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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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These are stunning.
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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That's it. Forget your #caturday ! The internet is done for today. (maybe the week)

This is the only version of this song I ever want to listen to again!
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Please help. +NIA Ops+Matilde Tusberti
Hundred thousands of British people had a account, compatible & intetchangeable with Now Virgin has started out on their own and just of a sudden we can't access Ingress anymore, not does the Google App Device Policy helps (error!). And sd Niantic refuses account changes for an agent's identity we are stuck? What do I do? Go back to being 100%invalidity & housebound? Or does Niantic offer a solution? Seriously distressed.
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+Jade Vogel
Niantic didn't block your school address; your school did.

If an organization is using a Gmail interface with their own domain name's email addresses, they're using a version of Google Apps (such as +Google for Work or +Google for Education). Google Apps lets the organization control which Google services (like Ingress) its users' accounts can access. Schools tend to block a lot more non-essential services than corporations, so I'm not surprised your school address didn't work.

Unfortunately, if +Virgin Media ditched Google Apps, +Josephine Spiegel and similar users are probably screwed. As far a Google is concerned, Virgin was the paying customer. Virgin has the contractual right to delete the user account that contains her Ingress data. Google can't overrule the paying customer, and Niantic can't overrule Google.

Tell all your friends, people! As long as Ingress requires a Google account, it's not safe to sign up with an email that "works like Gmail," because your Apps administrator can delete your Ingress account any time they want. Either sign up with an address that definitely IS Gmail, or definitely ISN'T Gmail -- it's the in-between accounts that are the least safe.
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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This looks really good from +Dan Frost​, I'm excited.

(Also: +Jay Cooper​, and +Mark Ralphs,​ I think this could be right up your street(s).)
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thanks, subscribed
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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2x Vapor Flask 2.1 recently refurbished for sale on eBay UK.

£170 ONO each, to include next day delivery.



Superb dual-18650 ergonomic mods. Reluctant sales due to belt tightening. : (
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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TL;DR: People are stealing pictures of children from other people's accounts and role-playing as those children.

If you are posting public pictures of your kids on Instagram, you need to read this, then search #babyrp on Instagram to see if any of your pictures have been taken!
#BabyRP: The Instagram role-playing game using stolen photos of other people's children
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That's....horrible. And really weird.
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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If you're considering an external charger, these folks are the best for quality and service, bar none.
【#Giveaway】Share for your chance to win the all new PowerCore+ 20100 with USB-C! Ends 12/14.

Learn more:
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Thanks +David Farrell​!
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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These haven't caught on yet, I notice.
In 2015, it was customary for one to wear multiple ties, with business suits. To an observer from an earlier era, it would appear at first glance that the wearer had put on two identical neckties, each with its own knot. On closer inspection, however, one would note that the two ties were separated by an addition to the middle of the shirt collar. Known wearers of multiple ties included Marty McFly and Ito T. Fujitsu. Terry wore a striped multipl...
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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The Huygens Perfect Pendulum
We are usually told that the period of a pendulum does not depend upon the width of its swing. Actually, the period gets longer if it swings in a wider arc. This is a problem if the pendulum is used to drive a clock, because it is difficult to keep the swing width exactly constant.

In 1687, Christian Huygens invented the modified pendulum shown, which has a period independent of amplitude. The curved surfaces at the support point effectively make the string shorter as it swings to either side, and a shorter string is associated with a shorter period. Huygens showed that if the curved surfaces were shaped as the type of curve called a cycloid, then the two effects would cancel – the shortening of the string would balance out the increase in period caused by a larger amplitude.

#physics #pendulum
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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Go Semiconductor! \o/
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Andrew Rugman (therug)

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The UK just got a bit more stupid. 
The High Court recently overturned private copying exceptions introduced last year by the UK Government, once again outlawing the habits of millions of citizens. The Intellectual Property Office today explains that ripping a CD in iTunes is no longer permitted, and neither is backing up your computer if it contains copyrighted content.
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LMAO. That is just utterly ridiculous and should be ignored at every opportunity. Backing up my files, or computer as a whole, is now illegal eh?!! Like you said the UK lawmakers just got way more stupid. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
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I waited 40 minutes after the arranged time but they didn't show. They then hung up on me when I called them, and then didn't answer further calls.
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Quality and passion. Burgers done entirely right.
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23 reviews
Nice service. Food not great, and badly cooked, with stingy sizes on breakfast extras. Apparently it's been better on previous visits, however today's serving was certainly not the Gutbuster of yore.
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So much character. Great coffee and lots of interesting items from floor to ceiling for one's eyes to wander over. Lovely staff. Good music, on quietly. Comfy.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago