banned. If they used the same logic they did to ban this app on everything in the market they would have to ban all web browsers.
Unacceptable. Let's make some NOISE, people.
exactly! every browser! huge derp on their part.
Let's all flag Chrome Beta as well.
Good luck on getting it back.
I agree. We should slam the Chrome Beta until Google realizes how asinine this is.
The post is on top of Reddit right now... Google will feel the pressure.
What the actual fuck, Google? It's a browser! Didn't realize we'd moved to North Korea.
I am not ok with this google, any browser can do this, even it if has default nswf subreddits it still doesnt matter.
+Google Play needs to reconsider its ban on Talklittle's Reddit app. Banning an application just because it could access NSFW content is silly. With that mentality all browsers should be banned from the market aswell.
Please release this back on the Play Store. This is ridiculous because its up to the user to choose what they want to browse. Plus I just paid for the Platinum version yesterday and now I can't install it on my phone
The app isn't banned because it can view NSFW material. Google doesn't care that people can check /r/gonewild. They care that it includes a link to /r/gonewild.

Just filter nsfw subreddits from the auto complete list and make users type them in manually.
Then if thats the case then we should see it back again soon? Well at least I hope so because I actually liked the new update
Sad face, Google. Sad face. 
Just reported Google Search app for inappropriate content, I can find tons of questionable material with it!
Redditisfun is no different than a Podcatcher, it connects users with content. Calling it pornography is like calling google a porn site.
+Andrew Shu isn't it like the Apple Store (forgive me as I've neither read the above comments; nor have I developed for Google Play) where sexually explicit material is ok as long as the app is declared as such?
On Apple's App Store, this is done so that 1) the user has to consent to being over the age of 17(?) and 2) So that if there are parental restrictions on the device; they will not be able to download / run said application.
Applications like Google+ and Facebook are designed to allow the user to access moderated content.
All the reddit Apps on the Apple app store are rated 17+ except one which is 12+
If there is no system; maybe just remove the links to NSFW stuff maybe...
I'd be annoyed if I gave my iPhone / HTC WF / other generic smartphone to my kid niece with the age restriction on and then within 5 minutes she's opened up an app with quite adult content...
Those making comparisons to browsers don't quite understand how software (and, thus, the Play Market) work. The Reddit-centric apps cannot be used to browse other websites; they are specialized softwares that are used to browse only one website. The other apps haven't been removed because they do not give access to NSFW subreddits by default.

That being said, I'm more curious as to why a.) this app is no longer open source and b.) the closed-source versions of the application need access to non-app-related web browsing history.
+Tyler Phelps am i correct in thinking you need a content rating if you're going to give access to any nsfw stuff?
I notice that Chrome on Android as a content rating of low maturity....
+Andrew Shu I saw this suggested this to you on reddit but what about a disclaimer that says the user takes all responsibility blah blah blah. Kind of like chandroid does with 4chan. You do not create the NSFW content, just allow access to a site that has it.
+Andrew Shu This is being brought to the attention of appropriate persons inside of Google. Sit tight - let's hope there's a good response.
Saw your post on /r/android, just wanted to say personally that, as much as i highly disagree on google's ruling, that it may be hard to argue it...


Use this opportunity to send a message. Look through the terms and agreements and see if theres any related reasons why they took it down. If so, take down the 4chan and other apps with you. If that doesnt fly, remind them that you can take them to court for biasness (dunno the legal term for that area, but its along those lines.) So either you succeed in keeping your work on google play, OR, you make a statement heard all across google in general, if not further.
+Tyler Phelps With the 2.0 update Andrew rewrote it and it's closed source. The reason it needs access to history is to flag visited threads in the app visited. This was actually added in the open source version.

Diode Reddit Browser is the forked open source version now.

Also yes I agree people comparing this to browsers are missing the point. If browsers shipped with porn in their default bookmarks then the comparison would be accurate.
Good luck with everything though! ~Shaw3028 (reddit username)
+Brook Jordan I have two other apps installed on my Galaxy Nexus that have the ability to show visited pages/threads and neither of them require access to browsing history. The only permissions required are Storage (modify/delete USB storage contents), Network Communication (full internet access), and Network Communication (view network state). The browsing history is stored server-side on perhaps only one of the two websites, which means it is completely possible to allow the application to flag visited pages without access to browsing history.
+Andy Reeves Yes, you need a content rating, but Google would have simply changed the content rating from their end and given the developer a warning. It takes multiple infractions for the developer's content to be removed from the Play Market.

To those saying the author should sue, please just stop talking. When you upload content to the Marketplace, you play by Google's rules. This is doubly true if the author is charging a fee for the application, which holds true in this case. The author has zero grounds to sue Google or any of its subsidiaries.
+Tyler Phelps It's possible for app to keep it's own browser history by tracking visited sites itself. However if you want to use the more built in way the app needs access to the global device browser history. One benefit of this is if you browse reddit in your browser and then in RiF your links in RiF will display "visited" for the threads you viewed in your browser.

I personally disable the "Save browser history" setting in RiF. I agree the fewer permissions the better though. So dropping that all together or handling it only within the app would be my preferred method. I understand why it's done the other way though.
+Andrew Shu I work at Google. I've reached out to you in a separate G+ thread to try and help.
Ju Li
This is an outrage! I am outraged!
+Brook Jordan This is only true if you view Reddit in both the browser and the application itself. Viewing Reddit on the Android device's browser is pointless with the application. It is, after all, why people download the application in the first place--to keep from having to use a browser. Unfortunately, having access to browsing history is an all-or-nothing game and the closed-source versions of the application are given access to the entire browsing history. Disabling the option from within the app might actually disable it or it could just be cosmetic, but we won't ever know unless the author releases the code open source again. Given that targeted advertising is currently the biggest (and easiest) way to make money using technology, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the author was making the bulk of his income selling users' browsing data to third-party companies.
+Tyler Phelps I'm aware that disabling the setting in the app doesn't remove the permission or the apps ability to read my history.

I think there's typically a lot of paranoia about permissions. Often warranted. That said, I'd be surprised if Andrew is selling or tracking peoples browsing history, although yes with that permission it's possible.
+Tyler Phelps Just wanted to chime in as the developer saying: you haven't used the closed-source version. If you had, you'd see that the browser permission is no longer used; it was ONLY used in the OPEN source version before I figured out how to implement it myself. So please take this discussion elsewhere. Thanks.
+Andrew Shu Glad you chimed in. Thanks for all you've done with RiF, especially everything you've given to the OSS community with it. Best of luck with this banning mess.
+Andrew Shu So i've spoken with the appropriate people here @ google. There seems to be some (very large) confusion about what actually happened. Expect to hear back shortly.

To the masses decrying "censorship! Oh noes!" That's not what happened here at all. Hopefully Andrew will be able to confirm this shortly. It really is a very tiny thing that seems to have caused this. Just be patient.
Google + censorship. So much for "Don't be evil".
This makes absolutely no sense. Shouldn't Google be banning themselves then, since they provide a browser that allows one to view sexually explicit material as well?!?! Mind is boggled!
Google, this app is NSFW in the same way that the android browser is. Come on now.
Kinda dumb that this app gets hit and others dont.
This kind of thing is the precise reason I stayed away from the iPhone when it first came out: the idea that a corporation was going to help shape my choices by limiting access to adult content, something I disagree with on principle. If this is the way Google is going to act, I might as well drink the damn Kool Aid or seriously start considering a Windows 8 phone when they come out. Protect us from malware, not risque or controversial content.
WTF happening? banning the best reddit app in google play? GET IT BACK NOW GOOGLE!
Quick follow up:

Check out Specifically...

"Your application shouldn't contain content that displays (via text, images, video, or other media) or links to:

Illegal content
Invasions of personal privacy or violations of the right of publicity
Content that interferes with the functioning of any services of other parties
Promotions of hate or incitement of violence
Violations of intellectual property rights, including patent, copyright (see DMCA policy), trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary right of any party
Any material not suitable for persons under 18
Pornography, obscenity, nudity, or sexual activity"

So, basically, it looks like, yes, Google Play does want to sanitize their service. Yes, I know...sideload the stuff and all that, but I had hoped that Google wouldn't go this route, as I said earlier, on principle.
Don't know how it got flagged, but what if it was your competition who bot you flagged, and not Google?
Moreover, as we know Reddit is for 1337 H4x0rz so... :P
Google is no where near Microsoft or Apple in evil action.
+Dave Nicponski To be clear, this merely reveals a far larger issue, and that is an incredible lack of support and communication with and towards Google's customers (the app developers). +Andrew Shu shouldn't have to get his answers by way of Google+.
Hopefully they fix this quickly. After using the free version of Reddit is Fun for the past few months I decided I should support the devoloper by buy buyign the paid version on the market today. Needless to say I'm not very impressed with google at the moment.
This is not ok google, bad google. I just bought pro. =(
Matt R
+Lauren Weinstein I wonder about all the details, but this probably should be covered if there's actual censorship going on here.
I think Google Play better ban Tumblr too -- man there is some serious NSFW content on that app.

Sorry you are having to go through this +Andrew Shu -- but your adventures will make for a better market (I believe). Thanks for fighting the fight.
Thank you so much for your support everyone. The Google Play team is giving me a chance to reinstate the app, provided I fix the Content Policy issues, the primary issue being the sexually explicit and possibly other policy-violating subreddits ("applies to but not limited to gratuitous violence, hate speech, bullying, and so forth") included with the app by default.
The inanity of the comments here is unbelievable. Censorship is a buzzword guys. You need to do the research instead of falling in with the rage parade. What makes this different from a web browser is simple: It isn't the content you can access but the content presented by default. If a web browser on the Play Store took you to a porn homepage or only porn websites, it'd be banned just the same. Technically, even apps like Chant should probably deserve a ban. I predict that after this, subsequent Reddit and 4chan apps with be "audited" by Google. Anyway, hopefully RiF will return without any issues. Good luck dev team.
+Chris Rogers I was the first commenter on this post. I already knew before posting that was the reason it was pulled. My issue is with their policy, not that they applied it. I wouldn't mind if Google labeled apps as containing "Adult" content, I just don't want them to ban the app outright. I am an adult, I should get to choose if I want to see "NSFW" material or not.

To assume we were all ignorant of the facts before posting is a bit presumptuous.
This is horse crap. I use Reddit is fun and not for porn. Google should be banning themselves, since porn shows up in search results in google search, right?
As someone who paid for Reddit Is Fun Golden Platinum or whatever it was called how can I get some version of this app back on my replacement phone I just received?
Any sort of update as to when we could see the app come back? It's been a week now. :)
+Tim Small I submitted the updated APK and other requirements to the Google Play team this morning. I'll hopefully hear back soon!
A quick add to a forgotten post. What Google Play did to me: They declared an app I made called SexCounter, that does not even have any sexually explicit material, well anything inside except the name, suspended. Then after I made 3 appeals, and wanted to close my dev account and get my $25 back, they reinstated the app. After 1 day and 2 downloads they suspended it again, yes you guest it right they said because of sexually explicit material. Logically I wrote an appeal (with reply number from my previously accepted appeal) and after an hour they reinstated it again.
The conclusion: This is the main reason they make 5 times less then Appstore, and they will make even less when Amazon hit's them and someone else also shows up. I suppose they have employed reviewers from developing countries (read India) that they pay a buck an hour and  together with unclear guidelines and autistic support system they are bulling developers around the globe, begging them to move elsewhere.
You know what as soon as an opportunity rises I'm gone from Play Store. Thank you Google, for nothing
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