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Awesome sketch a commenter made after reading The Ideal Length for All Online Content!

Post has attachment | New data suggests that users are spending more times with apps than mobile web browsers

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Is Detroit an underrated food city? While the attention to our city is great, and "underrated" is a vague term (compared to where?) I'd have to say that no, we're not underrated, strip away the constant negative media coverage that taints any mention of Detroit these days and we're probably appropriately rated. We have great food, we have great ethnic food, there are some good restaurants in the city proper and in the suburbs. Are we at a comparable level to other major cities, no. We're no NYC, NOLA, DC, Atlanta, Chicago or Silicon/Napa Valley. Very few people would travel to Detroit just for the food; you should travel to Detroit for a lot of reasons and trust that you'll find some good eats. Maybe we're approaching the lower second-tier of food cities - reliably good with some unique surprises and treats if you know where to look. 

Our food suffers for our culture and our region. With a city that didn't thrive, we lost a lot of ground. Our suburbs are suburbs, dependent on the city they surround for a sense of self. Thriving cities are restaurant cities, that has the effect of spilling out to the greater metro area.

Also, we are a midwestern area with provincial people, I'd guess that many residents don't travel widely, in the US or abroad. They go Up North. I'm no longer surprised when neighbors say that they have never left the state, let alone the metro Detroit area. The collective expectation of 'good food' is a high-end National chain. 

So come to Detroit to see what is happening. Come to Detroit to enjoy the beaches and the people. Come to Detroit and have a Coney Dog, a Burger at Red Coat, Millers, Green Dot Stables. Come to Detroit and find some great Chicken Shawarma. Come to Detroit and drink some of the best beer you'll ever have (go anywhere in Michigan and you'll find that one). 

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Good highlights on the changes to G+ profiles and cover photos. 
Time To Update Your Cover Images For Google Plus Profiles And Pages - Tips And Resources

Just as I was about to make a change to my cover photos for my Google Plus Profile and Page, there is an announcement from Google.

+Sara McKinley of Google writes about the changes, but in summary:

- we get a new tab for Local reviews encouraging us to write reviews of local places (note this anyone who has a local business as this could encourage more reviews so make sure you are managing your Google Plus page)

- there is an easier way to edit your 'About' tab and you can share specific fields with specific Circles, or keep them private

- the profile picture is now a circle - this is an important one to consider if you are a brand and want your logo to display correctly

- the hover card becomes more prominent with summary details of your profile so make sure you check what people will see in your hover card

- cover photos are much larger than before (up to 2120px by 1192px), and they display in 16x9 when fully expanded - for business Pages this gives the opportunity to display more images about your business.

The changes are being rolled out gradually (I can access them on my Page and profile).

Note that if you change your cover image you CAN NOT be changed back (see my image below).

See Sara's post here:

What Dimensions Are The Google Plus New Cover Images?

+Stephan Hovnanian has already created an image as a style guide that he is giving permission to download and use to create your new cover images for your profile and your Page:

What To Do If You Have No Design Skills And Need Inspiration For Your Cover Image?

+Trey Ratcliff has generously made available lots of high resolution photographs that you can use in your cover image - they are available free under a Creative Commons Non Commercial licence so I don't recommend you use them on your business page. You can find them here:

What If I Need More Inspiration To Create A Great Google Plus Cover Image?

+Google+ Helper has curated 10 cover images that will give you some ideas for your Page and profile:

I'd love to hear from you if you come across great cover images and do share when you change yours. I will be waiting a while before my changes as I'm delivering a workshop on Google Plus today and have Internatonal Women's Day events all day tomorrow!

#googleplusupdate #gplus #coverimage #profilepicture  

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With the new SEC guidelines and the end of the quarter, companies are dipping their toe into using Social Media for earnings and corporate info.

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A lot has changed in Detroit, can you do a Detroit tour?
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