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Thanks +Andrew Ruffolo​!
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Andrew Ruffolo

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***Version 1.0.22***Updated libraries
Added ability to delete judges and handlers if any were added in error (long press on their respected lists).
Hopefully everything is finally fixed with adding judges and handlers from new runs.
Changed Standard Course Time to allow decimal times
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Andrew Ruffolo

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Version 1.0.21
***Fixed issue with new handlers and judges not being able to be selected in a new run or editing an existing run.
***Fixed a straggler Yards Per Second bug in Editing a run.
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As usual great job Andy! Any progress on tracking and totaling title points? 
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Andrew Ruffolo

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*Version 1.0.19*
Update to fix YPS calculation when manually adding a run.
Update script to fix YPS in all runs.
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Andrew Ruffolo

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*Version 1.0.18* (skipped a number in there)
Fixed issue where month was off on all date fields. Let me know if there is still issues with the date and I will try to sort them out today. I'm not seeing any on my end anymore.

Added 3 sorting options for the runs report. There is a primary, secondary and tertiary sort option. Don't worry if you only select one of them and not as the primary, it will then act as a primary sort (i.e. tertiary sort set as Dog and Primary sort and Secondary sort set as NONE).
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Working on this now. From what I can see if you imported an ARB file or XML file, the Yards Per Second should be correct. I found the error in calculating Yards Per Second when adding a new run manually.
All I need to do now is write code for an update script to run the first time you launch after updating to update the values in the database. Shouldn't take much longer.
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Andrew Ruffolo

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Version 1.0.14
Updated text fields of trials to say "Start Date" instead of "Date". Each run contains both a start date for the trial and an actual date. Previously the date of the trial was generated from the first date of an imported run in ARB or from the date manually keyed in for the Trial. With opening up dates for individual runs, multi-day trials are supported with the linking factor being the start date.
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Andrew, not sure how to, but would gladly send the complete file to you to look at. Feel free to email me direct at Thanks, Bob K. 
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Andrew Ruffolo

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**Version 1.0.27**
Urgent bug fix for anyone who tried clicking on the notification last week. This forces a new download of that file as it wasn't being read properly in the previous releases. This bug prevented runs from being able to be entered or edited properly.

Enabled authentication. This is required as our future plans to switch from Parse to Google's Firebase requires user authentication to make the online database secure. If we didn't do this we would need to leave our data open for anyone to view/edit. The only change currently done with authentication is it takes your name, email and photo and displays it on the UI. On the back end I save a username and email but that's it. I don't save your photo anywhere.

Next things to come will be to shed dependence from Parse entirely as our deadline is approaching. Next 2 things will be to save the current config file to Firebase and moving the help videos database to Firebase. After that our plan is to enable user specific backups and save to the cloud and restore from the cloud. This will eliminate the convoluted system of backup and restore that is currently in the app. This will also make it easier to switch devices and keep your data. Our files are very small. There should be minimal impact to a metered data plan if any.

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Andrew Ruffolo

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**Version 1.0.23**
Quick Fix for a few bugs introduced in last build
**Added popup to warn you before deleting Judges and Handlers
**Fixed Judges and Handlers being added properly... finally found the bug
**Hopefully fix crashing when trying to create a new Trial
**Fixed a bug I caused from testing points feature coming soon.
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Andrew Ruffolo

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+Ravi Tamada or anyone else out there have any input on template/software used to make this app demo video?
Thanks in advance.
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I would like to know too...
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Andrew Ruffolo

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Lucas is about to turn 1 next Saturday. He's working on his selfie skills.
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Wow, time flies! Congrats to both of you. :-)
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Awesome resort, great pool, fantastic service. All for a reasonable price. The rooms are spacious.
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I've never had a good experience at this Publix... And it's not the stores fault. Their customers suck. The staff is friendly, but I have on occasion had to ask 3 people where something is only to get the blank stare. The biggest problem with this location is exactly that, location. It's the closest Publix to Century Village and you get the attitude of the customers. My suggestion is go to the one on Lyons and Hillsboro or the one on Palmetto Park and Power line. Both have friendly staff but parking can be an issue. The one in Boca is huge and has a better selection. I miss living across from that one.
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From the moment you walk in you are greeted by kind people and a menu full of a variety of hand made usual and special locally named sushi rolls. Included are the san francisco which I thought was delicious and creative and one called the pink lady which my wife tried. Both were tasty and out of the ordinary which is our fave. I recommend if you are in this area and are looking for a bite to eat. Dont fill up though, because just down the street is fisherman's Wharf with another eclectic choice of eateries.
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