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Andrew Shotland
Click Here If You Are Tired of Google Kicking You Around
Click Here If You Are Tired of Google Kicking You Around


Hey Local Searchers! Question of the day for you fine folk:

Can anyone share, either on or off the record, a case in the last six months where a GMB page changed on the front end either the business' category, phone number or address without your approval? Bonus points for before/after screenshots. Writing a post on SEL about how fun GMB is.

If you'd rather stay private feel free to DM me with the deets. Danke schatzis!

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Did Google just settle all Local family business?

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Great cause. Check it out. is donating 10% of purchase price using qualifying offers to The Breast Cancer Research foundation during the month of May. Save and give!

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Based on a survey of local media publisher ad managers, the report says that less than 5% of local digital advertising/inventory today falls into the programmatic category. However the report projects 10X growth over the next several years

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The S From Hell: A Screen Gems Presentation | Say goodbye to 9 minutes of your life

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Well, it's that time again... time to get a handle on the world of local SEO. We do a few of these each year to keep ya'll up to date with all the latest local SEO changes and approaches. 

And each year, we tend to have our fav search geeks on to give is the straight goods. The best of the best... our guests are;

+Mike Blumenthal -
+Darren Shaw - 
+Andrew Shotland - 

You don't want to miss this one!!

Some of the topics we are going to get into include;

Local SEO 2015 - what you need to know
Life post-pigeon
Dealing with multi-practitioner addresses
The importance of consistent NAPs

And we wanted to get into this post as well; Google is using knowledge Panels in competitive areas to highlight ads and Google Properties
Knowledge Panel – Down the Hotel Rabbit Hole with Google

-Problems Editing Data Google is in Control of

I you have topics or questions for us... feel free to post them here on the event page.

See you there!
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