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Dear Restaurants of the world,
Please don't make your online menus available in only download form or in graphic intensive manner's that require a direct fiber network on an eight core computer to view. I just want to be able to read your menu in as few clicks and little time as possible.
Thank you,
a customer
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I can't +1 this enough. There was a website I was on yesterday that I was trying to figure out why it was so slow. Chrome Developer tools showed the reason was that it had 400 objects and 80MB of data on it. I reckon I could have made a better presented page, with the same information on it, writing my own HTML in Notepad, plus a few images, totalling about 10 objects and about 500K.
I just can't believe the amount of transitions and animations they can pack in between appetizers and main courses. It's as if Micheal Bay is in charge of making online menus when he isn't working on the transformer movies.
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