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Plus One Collection III

Here's my submission for this years Plus One Collection. 

In a sense these rocks symbolise  part of my personal life - still standing tall but fragile at the same time. Waves of emotion have swept across my world but there is a beautiful light in the distance drawing me in. The last year has been a reflective period and I can see lots of  positive energy ahead and eager to embrace my creative spirits again.


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Maybe a late Christmas Present or just a chance to spoil yourself

If you really want to go on a fantastic workshop and be taught by some of the best fine art photographers around then tell your partners or give yourself this wonderful opportunity and present for Christmas. Come and visit Melbourne and the amazing Great Ocean Road. See the registration details below.
Ready to expand your photographic horizons in 2014? Join us for inspiring fine art photography workshops in Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. Register now at

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London Bridge, Victoria, Australia

It certainly has been too long since I made a post. So much has changed, the format, etc I even struggled to find the area to type in this post. Thanks to the many people who have contacted my in one way or another and for your support. It's really been great and things are looking up again for me. Unfortunately not much personal photography and going back to the last lot of images I created about 12 months ago.

This image of "London Bridge" is from the Port Campbell National Park or better know as the 12 Apostle area along the Great Ocean Road. As a kid I remember walking across the double archway to what now is a little island and creeping to the edge looking down into the water. It is quite remarkable how quickly this part of the coastline changes due to the soft sandstone cliffs and the constant sea and wind erosion. It's really a stunning area and a must see for all. Unfortunately viewing access is now limited to three big platforms and beach access closed altogether. Yet it is so beautiful and a great place to just take in the vista whether rain, hail or shine. I was quite lucky to have a great couple days here which was definitely not long enough.

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Still Standing

Another one from my weekend at the 12 Apostles area near Princetown/Port Campbell. I've been a little quiet of late but thought I'd share this one from a must see area in Victoria, Australia.

This is a 2-image pano taken on a beautiful morning complete with a little drizzle and a tiny bit of a double rainbow.

#SeaTuesday -  by the wonderful +Julia Anna Gospodarou 
#PlusPhotoExtract - +Jarek Klimek 

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My submission for the Plus One Collection 2012

Here's my submission for the amazing work +Ivan Makarov and his team are doing in raising funds for great causes through their exhaustive efforts to help produce a yearbook of the best images shared on Google Plus.

The choice of image was difficult as there were a hand full of images throughout the year I felt captured the essence of my vision and my connection with the environment. Yet this image marked a another positive step in my growth as an artist and one that opened my eyes to the creative possibilities that image processing allows. This was no doubt helped through my fortunate opportunity to participate in an online workshop with the most amazing and generous +Joel Tjintjelaar. Through his expertise and support Joel helped me tremendously and through our interactions this image was produced. So in a sense this was a new beginning for me and hence it's selection. Thanks.


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Last day left to contribute to the Plus One Collection

If you've been thinking about contributing to the Plus One Collection and allow your photography to make a little difference to the greater community then submit your image today to +Ivan Makarov wonderful fundraising campaign. 

Last year's hard cover book was beautiful showcasing many superb images from many of the best photographers on Google Plus. This year you can be one of them but getting cracking - there's not much time left to submit. #PlusOneCollection2012
ANNOUNCING PLUS ONE COLLECTION 2012 + Image Submission + Fundraising Campaign

Alright, let's do this thing! The publication of Plus One Collection 2012 is officially under way. Read on for details, watch the video, re-share it, and get on the train before it's too late. 

Who can contribute a photograph for the book? 

Anyone. Send us your best image you took in 2012 and it'll get published in one or in all forms - in print, in ebook, and in our online gallery. 

What's the theme?

Same as last year - your best photograph you made in the year just ended, 2012. 

How else can I help?

Re-share this post with your circles. Invite friends and family to participate. This is a photography community publication, and we want as many submissions as we can get. Everyone should hear about this. Remember to tag your posts with #PlusOneCollection2012

When is the deadline?

Image submission is open from now until January 16, 11:59pm California time. In other words, don't wait and send us your work today. 

How do I submit my photograph? 

All details and submission form is here -

Will we be able to see what's being submitted?

Yes. Once submissions start coming in, I will setup a +SmugMug gallery where you can see all that's being sent to us and you'll be able to find your image too. 

How will the book get published?

The book will be printed and bound professionally through Oddi in Iceland. They're known for working with photographers and for their great quality of printing.

How can we afford a print run?

To afford the cost of publication, we launched a crowdsourcing campaign through Indiegogo ("Kickstarter" that allows charitable causes). There are all levels of contribution there, so take a look -

How do I pre-order a copy?

Just like last year, for limited time only, you can order Limited Edition of the book that will ship numbered, signed, and with a fine art print. The only way to order it this year is through Indiegogo campaign that will run through January. These copies will ship first and before book officially goes on sale. So again, don't wait and chip in today!

When will the book ship? 

We're shooting for the same time frame as last year - so sometime in early spring. 

What cause are we supporting this year?

We are very proud to have teamed up with the Kilgoris Project. In short, we will use any proceeds from the sale of the book and buy digital cameras for underpriveledged children in the school in Kenya. But it's a much bigger project than that. Please watch the video!

Who made this video?

We proud to be still working on +Andy Lee who made this video is our chief designer for everything pixel related. 

Ivan, why are you not smiling in the video?

I'm Russian. We never do. But I'm always smiling inside. 

Kmm. I still want to help.

Click that "share" button right now!


Leave them in the comments. 


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The Apostles, Victoria, Australia

Only a 2 hour drive from home yet this visit was the first photographic trip to Princetown or the "Shipwreck Coast" for 20 years. It was a trip I nearly didn't go on as the weather was meant to be windy and cold and this area is definitely buffeted by strong cold winds. I obviously went and was blessed (for the last time in 2012) with some wonderful light and conditions. 

In this image a full moon on the left and the glow of dawn on the right helped create some amazing light, yes I got up early! I hope to post the wider full moon image at some point but some other images to come first. 

I looked at my old "Velvia" transparency and with the exception of the pile of rocks in the lower left hand side which was an apostle nearly the same height as the tallest stack the rest is surprising similar - even the white water patterns!

Other than that welcome to 2013, wishing you all the best and for me personally I hope things begin to look up again.

#SeaTuesday -  by the awesome +Julia Anna Gospodarou  
#PlusPhotoExtract - +Jarek Klimek 

How could someone not want to be part of this group. Awesome photographers, people and a great subject. Thanks +John Kosmopoulos and I look forward to contributing hopefully soon.

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Gibson's Step, 12 Apostles, Australia

It's certainly been a while since I last posted due to personal reason which unfortunately didn't work out the way I'd wished. Didn't even get a chance but life continues and there is still a lot to look forward to. A huge thank you to the many people that lent their support and believe me your thoughts made a  big difference.

Like many of you out there I'm a photographer, passionate about what I do and creating art that communicates with others. So after a short absence I'm slowly gaining the confidence to poke my head up again and embrace that many fine people here.

This image taken about 4 months ago is from the famous 12 Apostle area along the ship wreak coast in Australia. I'm one of the lucky people who lives less that 2 hours from there but this is the first time I've photographed there for probably 20 years. It's something to do with being such a major tourist attraction and the limited access to shoot. Gibson's Steps is one of the few areas where you still have access to the beach and really a must to get a feel of the awesomeness of this place.

ISO: 100
Aperture: f/13
Exposure: 250 seconds
Focal Length: 24mm
Filters: 10 stop ND filter
Plus a camera and then a computer, software, etc

#BWFineArtLE - +Joel Tjintjelaar
#FineArtPls - +Marina Chen and +Fineao Fang
#LongExposureThursday - +Francesco Gola and +Le Quoc
#ThirstyThursdayPics - +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra Black and White Fine art Photography 
#PlusPhotoExtract - +Jarek Klimek

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Love on the Rocks

Life is full of unexpected surprises, and not too long before this image was taken a fisherman chanced his luck by walking out along these rocks only to be dumped by a big wave. Wet, but lucky not to be washed away he went home, changed and returned to try his luck again.

When I photograph I create images from the heart, to connect with the environment to see what it reveals. Unfortunately my private life revealed a heart that is broken and one that I want to mend if possible. So while the days ahead will be challenging I know things will get better. My time here will probably be more limited so if I don't reply to comments please understand. Likewise I probably wont be commenting on other images of the people I follow as often as I do although I'll try and plus them at least.  I've been incredibly privileged to have so many wonderful people comment and like my work and I'm truly grateful. it does inspire me to keep going. So I'm not going to disappear, as I value many of the friendships I've made here and their support but I have other priorities that need my attention. Take care all.

#BWFineArtLE - +Joel Tjintjelaar  
#SeaTuesday -  by the awesome +Julia Anna Gospodarou 
#PlusPhotoExtract - +Jarek Klimek    
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